Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Imperial and Royal Families 2 The House of Castelano y Alba)

Today we continue our series on the Imperial and Royal Dynastic Houses, presenting the Royal House of Castelano y Alba, ruling dynasty of  the Kingdom of Hispania.

The Crest of the Royal House of Hispania.

The House of Castelano has ruled over Hispania for many generations but in the mid 20th Century a Queen ascended to the throne. Queen Isabella II was only the second female to ever rule in her own right over the ancient kingdom. Upon her marriage to the Duke of Alba, the Royal House was renamed Castelano y Alba and it has been the official dynastic designation ever since. The current ruler, also a Queen, has not included her husband's name into the dynastic name since he is not the head of a Noble House. It is however declared that their descendants who are not in direct line of descent may use the surname Castelano y Alba y Rextondo in recognistion of his family name. The members of the Hispanian Royal House include the following:

Her Majesty Queen Maria of Hispania is the head of the Castelano y Alba Dynasty. She is married to Don Giuseppe De Rextondo but due to dynastic houses taking precedence over non-dynasts his name will not be carried by his daughter. Don Rextondo has no official role or Royal title and does not represent the Royal House in public. He greatly values his privacy and prefers to just be the Queens husband in privacy.

Her Royal Highness the Princess of Cataljone, daughter of the Queen and heir to the Hispanian throne.

The Queen's mother the Dowager Princess of Cataljone. She has entirely retired from appearing in public and official events.

The sister of Queen Maria, Infanta Isabella Duchess of Toledo. 

The current King of Syldavia and his siblings are cousins of the Queen of Hispania. The Queen's father was the elder brother of the Countess Von Bismarck, mother of King Nikolas. As such the Noble House Von Bismarck is strictly speaking part of the Royal House of Castelano Y Alba.

Our analysis only includes children, siblings, grandchildren and cousins within the dynasty. As such for the discussion on  the extended Royal House of Castelanno y Alba we could have included all the members of the previously discussed Aldarian-Stewart line as they are all descended from the Hispanic Prince who married Queen Crystobel I of Scotney.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What's Up Wednesday (The Kingdom of Ophiri Update and State Visit)

Out of the blue, the mediatized traditional monarchy within the Africanian Democratic Union of Ophiri comes and make headlines. Three major media worthy events has taken place in this North Africanian Country. The first is that a general referendum has voted in favour of having the "Kingdom" of Ophiri as a united historic symbol and traditional monarchy, representing the whole of the greater Ophiri. The monarchy will wield no political power but will represent symbolically the people of Ophiri. Queen Ukhulunghile has happily received the news and has pledged herself wholeheartedly to the work that lays ahead of her. This brings us to the second happening. The Queen has announced officially that she will never marry and as such has appointed her younger brother, Prince Shaka, as her successor. He will henceforth be styled, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Shaka of Ophiri. To celebrate the appointment and to establish stronger trade relations with Arcwhite, the Queen has sent her brother and his wife Princess Mbingu, on a State Visit to the Island Nation of Arcwhite. The trip, a first for Ophiri, also lends and air of officiality to the Prince's new position. He will be representing his sister the Queen on all her foreign affairs as she is unable, due to strict tradition, from ever leaving Ophiri soil while reigning. 

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Shaka of Ophiri and Her Royal Highness Princess Mbingu arrive for the State Banquet hosted in honour of their State Trade Tour in Arcwhite. The Princess wears a Brown Diamond Tiara rumoured to have been bought especially for her by her husband upon the prospect of her becoming a Queen one day. 

Lady Arcwhite received her guests in Glaciale Lake Hall for the banquet. Lady Arcwhite, wearing electric purple and rubies, looked her super stylish self and commented on having "high hopes" for the future of Ophiri and their relationship with Arcwhite. 

The Africanian guests of honour pose with their hostess for this historic photo. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The D'Rothchild Collection)

As one of the wealthiest families in the world, regardless of their Noble Title and Royal connections, one would expect the D'Rothchilds to boast one of the most spectacular jewellery collections. This post will prove that to be a fact even though most of the current jewellery collection lacks the extended historic provenance one might expect from such an ancient family. This is due to many pieces being sold in the last decade by the Dowager Baroness who sold her personal jewellery to raise funds in aid of her brother who eventually died of hemophilia. The wealth of the family has at least allowed the Baron to lavish his wife with some new pieces of which some fall in the record books. 

