Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What's Up Wednesday (New Treaty Signed)

Today history was made with the signing of the new Treaty of Avalon. The treaty has voided all former restrictions on trade and emigration between the the countries of Arcwhite and Swann. This promises progress and development for both countries and for the greater Northern Europa. Other countries that have expressed their support for the treaty include, Scotney, Normandia and Canadium. 

Today's edition of the Proclaimer reported on the groundbreaking event. 

Press conference footage show the heads of state shaking hands and smiling happily. The event is not entirely without controversy as right wing parties, especially in the Principality of Swann, protest against the agreement. They claim that history has proven that the Realm of Arcwhite cannot be trusted. 

Lady Archwite stated officially that she is: "delighted that communication channels and trade are finally going to be running smoothly." She also hinted at the fact that this year's Chrismas Ball will be held in Arcwhite where: "a white Christmas can be guaranteed."

The Duke of Swann was far more reserved and in his usual way declined making political statements outside of the obvious non-partial kind. He did however say that visiting the Islands of Arcwhite would be: "genuinely interesting. " 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Breaking News (Arcwhite/Swann Treaty)

In a groundbreaking turn of events, an ancient treaty will be made null this weekend. For more than 600 years the Principality of Swann and the Island Realm of Arcwhite have had a cold relationship at best. After a devastating period during the early 14th century AD, known as the Hundred Year Raids, The King of Scotney stepped in forcing a peace between the two nations in 1346. The Treaty of Avalon was signed on the small island of Avalon bringing an end to the petty wars once and for all. One of the strange stipulations of the Treaty of Avalon stated that neither of the respective Heads of State of the two countries might set foot on the other's sovereign territory. Even though tensions subsided in the centuries since then, it never completely abated and the Treaty of Avalon itself has caused tensions between the countries as it strained trade and immigration procedures between Swann and Arcwhite. 

Now it has been decided by both nations and the Commitee for a United Europa that the ancient treaty should be amended. It is even considered to entirely abolish the outdated agreement. Some right-wing concerns in Swann are; a resurgence of "intimidation" and elitism from Arcwhite but the Island Realm assures civilized courtesy and to abide by international law and protocol. 

It seems that the now famous "first dance" at the 2010 Christmas Ball was a portent of things to come. The Duke of Swann placated an awkward atmosphere by inviting Lady Arcwhite to open the dance floor as tensions flared when she arrived last at the ball in breach of protocol. 

Last night it was broadcast live from the press conference held in Duke's Court Palace that the principality will be glad to smooth over age old differences by extending a hand in friendship. After the press release, the Duke of Swann sent his official envoy, Sir Charles Jennings to deliver their amendment to the Treaty of Avalon. 

Lady Arcwhite, in a press conference held at the same time, welcomed friendship and a new era of "working together". She stated that she has long dreamed of a new bridge crossing the divide between the two nations. She also sent her envoy, Viscount Hayz to deliver her amendment to the Principality of Swann. 

Government legal representatives will now draw up the new Treaty which will then be signed forthwith on the Island of Avalon. It will be called; The Treaty of Avalon for a New Age. 

The Proclaimer has just published the news along with our blog at the crest of this wave. It is expected that either Swann or Arcwhite will host this years Christmas Ball in order to celebrate the welcoming of the other Head of State. It is incredible how Royalty can through sheer symbolism influence the world in a very tangible way. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What's Up Wednesday (Dysart Thank You Dinner)

The Duke of Swann shared his birthday celebrations with his cousin the Crown Prince Imperial in September. This year's ball was kindly hosted by the Countess Dysart at her ancestral Castle of Glencoe in Scotney. To thank her for her gesture the Duke of Swann hosted a dinner at his Palace of Duke's Court and along with the Crown Prince Imperial's mother, the Empress Crystobel, gave her a lavish gift.

As the Duke and Empress welcomes Miss Balckwood curtsies in accordance with proper protocol. 

The full compliment of guests included some friends of the Duke of Swann who couldn't attend the ball. From right; Miss Sable Blackwood the famous business woman and nightclub owner, Princess Marie-Elizabeth, Empress Crystobel, the Duke of Swann, the Countess Dysart and the Duke of Argyle. 

The banquet table was bedecked to overflowing with the most incredible cuisine. 

Then just before desert a box was placed before the Countess by a footman and the Duke of Swann stood up and made a short speech of gratitude for the Countess' hosting of the birthday ball. She then proceeded to open her gift which turned out to be a nineteenth century pearl a diamond choker which used to belong to an ancestress of the Countess, Princess Adelaide of Scotney. 

