Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann)

On this family Thursday, the day after Christmas I'd like to post on the life of my sister Princess Marie-Elizabeth.

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann was born in 1984. She is the younger and only sister of the current Duke of Swann. Her early years like most of her contemporary peers was a life of privilege coupled with the disciplined preparation for duty as a Princess. She showed an interest in animals almost immediately and displayed an unusual knack for interacting with them.

The Princess had a far more successful relationship with her father than her elder brother ever did but it was still more volatile than one would classify as normal. She was known even before she reached the age of 7 to be capable of random bouts of tantrums normally triggered by being frustrated from owning every little animal she set her eyes on. She would also sometimes be exasperated by her father. These were remarkably self controlled and manipulative tantrums belying the Princess' intelligence but she never brooded for long and almost manically returned to a happy-go-lucky animal lover.

Here we see Princess Marie-Elizabeth with her elder brother and her cousin, Prince Dillon at the 2012 Christmas Ball. The Princess isn't overtly interested in fashion and style but normally manages more than merely the correct look for every occasion.

Her childhood soon entered the teenager phase but this naturally difficult time in a persons life in her case was completely overshadowed by the 1996 Revolution which struck when she was just 12. Not only did she lose both her parent but for security she was separated from her brother and was raised by an extended family member in Americania till she reached the age of 18 in 2002. She did go through an initial two year phase between 1996 and 1998 that dropped her in deep bouts of depression. Growing up without her parents led her eventually to a suicide attempt where she overdosed on her prescription sleeping tablets. Her brother was flown to her side in hospital and after a lengthy visit, some serious counselling and a relaxing of security protocols, over time her depression was dispelled as the memories of the revolution faded into the past.

Apart from all the stress these events caused the Princess coped relatively well adjusting to her "new" life. She didn't excel at school or sport but that was due to lack of interest more than anything else. Her mind was always on horse riding.

After school she attended a business management course whilst working part time on a horse ranch in Canadium. It was here that her interest in animal assisted depression therapy was sparked. A program was established on the ranch where depression sufferers where allowed to interact with the horses and as time passed were allowed to ride. This process assisted greatly in there treatment, some claiming to be fully cured. 

Here we see the Princess in 2010 at the Royal Stables in Swann where she has several horses and runs a similar program to the one she worked at in Canadium.

Princess Marie-Elizabeth was a stranger to the world of Royalty regardless of the fact that her brother was a ruling Prince. The Duke of Swann never pressured her into Royal duties or to make public appearances. He allowed his sister to initiate her "red carpet" involvement as he felt she was doing more than enough already with her charity work that involved several animal charities, and even a rural education program in Ophiri. The day came however in 2011 when their cousin, The Princess of Wallachia was to make a State Visit to Swann when Princess Marie-Elizabeth asked her brother if she could attend the banquet officially as the "first lady of Swann". This of course was appropriate as her brother, remains to this day unmarried. The Duke of Swann agreed happily and so she made her first red carpet appearance. The Princess followed on her debut by attending the 2011 Christmas Ball.

In 2012 officially represented her deceased mother at the opening of the new Swann Opera House. The project being originally initiated by her mother more than 15 years earlier. For the event, pictured above, she wore her mother's Dowry Parure in honour of her memory. Here we see at the Swann Opera House a bevy of high ranking Royals with whom the Princess by right brushes shoulders with. From left; Princess Augusta of the United Empire, The Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria (aunt to the Duke of Swann), Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann (patron of the Swann Opera), The Empress Crystobel I of the United Empire (aunt to theDuke of Swann), The Crown Princess Imperial of the United Empire and Grand Duchess Alice of Hanoveria.

Since then Princess Marie-Elizabeth has been a regular representative of the Swanobian Monarchy and balances her Royal duties very successful with her charity work.

In 2013 the engagement  of Princess Marie-Elizabeth to the Arch Duke of Fulco D'Este was announced. Their 2014 wedding promises to be the most dazzling since the nuptials of the Crown Prince Imperial. This wedding will be an official Swanobian Royal Event with an accompanying public holiday and national celebrations. 

