Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 31 October 2014

Breaking News (Arcwhite Crisis)

International press teams were gathering earlier today in the Arcwhite capital city for the official press conference granted by the Arcwhite Emergency Government.

 The press conference was hosted in "The Spire" showcase office building of Arc Industries.

 In a surprising media revelation, Sable Blackwood, infamous nightclub owner and businesswoman,  stepped up behind the microphone wearing all white. She announced herself as the immediate subordinate to Lady Arcwhite within the secret ranks of the Order of the Veil. She is in fact, the Mother of the White Veil and as such acting head of governement in the absence of Lady Arcwhite. In unity with Drealle Mormaer, acting head of state as Lady of the Silver cuffs, the two will rule Arcwhite until the current crisis is solved. Drealle Mormaer, the niece of Lady Arcwhite was not present at the press conference.

The Mother of the White Veil then said: "The political ramifications of a deserting head of state claiming international refugee status and seeking asylum in another country is unprecedented and unacceptable. The act in itself should either be seen as one of gross treason or a deliberate "act of war" and as such, those who harbour such a person could be viewed as collaborators in said intent on war." She aked for Lady Arcwhite's extradition from the Principality of Swann back to her native country to be tried and punished under Arcwhite law and failure to do so would incite an aggressive response from Arcwhite."

Arcwhite have also released an official statement from their government office that their borders are for the time being remain closed due to the military threat posed by Lady Arcwhite and all the knowledge she bears.

The world famous company, Arc International, privately owned by Lady Arcwhite has had all its assets seized by the Arcwhite government. All trading of its shares and bank transactions have for the time being been frozen. This will cause losses in the millions of dollars for many trading with the company at present. We can expect delays in all fields covered by Arc International.

Viscount Hays, the Vice President of Arc International is said to have resigned and left the country. No comment has yet been issued by his press team.


  1. Wow, some very scary news indeed! Hope war does not break out!

  2. Hello from Spain: a true story. Sable Blackwood is very pretty and elegant. Some disturbing news. Keep in touch

  3. Thank you very much for your comments. We all hope that peace will prevail.