The stylish D'Rothchilds arrive at the 2011 Christmas Ball. The Dowager Baroness at the back is a Franconian Princess by birth and the current Baroness is the sister of Grand Duke Paul of Serbieski. Such auspicious relations coupled with the wealth of the Baron D'Rothchild makes for a jewellery collection at least on par with the best in the world. 

This Platinum and Diamond Parure was made in the mid 80's as is clear from the almost sci-fi looking design. The current Dowager Baroness was given this set by her husband to celebrate the birth of her son. She often lends it to her daughter in law. The simple lines allows for it to be worn to almost any tiara event with ease but it does not display rank and wealth with a particularly memorable glitz. The Dowager Baroness is said to have left this in her will to raise funds for Animal Anti Cruelty Charities.

This traditional kokoshnik style tiara is another modern piece that was added to the D'Rothcilds diminished collection. The current Baron bought it for his wife as a wedding anniversary gift with the plan that her collection would be increased in its own right regardless of his mother's selling of the family's historic pieces. It is a very elegant piece and as a show of family solidarity the Baroness has lent it to her mother in law, more than once. 

The diamond in this modern necklace is in itself brand new as it was only mined in 2010. It has been dubbed the D'Rothchild Diamond and it is a above average quality 48cts stone. It was bought purely as a gift from the current Baron D'Rothchild to his wife. Gossip abounds of his wife insisting on having it as the "Family Collection" was in need of being on par with other great collections as it once was.

The D'Rothchilds also own a tiara and necklace set with aquamarines. The set reputedly is made from stones that originally formed part of a set owned by the Franconian Royal Family in pretence. However, no formal statement about it is published and the jewellery has only been worn by the Dowager and current Baroness D'Rothchild. The set is known to have a necklace as can be seen in this photo although it isn't often worn

As far as jewels with history goes the baron has made an effort to seek out the exceptional at times. What sets this otherwise very humble yet brightly coloured set of jewellery apart from most jewels in all the world is that its made from genuine 12th Century BC Egyptian Fiaence Beads. This makes it a modern piece with a unique twist. The original beads were bought from the Egyptian Museum who saw no practical way in exhibiting them and also needing some ready cash. The beads were also secured by contract to be preserved for historic purposes so there is no loss to posterity. The Baron had them set in this parure coupled with some very rare Afghani Rubies.

The current Grand Duchess of Hanoveria is the sister of the Baron D'Rothchild. She often wore a gold and diamond parure that has remained with her brother after her marriage. Today however the set is not often seen having been worn only twice to our count by the remaining D'Rothchild ladies. This photo was taken at a dinner party in 2009. The set is clearly of a modern design and its provenance is uncertain although rumoured to have just been a whimsical gift the Baron, almost in rebellion, bought for his mother after the infamous "Emerald Folly" sale of 2009. 

The collection is not known for its great variety of design having three tiaras almost exactly copying the other in overall look except for colour. This parure, in platinum and pearls and diamonds came to the family via the current Baroness as her dowry from her Serbieski Royal Heritage. The parure is almost as a fluke, also modern, having been purchased for her by her brother as the Serbieski Historic Collection is quite small and could not afford to lose a tiara or parure. It is very rarely worn even though the Baroness does share it. It is presumably being kept for the next generation.

Especially for our blog the Baron gave us special permission to reveal that he was the anonymous buyer of the Lesser D'Pont Du Lac Emeralds from the Empress Crystobel's collection. This "tour-de-force" purchase was karma at its best as the patient Baron had waited to redeem his family's former treasures from the willful sales of his mother.

The late Empress Crystobel is seen here in 2011 wears the famous D'Rothchild Lesser Emerald Parure that the Baron has now re-acquired.

This archive photo shows the set in detail. For a history of this set follow the link.


We look forward to seeing the emeralds back on the head of a D'Rothchild Baroness.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Wonderful Weekends (Portrait of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana)

Since the discovery of the Imperial Crown Jewels of Ruskiana by the Duke of Swann and their return to their homeland for permanent display in the State Treasury, there has been a lot of public interest in the monarchic history of Ruskiana. The public have shown great appreciation for the Crown Jewels Display as tickets remain sold out in advance of their release. Due to this "excitement", the Ruskiana Republic has asked the pretender to the Imperial Throne to visit the treasures in the capital and to pose in full Regalia for a portrait that would promote the history of the country and the exhibit on an international scale. Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna duly agreed. Her family has not been welcome in the country since the Great War and this event sets new precedence with all exile laws being lifted.

