Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Weekend Horse Ride and Breakfast)

The Duke of Swann's friend the Duchess Di Giorgio, claimant to the throne of Romagna, allowed a media coverage of her birthday gift to the Duke. Her Royal Highness booked a lavish breakfast and horse riding excursion for her friend last weekend. The Duke does not often get the chance to enjoy nature and expressed tangible excitement at the opportunity. The small but extremely high budget trip took place at the most exclusive Syldavian mountain resort, the famous Middlewood Hotel. 

After the 5-star breakfast in the hotel the friends joined the horses at the stables after which the Duke of Swann set out onto the vast mountain estate in total privacy along with his close friend and body guard who remains unnamed and not photographed for security purposes. The weather was perfect and the Duchess was very happy things turned out the way they did even though she was unable to join due to a small horse riding accident that took place a few weeks before. 

The Duchess bids her friend adieu after breakfast as he is about to leave on his two hour out ride into some of the most beautiful outdoors Europa has to offer. 


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