Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Official Royal Statement

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann has commanded the following statement to be issued.

To all the followers and fans of this blog.

The Duke of Swann apologizes for the two week delay on posting and this on top of the two week postponement of posting in order to do the aforementioned mural project. The art project in the South Africanian city of Egoli was also delayed logistically and occupied His Royal Highness for a week longer than planned. While at a social event in the city the camera crew was robbed of some equipment and the memory card with the bulk of the progress development was stolen which means many of the photos of this amazing project is forever lost. 

These factors coupled with the Duke's hasty return to the Principality of Swann to attend his own and his cousin the Crown Prince Imperial's combined Birthday Ball has led this blog to suffer a long month of neglect. His Royal Highness and his media team promise to get things back up and running smoothly as soon as month-end stress settles and as soon as another issueof internet connectivity and data speed problems have been fully restored. We will be posting what little we have of the mural art project and on the continued events surrounding Serbieski Governorship and of course show all the excitement that surrounded the Royal and Imperial Birthday celebrations. 

It has been officially decided that our former daily format of posting based on themes will now happen as discretion and scheduling allows only and not daily. Please expect the themes to remain the same as allocated  for the day it appears on. 

The Duke of Swann thanks you for your patience and support of this blog.

On behalf of His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann -
Lord Charles Jennings, Lord High Chancellor to the Principality of Swann.