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana poses with the Imperial Crown and wearing Imperial Rubies from her own Historic Collection. She stands regally in front of the last State Portrait of her great grandfather who technically was the last Tzar of all the Ruskias. 

The grand portrait was taken in the State Treasury Museum, the old Imperial Bodyguard Barracks adjacent to the Muscovi Palace in the Ruskian Capital. 

This poignant portrait captures the link in blood with the Ruskian past and its present. We hope this event is a precursor of many good things to come as relationships become friendlier between a people and it bitter history. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Imperial and Royal Families 1 The House of Aldarian)

For the next few installments on a Thursday we will list, for your understanding, the various Royal Houses and their closest members up to the level of parents, cousins and grand children of the respective dynastic heads. See if you can make sense of it and all the various characters who's stories are on this blog. 

The Royal and Imperial House of Aldarian is the Dynasty in pretense to the Imperial throne of Scot Britania and the separate Royal thrones of Scotney and Britania. The current members of the Family in order of descent is as follows. 

The Imperial Crest of the House of Aldarian.

The head of this dynasty and pretender to the throne of the Empire is His Imperial Highness Prince Christian-Victor, the Crown Prince Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. He is the son of the last Empress who was assassinated in July 2013 after having been invited out of exile to tour the now Democratic Republic of Britannia. He may claim the title of Emperor only if the monarchy is restored but the current tensions allows for the topic to not even be mentioned. The Prince is married to Odeliah Sorgenfrei who hold the title of Crown Princess Imperial by marriage. 

The only other direct member of the Britanian Royal line of Aldarian is the Crown Prince Imperial's Aunt, Princess Augusta of the United Empire of Scot Britania. She is the sister of the Prince's father who was King of Britania and the first Emperor and co-Regent of the United Empire. She never married and has no issue. 

Due to the 96 Revolution, many dynastic houses have been reduced to almost nothing but due to some pre-revolution marriages many houses that survived have also been linked and is now very evident among their diminished members. With the foundation of the United Empire of Scot-Britania, the Royal House of Aldarian was linked by marriage to the Royal House of Stewart that ruled Scotney. As such the members of the Royal House of Stewart were declared part of the extended Imperial House of Aldarian and may, if not members of their own dynasty use the name Stewart-Aldarian.

The current Duke of Swann and his sister Princess Marie-Elizabeth, cousins of  the Crown Prince Imperial, fall under the Imperial, Stewart-Aldarian line due to their mother being a sister of the last Queen of Scotney who married the King of Britania and became Empress Crytobel I and co-Regent of the United Empire. They do however preeminently belong to the Dynastic House of Swann. 

Princess Beatrice, the youngest sister of Empress Crystobel narried the Grand Duke of Hanoveria and is thus the mother of the current Grand Duke who thus is also a cousin of the Crown Prince Imperial. He and his two sisters also fall under the Imperial, Stewart-Aldarian line but preeminently are members of the Dynastic House of Luneburg-Hanover. It goes further now that Princess Maxima, the Grand Duke's sister, has married the head of the Electorate House Von Bismarck. Princess Kirsten, the youngest Hanoverian sibling, has married the Head of the Princely House of Youssopoff.

From left; King Nikolas III of Syldavia and  Head of the Electorate House Von Bismarck with his wife Queen Maxima. Princess Beatrice, the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria. The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria. Princess Kirsten Youssopoff and the Prince Youssopoff. 

There are more extended members of the House of Aldarian but we will cease at the cousin level as second cousins, great grand children etc will end with us mentioning the whole planet. It is a nice thought though to consider that everybody in some way or another may have Royal blood in their veins to some degree. We hope that this and the next few Thursday post will assist our fans in seeing the broad spectrum of Royals in context to the story as a whole.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Cartwright D'Bacquemme Wedding and Swann Engagement)

Since the wedding of Queen Gloria of Normandia last year we have had what seems to be a tsunami of weddings. Here is yet another wedding, this one of the Earl Cartwright and Madame Mairi D'Bacquemme and more to come in the next two weeks as well.

Many of the Nobility with close ties to the Imperial Family observed the official time of mourning for Empress Crystobel. Some took it so seriously that they even moved important events in their private calendars in order to observe it. The Earl Cartwright being a distant cousin of the The Crown Prince Imperial went so far as to postpone his wedding by two weeks. It thus took place on 17th August 2013.