The Countess Dysart did not hesitate to try out her new gift and is seen here talking with the Duke of Argyle. It was noted by the other guests that she was visibly taken with the handsome Duke whom she hadn't seen since they attended the same pre-school more than 20 years ago. 

An official press photo for the newspapers show the host and his special guest wearing her spectacular gift of appreciation. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Princess Xenia of Wallachia's Personal Jewellery)

As we have come to know, the Princely House of Wallachia is one of the oldest and prestigious in all of Europa. The House of Draculesti have been Grand Princes, over this fairly large territory by Principality standards, for hundreds of years. They have built a stable country imbued with a rich history which is reflected in the personal jewellery collection and the Crown Jewels of the Royal Family.

In this post we will dig into Princess Xenia's personal jewellery chest. Then in a future installment we will document the official jewellery that make up the ancient Crown Jewels of Wallachia.

The Syldavian Emerald and Platinum Parure, worn here to the 2011 Christmas Ball was a gift from the Kingdom of Syldavia to the current Princess's grandmother Princess Elizabeta upon her marriage. Princess Xenia pairs it very effectively with the green sash of the Order of the Syldav Cross in honour of her being inducted into the Order earlier that year.

Princess Xenia's mother is the younger sister of the Duke of Swann's father. As a Princess by birth she left her country of origin with a dowry of Swanobian ancestral jewels. The Swann Dowry Diamond Parure as it has now become known is one of the most dazzling in the Wallachian collection. It consists of a Fringe Tiara, a matching Fringe Necklace and Earrings in the shape of a cross. 

Princess Xenia's mother The Dowager Grand Princess of Wallachia is seen here 20 years ago posing for her State Portrait. Princess Suzanna opted to only wear her Dowry Fringe Tiara and no other jewellery for this particular photograph. 

Princess Suzanna also received a diamond Demi Parure consisting of a collar necklace and matching earrings from the people of Swann to celebrate her marriage. Princess Xenia is seen wearing it to the 2011 Knight's Gathering. The Suzanna Demi Parure is often worn by the current Princess of Wallachia as its classic design compliments the Princess' "to the point" style choices. 

This Tiara has not often been seen on the head of the very sleek Princess Xenia. Her style seems to be austere with simple lines and darker shades. The floral design of this very historic tiara does not lend itself readily to be successfully paired with the Princess' "look".  She does however give it its occasional run, due to its historicity and has not made a fashion flop of it yet. 

The Fleur D'Franconia Demi Parure consists of a Tiara and Necklace. It came to the House of Draculesti in the years just before the Franconian Revolution. The younger son of the Grand Prince of Wallachia was serving as ambassador to the Franconian Royal Court. Prince Argyri was young and tempestuous and perhaps not the best choice for amabassador. The apex of his "exploits" in Franconia was falling in love with a married woman. The Countess Dumont and the Prince carried on the scandal for months and she was eventually given these jewels as a token of the young Prince's affection but this also implicated him in the illicit affair. However fate took a turn with the Count Dumont's capture during the first wave of the Republican Revolution. This was followed a week later by his execution at the Guillotine. Young Prince Argyri, managed in the chaos to escape with the Countess from her husband and the Revolution. They returned to his native Wallachia and were married. The couple never had any children and the jewels ended up as part of the Draculesti private collection of historic jewels. 

The Hollywood Demi Parure is a modern set of ruby jewelry consisting of a necklace and matching earrings. Princess Xenia is not one to bother much with spending money on herself so it was at the insistence of her advisers that she accepted this gift from her own people upon her 30th birthday in 2010. The lavish ruby and diamond set is said to be one of the most expensive modern ruby necklaces in the world and looks spectacular on the very sleek Princess. 

A tiara with a single feature at the front, usually prominently protruding, is referred to as an Aigrette. They were extremely fashionable about 100 years ago and were considered bold fashion statements in their heyday. These tiaras are rare due to the fact that they can seem awkward in combination with more contemporary outfits or events. One such Aigrette consists of a double wing design and has been worn by its owner Princess Xenia on one occasion. Here we see her with the Crown Princess Imperial at a Pariseum charity fashion show earlier this year. The bold couture designs of the fashion show must have made the wearing of this piece seem more appropriate and the Princess seemed to have carried it off relatively successfully. We have never seen her wear it on any other occasion to date. 

