Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Imperial and Royal Families 2 The House of Castelano y Alba)

Today we continue our series on the Imperial and Royal Dynastic Houses, presenting the Royal House of Castelano y Alba, ruling dynasty of  the Kingdom of Hispania.

The Crest of the Royal House of Hispania.

The House of Castelano has ruled over Hispania for many generations but in the mid 20th Century a Queen ascended to the throne. Queen Isabella II was only the second female to ever rule in her own right over the ancient kingdom. Upon her marriage to the Duke of Alba, the Royal House was renamed Castelano y Alba and it has been the official dynastic designation ever since. The current ruler, also a Queen, has not included her husband's name into the dynastic name since he is not the head of a Noble House. It is however declared that their descendants who are not in direct line of descent may use the surname Castelano y Alba y Rextondo in recognistion of his family name. The members of the Hispanian Royal House include the following:

Her Majesty Queen Maria of Hispania is the head of the Castelano y Alba Dynasty. She is married to Don Giuseppe De Rextondo but due to dynastic houses taking precedence over non-dynasts his name will not be carried by his daughter. Don Rextondo has no official role or Royal title and does not represent the Royal House in public. He greatly values his privacy and prefers to just be the Queens husband in privacy.

Her Royal Highness the Princess of Cataljone, daughter of the Queen and heir to the Hispanian throne.

The Queen's mother the Dowager Princess of Cataljone. She has entirely retired from appearing in public and official events.

The sister of Queen Maria, Infanta Isabella Duchess of Toledo. 

The current King of Syldavia and his siblings are cousins of the Queen of Hispania. The Queen's father was the elder brother of the Countess Von Bismarck, mother of King Nikolas. As such the Noble House Von Bismarck is strictly speaking part of the Royal House of Castelano Y Alba.

Our analysis only includes children, siblings, grandchildren and cousins within the dynasty. As such for the discussion on  the extended Royal House of Castelanno y Alba we could have included all the members of the previously discussed Aldarian-Stewart line as they are all descended from the Hispanic Prince who married Queen Crystobel I of Scotney.

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