Royal weddings can be very elaborate affairs but this was sleek and very private held at the Ritz Pariseum Hotel in Franconia. Only close family were invited, partly due to the subdued atmosphere and also since strictly speaking these were the nuptials of  "former" nobility only. However the Pariseum media were granted this photo shoot.

The new Earl and Countess Cartwright. The very simple and modern wedding dress was designed by renowned designer Madame Frumsetta. The Countess Cartwright opted for her  mother-in-law's Family Aquamarine Tiara as her "something blue". The groom looked the part of a handsome new husband perfectly. 

The full compliment of family, from left we see the soon to be wed Duke of Marlboro and his fiance Madame Francine D'Bacquemme, then the mother of the bride the Dowager Marquise D'Bacquemme, the bridal couple, the mother of the groom the Dowager Countess Cartwright and the groom's sister and her husband the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski.  

The bride and groom flanked by their respective mothers.

We wish the couple all the best for the future.

Elsewhere at Sorgenfrei Castle, another private function took place this past weekend and was announced to the press. Princess Marie-Elizabeth, sister to the Duke of Swann is engaged to the Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este. The happy event took place on a private weekend away in the Switzer Confederacy. Even though Princess Marie-Elizabeth is of high rank and the Arch Duke is the pretender to the historic dynasty that ruled Fulco D'Este, we will for the time being have to be content with very small events in the wake of Empress Crystobel's death. Most Royals will continue to observe a level of subdued decorum. We are fortunate that since the Princess is the highest ranking female of a reigning dynasty that official photos have at least been released.

The event carries the official sanction of the Duke of Swann who released his statement of consent and well-wishes in the Swanobian press today along with this press photo set.

Princess Marie-Elizabeth wears a red gown from the South African Designer Stephanie Swart coupled with the Fulco DÉste Ruby Parure. It is protocol for a Royal bride to show her acceptance of an engagement by wearing jewels from her husband-to-be's family.

The wedding date is expected to fall in early 2014 considering the current mood. This is in concert with even this year's traditional Imperial and Swanobian joint Birthday Ball being cancelled in favour of small and private events.

We can however look forward to what will be a wedding celebration to remember. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Memory Monday (Normandian Royal Baby Presentation)

During the same time as Empress Crystobel was undertaking her groundbreaking but fateful tour of Britania another historic event was taking place in the Kingdom of Normandia. It almost went entirely unnoticed until know due to the media focus on the unexpected death of the Empress. So we decided to post it now and give it its rightful place as an historic event by doing it in our Memory Monday slots where we report on historic events.

Tradition in Normandia requires the monarch to present his firstborn and heir to the people within 3 months of his birth. In times gone by the child was publicly inspected by doctors on the palace balcony then paraded through the streets on horseback on his way to the Christening ceremony. Today it has developed into a 30 minute carriage procession from the Palace to the Cathedral for a thanksgiving ceremony.

His Royal Highness Prince Albert Reggius, Crown Prince of Normandia thus fulfilled his first Royal duty as he, his mother Queen Gloria and his father the Prince of Northwold arrived at the thanksgiving service held to commemorate his birth.

The carriage drive takes a small route trough the capital city from the Royal Palace to the Parliamentarian Fort. It is here where the young baby is then presented to the members of government on the steps of the Government Hall. From there the carriage proceeds to the Cathedral. 

We wish the happy family all the best. 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wonderful Weekends (Coronation of Duke of Swann State Portraits)

Today's State Portrait Sunday is a history post as well. This Portrait was the official release for the coronation of the current Duke of Swann on 23 Sept 2004

The Duke of Swann acceded to the throne of the Principality of Swann at the tender age of 13 after his father passed due to injuries sustained in the Bloody Revolution of 1996. He was however not allowed to rule and merely fulfilled a nominal ceremonious role while the power resided with a Regency Government Council who made all the decisions until he came of age. For this reason his coronation was postponed until his 21st birthday. Due to the austerity that permeated Europa after the 96 Revolution, the Swann Coronation, which is actually not an entire crowning ceremony, was kept to a bare minimum. Few guests, little media coverage and no celebratory festivities almost made it seem that Prince Daniel was just ruling as always, with no real change having taken place. However, the grand State Portrait served to etch the image of the event into the minds of the Swanobian populace. We post it here today as our remembrance of the day and to also resuscitate our Sunday State Portrait slot after the mourning period.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Swann. He wears the State Robe, Chains of Office and several Knighthood Insignia. The photo was taken in the throne room right at the actual throne of the Dukes of Swann. 