A new Coat of Arms was also officially designed by the Swanobian Heraldic Society as per Royal custom. The Crest combines those of Swann and Fulco D'Este as she is a Royal Princess becoming the Consort of the Head of another Royal Dynasty albeit one in pretense. 

As we look forward to 2014 and the upcoming wedding we reflect on the Princess'most famous quote made during her speech at the opening of her Riding Center in Aid of Victims of Depression in Swann: "Let us think of those in need and not just in the physical monetary sense. Sometimes a person just needs a visit or a hug or a phone call. Simple connection is the most basic need and often the least considered."

We wish Her Royal Highness a bright and blessed future as she endeavors to serve as only a Princess can. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What's Up Year-End (Christmas Ball 2013)

The much anticipated Royal Christmas Ball hosted by the government and people of Scotney finally took place on Christmas Eve yesterday evening.  Since the imperial visit of Empress Crystobel in 2012 to the nation of Scotney the friendship between this former monarchy and their exiled Empress grew steadily.

After the shock of her death it was an almost natural response for Scotney to host this year's Christmas Ball as a sign of their commitment to the friendship. The democratic Republic of Britania was included officially in this gesture as they share the Imperial History of Scotney in what was known as the United Empire of Scot-Britania.

The event was fully televised for the enjoyment of the international press and Royal fans worldwide.  Our blog documents this glittering event in pictures and commentary only.

Stirling Castle was lit up in festive lights and it seemed as if the walls came alive within this context of Royalty for which the Castle was originally purposed.  As the limousines drew up to drop off the guests, audible gasps were heard coming from the paparazzi waiting like hungry wolves ready to pounce.

Inside the ballroom the famous reporter miss Kitty Spice was especially invited for the sake of the international press to do the announcements of the guests as they arrived.

First to arrive were the dual hosts of the nations of Scotney and Britania, Chancellor Rex Johnston of Britania and President Margaret Fontelroy of Scotney.

In the foyer adjacent to the ballroom the guests first gathered before being announced to the world press as they entered.  Above at right we see the newly engaged couple Viscount Hayz and Donna Hernanda of Aragon.  Behind them from right to left we can see the Duchess of Lancaster, the Duke and Duchess of Argyle and the Earl and Countess Cartwright. In light of welcoming the historic Noble families of Scotney and Britania, several of the prominent Nobles accepted an invitation to the Ball

Miss Kitty Spice announces the arrival of the d' Rothchild Baronial Family.

The Marchioness of Londonderry regaled us with her awe-inspiring Amethysts tiara.

The newly wed Duke and Duchess of Marlboro attended their first official event since their honeymoon.

The Duke and Duchess of Argyle are seemingly testing out the dance floor.

Prince Valmont d'Pont Du Lac arrives at the ball with his wife, the Duchess of Roswind. She is considered one of the highest ranking Nobles from the former Empire. 

The dazzling Youssopoffs did not fail to focus everybody's attention on their super-stylish arrival.  Sporting the famous Youssopoff comet-tiara, Princess Kirsten might as well in equal fashion have exploded into the ballroom.  

The theme of welcoming Royalty and Nobility back onto Scotney soil was accentuated by inviting relevant representatives from foreign countries. The first to arrive representing the Newly Established Syldavian Royal Electorate was the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski. 

Wearing one of her own designs and following on the heels of the Serbieskis we have Madamme Frumsetta, Countess of Bohemia.  

Grand Duke Lothair and his lovely wife, Grand Duchess Azantha did their region of Reichental proud dressed in Azure and Aquamarine to match the historic family jewels.   

Representing the fifth Syldavian Electorate, Princess Victoria Von Thurn und Taxis opted for a "White Christmas" paired with rubies.

The sumptuous confectionery and expensive champagne seemed endless all the night through.

The Marquis D'Bacquemme made an unprecedented first public appearance with his fiance, Princess Oktavia Von Silberstein. They gathered in the foyer before announcement along with the Shahbanou of Perlistan and the Wallachian Royal Family.

Her Serene Highness Princess Xenia of Wallachia was the first actual head of state to arrive.  She attended the ball with her husband, the Baron Bagrazia and her mother Princess Suzanna.