The Angel Wing Aigrette from the Wallachian Royal Collection has been in the family for close to 100 years. It was obviously purchased in the days of the fashionable Aigrette and just remained in the collection, unaltered until today, where now it stands as a testament of a bygone era and its fashions. 

We hope you enjoyed this long overdue feature on some more of the Royal Jewels of the world and we look forward to our next post regarding the Crown Jewels of Wallachia. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Memory Monday (State Portrait Queen Maria of Hispania 2012)

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann was very happy when he was informed of his favourite type of post being uploaded, that of a State Portrait. The Kingdom of Hispania release an annual State Portrait of their sovereign. The new portraits for 2012 were released last week and find themselves first on our blog. 

For your enjoyment, here follows the official portrait of Her Majesty Queen Maria of Hispania. 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Weekend Horse Ride and Breakfast)

The Duke of Swann's friend the Duchess Di Giorgio, claimant to the throne of Romagna, allowed a media coverage of her birthday gift to the Duke. Her Royal Highness booked a lavish breakfast and horse riding excursion for her friend last weekend. The Duke does not often get the chance to enjoy nature and expressed tangible excitement at the opportunity. The small but extremely high budget trip took place at the most exclusive Syldavian mountain resort, the famous Middlewood Hotel. 

After the 5-star breakfast in the hotel the friends joined the horses at the stables after which the Duke of Swann set out onto the vast mountain estate in total privacy along with his close friend and body guard who remains unnamed and not photographed for security purposes. The weather was perfect and the Duchess was very happy things turned out the way they did even though she was unable to join due to a small horse riding accident that took place a few weeks before. 

The Duchess bids her friend adieu after breakfast as he is about to leave on his two hour out ride into some of the most beautiful outdoors Europa has to offer. 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Duke of Swann Photo Set 2012)

The Duke of Swann was due to exhibit his Art for the opening of the new Swann Royal Art Gallery in August. However construction complications and His Royal Highness's schedule has caused a severe delay on the estimated date. Further information on the grand opening and exhibit will follow at a later stage but the Duke of Swann has given permission for a range of photos to be displayed here on the blog. The photo set, taken by the Duke will also be exhibited along with his sketches. 

The Duke of Swann was given special permission by some of his close Royal relations to take a series of portrait photos attempting to reveal and capture the "real person" rather than the personality embodied in status of the Royal title. Knowing his family well and having intimate access, the Duke has created a series of, what he hopes would be, character revealing portraits unlike any other. Each individual was asked to select one item of jewellery in order to limit embellishment but to choose something very personal to also imbue personality. The up-close portraits did not focus on the aspect of clothing but the individual were allowed to cover themselves with either black or white and again in something that carried something of personal expression. The combination of all these factors along with His Royal Highness's keen eye has resulted in a phenomenal photographic and artistic manifestation. 

A matriarch, loving mother, wise planner, resolute hopeful, refined and graceful. All these qualities shine through regardless of the title borne by Empress Crystobel, former co-regent of the now fallen United Empire of Scot-Britania. 

Gently wild, humbly beautiful, naturally crowned. More of who she is inside than what she wears on the outside. This farm girl made princess will always beam an innocent smile outshining any of the grandest jewels at her disposal. Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess Imperial will make a worthy Empress if the United Empire ever gets restored. Regardless she will never be anything other than an amazing woman. 

Glamour, plumage and extreme beauty can often distract from and blur the person on the inside. Yet presence and personality shine like a bright and colourful rainbow. That is Princess Kirsten Youssopoff. She will show radiant colour regardless of the size of the storm preceding it. 

Action speaks louder than words and dark outlines define a picture. No colour is needed on a contract. Princess Xenia Draculesti of Wallachia is a woman of her word and her reputation builds on the distant historic reaches of her predecessors. Rumours might arise to dim and tarnish but in the end, what remains is all that counts. 

The Duke of Swann's younger sister is a Princess by birth but prefers to use her position to contribute to the world around her. She burns red with passion to serve, help and smile. She takes the angle others do not always find comfortable but that brings what is often overlooked. Look again and see what is really to be seen. 

We look forward to the eventual Art exhibition and grand opening of the new gallery in the Principality of Swann.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What's Up Wednesday (2012 Birthday Ball)

As we know, the Crown Prince Imperial and the Duke of Swann share the same birthday. This is not only a cause for an annual celebration but manages to secure the largest gathering of Royalty and Nobility. This year's function, which took place a few weeks ago on the 24th of Sept (a public holiday in the Principality of Swann), was no exception. The Ball was a veritable feast for the eyes and Royal jewellery watchers and paparazzi had their pick of the glamour and glitz. 