The historic Throne of Swann with the Crown Regalia displayed on it. The throne was made in the Middle Ages for the first Duke of Swann. However, what was meant to be a purchase from the famed Reichental carpenters ended up being a gift from the King of Reichental. The symbolic gift of friendship has forged a bond between the two dynasties that lasts to this day. 

Seated on the throne Prince Daniel wields the Scepter of Clarity, symbolizing the discernment between good and evil. The Duke of Swann is the only person in the world who by virtue of an anomalous protocol is allowed to wear both the sashes of the Order of the Diamond Star and the Family Order of Swann at the same time. This also may only happen at his own coronation and at a coronation of the King of Scotney. 

We hope you all enjoyed this post as much as we did. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Fascinating Fridays (Fashion Flops)

Today's post is a tongue in cheek look at the times when designers and their Royal clients did not use their common sense because "common" is sometimes not Royal enough but in these cases should have been considered more prudently. The 5 most memorable fashion flops will now follow in no particular order and might gain no greater response than a "rolling-of-the eyes".

A newly wed Princess Maxima, Countess Von Bismark before she became Queen of Syldavia at the 2010 Christmas Ball decided for some reason to take the concept of  "ball" to a rural sunflower farm barn dance. 

 To the official Royal Family photo in 2011, Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac was forced to wear official court dress so we will forgive him but his sister Princess Antoinette came up with what seems to be an Indian inspiration and paired it with a distinctly medieval tiara. This dress can work in a certain context but with this tiara, combined with her 80's style frizzy hair?? At this particular event we consider this to be a total fail. 

In 2011 Mairi D'Bacquemme was dating Viscount Hayz and making a very stylish mark on the world stage. The glamorous couple was seen at all the international hot spots and appeared in flawless style wherever they went, except on this particular evening. The dress looked as if it came from her grandmother's forgotten cabinet and the creases seemed to prove it. It seems the more you appear on the red carpet the more you increase the chance of that "one-time" fail. Let's keep it sharp ladies and not take our sense of style for granted. 

This look was appropriate to the event but to the rank of the person wearing it it was too "teenager" and the disco look clashes with the family tiara and with the super sleek Queen Maria at the back. The Princess of Cataljone at her coming of age banquet in 2012 was just too space age risque to impress in a good way. If you want to look thin, then hang out with those fatter than you and if you want to look stylish, be careful what you wear next to your fashion icon mother. We are sure however after the formalities at the Palace and with the tiara back in the vault, the Princess must've  rocked the nightclubs. 

An official function puts a lot of strain on a person to impress. Here the Grand Duchess of Serbieski erred on the side of overkill with her cake icing pink, rose studded, frill dress. One is thankful that the historic magnitude of the Syldavian Restoration Investiture Ceremony in 2012 was at least overwhelming enough to make us forget this faux pas.

Which one is your favourite, or shall we say worst fail??? I'm glad that we can all laugh at ourselves sometimes, I hope.......

Thursday, 15 August 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Noble Families of the United Empire of Scot-Britania)

The former United Empire of Scot-Britania boasted a myriad of historic Noble Families. They combined to form the aristocracy of the greatest realm the world has ever known. After the murderous 96 Revolution not many of these survived and of those that remained, many have lost interest in claiming what they consider now to be a bitter heritage. However some of these families own international wealth and businesses or are so famous that they cannot hide or be denied and others have just tenaciously remained in the public eye as one would suppose they knew no other life. Let's see who make up the remainder of this Imperial Aristocracy today.

Few know that Duke of Swann as an independent Head of State also holds the equivalent Noble title of the same name in the aristocracy of the former Kingdom of Scotney and in the United Empire of Scot-Britania. He is also considered the Premier Noble Duke in Scotney. If all other Nobles indeed ceased to exist, then the concept of Scot Nobility would live on through him and his descendants.

Duchess of Roswind holds the title of Premier Duke in Britania. her title is derived from the one especially created for her grandfather who abdicated his right to the throne. Since her marriage in 2013 she and her husband (the Franconian Prince Valmont D'Pont Du Lac) also hold the Noble Dukedom of  Vaganava in the Kingdom of Normandia granted by her cousin Queen Gloria. 