Three pretenders arrived at once. In the front Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana followed by Prince Louis du Pont du Luc of Franconia and Princess Donatella of Romagna.

Another unprecedented first was a shock to reporters. An invitation to the ball was sent to the Kingdom of Ophiri but nobody was informed of the fact that the Ophiri Government had officially disbanded the tradition that their Queen may not leave her native soil. Queen Ukulungile arrived to an explosion of camera flashes and royal gasps in the ballroom. In this, her first official appearance on foreign soil, was accompanied to the ball by her brother, Prince Shaka and his wife.  

Amidst all the buzz of first appearances we are reminded of the spectacular debut of lady Arcwhite onto the world stage in 2010. Again at this year's Christmas ball, she did not fail to chill the crowd with her striking fashion sense. She is as usual accompanied by her heir and niece, Lady Drealle Mormaer.

It was expected that Lady Arcwhite would impress with her choice of jewels. She did not fail in this endeavor as she chose the gargantuan Sapphires from her private collection.

Of all the newly engaged couples none drew as much attention from the paparazzi as Princess Marie Elizabeth of Swann and the Archduke of Fulco d' Este. Their wedding in 2014 promises to be the most spectacular wedding since that of the Crown Prince Imperial. The Princess arrived at the Ball wearing a stunning red and black fishtail dress along with Pink Topaz jewellry from the Fulco D'Este collection.

The young Princess of Cataljone chose a traditional Flamenco style dress to accentuate her Hispanian nationality. She paired it with the order of the Triad and historic jewelry.

The Queen of Hispania is said to have had to change her dress at the last minute as upon her arrival the wind blew the Limousine door closed onto the train of her gown, almost tearing it off completely.  Being a veteran to exceptional style, the queen always travels with a spare set of clothing. Her attendants produced this glorious Madame Frumsetta original from the trunk of her car and assisted Her Majesty in a side room not costing her more than 10 minutes on her arrival schedule.

King Nikolas of Syldavia regrettably could not attend the function due to a severe bout with the flu. He was officially represented by his wife, Queen Maxima.

Queen Gloria of Normandia arrived wit her husband the Prince of Northwold (not pictured). Queen Gloria's sleek figure amazed everybody present as she gave birth to her son merely a few months ago.

The Crown Prince Imperial's cousin, the ruling Grand Duke of Hanoveria and his wife arrived next. Grand Duchess Alice looked amazing in green, wearing for the first time her mother-in-law's emerald jewelry. The Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria, the last surviving sibling of the late Empress Crystobel has officially retired from public appearances and symbolically passed the baton of responsibility to her daughter-in-law by allowing her to wear the emeralds.  

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Swann arrived with his close friend, the Seeress of Muren and his heir, Prince Dillon of Swann. The Duke of Swann chose the uniform of an Officer of the Imperial Guard of Scott-Britania, poignantly linking the past with the present.

Princess Augusta of Swann looked very chique in black velvet and Imperial Tiara. Her arrival heralded the coming of the guests of honour.

The guests waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the Crown Prince Imperial Couple.

With traditional fanfare the D' Jour King of Scotney, King of Britania and Emperor of the United Empire of Scott-Britania officially received a welcome of the Governments of Scotney and Britania and all the Royal guests.  This turning point in history hopefully sets the foundation for a happy future for all parties involved.

The traditional group photo shows the full compliment of guests assembled in the Ball Room of Stirling Castle.

Queen Gloria poses for a special photo-opp ...

...as does the Duke of Swann ...

...as does Princess Marie Elizabeth  and several other guests.

A close up of all the guests.

With all the formalities over the Crown Prince Imperial Couple opened the dance floor.

The Guests of Honour were immortalized in this historic photo. Princess Odeliah chose her jewellery very carefully for the event. She wore a never before worn by her Imperial Ruby Tiara for the sake of complimenting the historic and official nature of the Ball. This she paired with some of the personal jewellery of the late Empress Crystobel, obviously worn in remembrance of Her Late Imperial Majesty and since the Ball is to honour her legacy.