This year's event did set one groundbreaking precedent. It was held, with special permission from the Scotney government, at the ancestral Castle of Glen Coe belonging to the Dysart family. Countess Dysart or Trish Coe as she is known in the Republic of Scotney, which does not recognized the titles of its former Nobility, played host to the two Princes. Scotney as a nation did oust their Royal and Imperial family in the 96 Revolution but the Nobility who weren't killed were spared to a certain degree by just losing titles and privileged  Some families did lose their wealth due to an inability to adjust to the new republic but others, like the Dysarts of Glen Coe managed quite well. Scotney has been courting its former Royal Family by hosting the Empress Crystobel earlier this year and apologizing for their part in the revolution. The unofficial hosting of this strictly private Birthday Ball has resulted in the largest gathering of Royalty on Scotney soil since 1996. 

Castle Glen Coe in Scotney, where this year's Birthday Ball took place.

Countess Dysart stands ready to welcome her guests. She wears a historic Lavender Amethyst tiara. 

The first to arrive was (from left), the Duchess of Lancaster, Madame Francine D'Bacquemme, Princess Salome of Ophiri, the Marchioness of Londonderry and the Margravine of Montrose. 

The Marchioness of Londonderry wears another famous family tiara which hasn't been seen since before the revolution. 

Princess Salome represents her niece, the Queen of Ophiri, at all international functions. it is the first time Ophiri is represented at a Birthday Ball. 

The Margravine of Montrose avoids public apprearances most of the time but does attend her friend, the Duke of Swann's birthdays periodically.

The Ruskian Imperial House is represented by it's current head, Grand Duchess Xenia (in purple) and by the Prince and Princess Youssopoff. 

The Baron D'Rothchild arrived with his wife (at right) and his mother (at left). 

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski (at right) arrived along with the Grand Duchess's mother, the Countess Cartwright (in yellow).

Her Imperial Highness Princess Augusta of the United Empire of  Scot-Britania struck a dazzling figure in her Barbie Original dress and the Princess of the Blood Tiara.

The Princess of Wallachia was the first actual head of state to arrive. 

Next arrived the King and Queen of Syldavia flanking the Princess of Wallachia.

Queen Maxima wore her "new" emeralds. 

Lady Arcwhite wearing a black diamond necklace and earrings arrived with her niece Drealle. 

The Hispanian contingent consisted of (from left), the Princess of Cataljone, Queen Maria, Princess Isabella and the Duchess of Aragon.

The Queen of Hispania wore the rarely seen Crown Ruby Parure. 

Queen Gloria of Normandia arrived with her husband, the Prince of Northwold followed by the newly engaged Prince Valmont and Duchess of Roswind and the Arch Duke of Fulco De'Este with Mercedes Szanguscko. 

The Grand Duchess of Hanoveria and the Grand Duke of Hanoveria with the Dowager Grand Duchess are greeted by Countess Dysart. 

Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann arrived with her nephew Prince Dillon. 

Princess Marie-Elizabeth also wears a rarely seen tiara from the Swann collection. 

Finally the main guests arrived. Included in the group was the much awaited appearance of the Seeress of Muren. 

The Crown Prince Imperial and the Crown Princess Imperial looked the regal couple as expected is from the pretender to the Imperial Throne. The presence of the heir to the combined thrones of Scotney and Britania within Scotney borders could not take place without special concession lifting his exile officially. This event has set the stage for a new future and a possible restoration. 

From left we see the Seeress, the Crown Prince Imperial with his wife, Empress Crystobel and the Duke of Swann.

The full assembly of guests pose for an official portrait before the ball commences. 

The Crown Prince Imperial and his wife, along with the Duke of Swann and Lady Arcwhite open the dance floor. They are joined by the Hanoverians in the center.

Some obvious dance partners like the Duchess of Roswind and Prince Valmont are joined by potentially new relationships in the form of the Arch Duke of Fulco De'Este with Mercedes Szanguscko and the Vicount Hayz with the Princess of Cataljone. 

The party reached a peak just before twelve as some of the older guests readied themselves to depart. 

The Seeress of Muren is bid farewell with a curtsy from the Countess Dysart. 

A very successful and groundbreaking Royal event comes to a close in a historic castle in Scotney. We wish the Crown Prince Imperial and the Duke of Swann a very happy birthday and long life and all prosperity. We hope that our fans have enjoyed being able to share in this event. It is our pleasure to have the blog posts rolling out again.