The Illustrious Dukes of Lancaster were strictly speaking the rulers of the small independent Duchy of Lancaster for hundreds of years. Since the creation and fall of the United Empire of Scot-Britania the title was mediatized to Noble Duke in the Empire. If their is a restoration of the monarchy however, the title might become a point of contention again. It is currently held for the first time by woman in her own right as after the revolution there were no males in the line of descent.  She is the only Ducal title that is addressed as Illustrious Highness in the former United Empire.

The Duke and Duchess of Argyle  are probably the wealthiest Nobles from Scotey. The fortunes and titles of the Countess Dysart and the Duke of Argyle merged upon their marriage in 2013. Even after the revolution, both the family's extensive business interests led to them remaining in business relationships with the new republic of Scotney. The Countess Dysart, or rather Duchess of Argyle, still holds all her own titles in her own right and the couple's firstborn will have the combined titles as his inheritance.

His Grace the Duke of Marlboro and his fiance Madame Francine D'Bacquemmea attend the 2012 Christmas Ball in the photo above. The Dukes of Marlboro have been high ranking nobility in the Kingdom of Britania for generations and continued into the United Empire. The direct line of descent survived the revolution due to the current Dukes mother residing with her husband outside of the Empire at the time her brother fell victim to the massacre. The current Duke's grand aunt also married the then King of Britania, making him the 2nd cousin of the Crown Prince Imperial.

Her Ladyship the 10th Marchioness of Londonderry, the Premiere Marquess of Britania is a somewhat enigmatic figure. She is one of only a few, like the Countess Dysart who hold their hereditary titles in their own right as females. One of her ancestresses had an affair with a Ruskian Grand Duke and amassed what makes up the bulk of the family jewels today through her devoted suitor's glittering presents.

The Marquess of St Michael and his family have vehemently stayed away from the public glare and have refused media exposure since the 96 Revolution. We have been asked to not post any photos of the family on this blog. They are however still by virtue of their international business holdings controversially involved in the arms industry in Britania and were even suspected of having a hand in the revolution.

The Earl Cartwright, seen above with his mother is another 2nd cousin to the Crown Prince Imperial by virtue of the current Earl's grandmother being a sister of King George VI of Britania. He is set to get married very soon to Madame Mairi D'Bacquemme. They are often seen at official functions due to their close relation to the pretended throne of the United Empire.

Earl and Countess Basquith, cousins of the Duke of Swann are another Noble Scot couple who shun the media glare. They currently live in South Africa where the Earl works in the automotive industry.

The Earl Melville is for all intents and purposes a young middle-class teenager who lives with his mother in a small town in Americania. His father died in the 96 Revolution and his pregnant mother just happened to be visiting family abroad at the time. He has had a normal upbringing and one would never guess his heritage when you find him working holiday jobs as a waiter in his hometown. As such he lives entirely outside the media's gaze and has never attended any official functions as yet.

The relatively famous and popular Viscount Hayz has made a name and accompanying fortune for himself that far exceeds his Britanian hereditary title in fame and importance. His Lordship the Viscount Sean, 9th Viscount Hayz struck it big in the I.T. industry by the age of 21 and soon was a high flying millionaire in his own right. His business acumen soon landed his company a massive contract with Arc International and he was given a directorship within the Arcwhite Financial Empire. This is where he currently still invests his time. 

The Viscount Ashburton lives as a recluse in Franconia after his Siamese born wife died in the 96 Revolution. His estranged son lives and works in Siam with his mother's side of the family.

The Baron D'Rothchild holds the title of Baron within the former monarchies of Britania, the United Empire of Scot Britania, Franconia, Syldavia and Fulco D'Este. This was granted due to the families banking services that they rendered in Rennaicance Europa to those monarchies in particular. Their primary Barional title however is Franconian as this was where their business and service to Kings began. The current Baron D'Rothchild owns and manages what has now become the world's largest and most influential banking firm.

Baronetess Rosenbloom was granted the title in 2011. This was the first and only title granted since the revolution and was done so by the Crown Prince Imperial for Nelia Roos his own nursemaid at the time of the revolution who risked her life helping him and his mother escape the revolution. She remained in Britania as a normal citizen until her story became public in 2010 at which time the Crown Prince decided to honour her. She still lives and works in Britania.