Fireworks ended off the evening and symbolically coloured the night sky like the colourful jewelry dazzled inside the former dark halls in Stirling Castle for the first time since before 1996. We hope the colour will remain in Scotney and indeed in the hearts of the peoples of Scotney and Britania.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Wonderful Weekends (2013 State Portrait of the Grand Duke of Reichenthal)

As has often been our tradition, we post this official State Portrait on our Sunday Portrait Slot. Reichenthal has released its first official portrait of its ruler since the restoration of the Kingdom of Syldavia. The former Kingdom of Reichenthal is also restored by extension of Syldavia albeit now as a mediatized and ceremonial Grand Duchy with the political designation as Province within Greater Syldavia. 
His Grand Ducal Highness, Grand Duke Lothair of Reichenthal, King of the Reichentalians, Elector in Syldavia and Knight in the Order of the Syldav Cross. 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Official Royal Statement (Season's Greeting from the Crown Prince Imperial)

His Imperial Highness, Prince Christian-Victor, Crown Prince Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britania and Head of the Imperial House of Aldarian, along with his wife Princess Odeliah, wishes the people of Scotney and Britania and the extended people of Europa and the world, a happy festive season.

His Imperial Highness reflects on 2013 and one of the toughest years he has ever faced and even in the face of his beloved mother's passing still appreciates the good that can come from tragedy. He hopes that the friendships formed in the aftermath of the Empress' death will prove lasting and continue in to grow to the benefit of all involved. He also sincerely thanks everybody for their support and encouragement in 2013.

His Imperial Highness prays that 2014 will be a year where character built in 2013 will push new frontiers even further and establish new foundations for even greater growth. May 2014 be happier albeit more sober than times gone by.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Invitation and Preparations for the Christmas Ball 2013)

As the year draws quickly to a close we are at the same speed growing in our excitement for this year's Royal Christmas Ball, to be held at  Stirling Castle, officially hosted by the Democratic Government of Scotney. The event, that promises to be this year's most glittering, is a collaboration between the governments of Scotney and Britania to make amends for tragedies suffered as a result of revolutionary terrorism. the Crown prince Imperial, who is the gust of honour at the Ball will be joined by all the leading Royals of the world and the Premieres of both Scotney and Britania.

The public and Royal watchers haven't had the pleasure of a large tiara event in 2013 due to the unexpected death and funeral of Empress Crystobel. The assassination cast a pall of mourning over the world for most of the year and celebrations were kept to a minimum. The events that were held were very discreet affairs in respect of the official mourning period. However the world is at the threshold of new year and the Christmas Ball promises to revive the sparkle as only a Royal Ball can.

The invitations went out early November and adheres to the cultural colours of Scotney. This also compliments the Royal heritage of the country and the Crown Prince Imperial due to their obviously strong historic links.

Stirling Castle as a ancient historic icon was spared Revolutionary damage and looting due to its extreme cultural value. It serves as a museum and will now host the first major Royal gathering on Scotney soil since the 96 Revolution. The medieval castle and former Royal Residence has undergone some repairs and refurbishment in preparation for the ball.

Inside the castle, workers are busy cleaning and preparing the various rooms to be used for the function. here a brand new Royal Red Carpet is being rolled out in the Ball Room.

Some photos from last year's Royal Christmas Ball will remind us of some of our favourite personalities that we have seen very little of and even less of all dressed up, in 2013. These and many other V.I.P's will be gracing our glamour starved red carpet soon.

Queen Gloria of Normandia has hardly had any press this year except for the Christening of her young son in mid 2013.

The Queen of Hispania hosted a State Visit from Hanoveria early in the year and attended the Imperial funeral. We normally see far more of Her Majesty.

We did have an Annual Knight's Meeting this year, that was attended by all the Royal heads of Chivalric Orders and even by Empress Crystobel but it was such a small affair that we all but forgot about it as the shock of the assassination struck very soon after.

Last year we saw more than 8 major tiara events. This year we have only had 2 events that may be considered "major" ones but they were very small my Royal standards. We only saw the Shahbanou (pictured above) at one very intimate tiara function in Reicenthal in mid 2013.

Princess Kirsten Youssopoff usually has us all a gasp at her spectacular style but this year we only saw her very discreet appearance at the Imperial Funeral and at a private family function earlier in the year. .

We wait with abated breath for the year-end spectacular.