Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 26 August 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The D'Rothchild Collection)

As one of the wealthiest families in the world, regardless of their Noble Title and Royal connections, one would expect the D'Rothchilds to boast one of the most spectacular jewellery collections. This post will prove that to be a fact even though most of the current jewellery collection lacks the extended historic provenance one might expect from such an ancient family. This is due to many pieces being sold in the last decade by the Dowager Baroness who sold her personal jewellery to raise funds in aid of her brother who eventually died of hemophilia. The wealth of the family has at least allowed the Baron to lavish his wife with some new pieces of which some fall in the record books. 

The stylish D'Rothchilds arrive at the 2011 Christmas Ball. The Dowager Baroness at the back is a Franconian Princess by birth and the current Baroness is the sister of Grand Duke Paul of Serbieski. Such auspicious relations coupled with the wealth of the Baron D'Rothchild makes for a jewellery collection at least on par with the best in the world. 

This Platinum and Diamond Parure was made in the mid 80's as is clear from the almost sci-fi looking design. The current Dowager Baroness was given this set by her husband to celebrate the birth of her son. She often lends it to her daughter in law. The simple lines allows for it to be worn to almost any tiara event with ease but it does not display rank and wealth with a particularly memorable glitz. The Dowager Baroness is said to have left this in her will to raise funds for Animal Anti Cruelty Charities.

This traditional kokoshnik style tiara is another modern piece that was added to the D'Rothcilds diminished collection. The current Baron bought it for his wife as a wedding anniversary gift with the plan that her collection would be increased in its own right regardless of his mother's selling of the family's historic pieces. It is a very elegant piece and as a show of family solidarity the Baroness has lent it to her mother in law, more than once. 

The diamond in this modern necklace is in itself brand new as it was only mined in 2010. It has been dubbed the D'Rothchild Diamond and it is a above average quality 48cts stone. It was bought purely as a gift from the current Baron D'Rothchild to his wife. Gossip abounds of his wife insisting on having it as the "Family Collection" was in need of being on par with other great collections as it once was.

The D'Rothchilds also own a tiara and necklace set with aquamarines. The set reputedly is made from stones that originally formed part of a set owned by the Franconian Royal Family in pretence. However, no formal statement about it is published and the jewellery has only been worn by the Dowager and current Baroness D'Rothchild. The set is known to have a necklace as can be seen in this photo although it isn't often worn

As far as jewels with history goes the baron has made an effort to seek out the exceptional at times. What sets this otherwise very humble yet brightly coloured set of jewellery apart from most jewels in all the world is that its made from genuine 12th Century BC Egyptian Fiaence Beads. This makes it a modern piece with a unique twist. The original beads were bought from the Egyptian Museum who saw no practical way in exhibiting them and also needing some ready cash. The beads were also secured by contract to be preserved for historic purposes so there is no loss to posterity. The Baron had them set in this parure coupled with some very rare Afghani Rubies.

The current Grand Duchess of Hanoveria is the sister of the Baron D'Rothchild. She often wore a gold and diamond parure that has remained with her brother after her marriage. Today however the set is not often seen having been worn only twice to our count by the remaining D'Rothchild ladies. This photo was taken at a dinner party in 2009. The set is clearly of a modern design and its provenance is uncertain although rumoured to have just been a whimsical gift the Baron, almost in rebellion, bought for his mother after the infamous "Emerald Folly" sale of 2009. 

The collection is not known for its great variety of design having three tiaras almost exactly copying the other in overall look except for colour. This parure, in platinum and pearls and diamonds came to the family via the current Baroness as her dowry from her Serbieski Royal Heritage. The parure is almost as a fluke, also modern, having been purchased for her by her brother as the Serbieski Historic Collection is quite small and could not afford to lose a tiara or parure. It is very rarely worn even though the Baroness does share it. It is presumably being kept for the next generation.

Especially for our blog the Baron gave us special permission to reveal that he was the anonymous buyer of the Lesser D'Pont Du Lac Emeralds from the Empress Crystobel's collection. This "tour-de-force" purchase was karma at its best as the patient Baron had waited to redeem his family's former treasures from the willful sales of his mother.

The late Empress Crystobel is seen here in 2011 wears the famous D'Rothchild Lesser Emerald Parure that the Baron has now re-acquired.

This archive photo shows the set in detail. For a history of this set follow the link.


We look forward to seeing the emeralds back on the head of a D'Rothchild Baroness.


  1. Que hermosas joyas!!! Ya espero ver las joyas de la baroneza. Que paciencia y creatividad tienes, saludos.

    1. Nuevamente, gracias por el cumplido. Sí, la joyería es mi especialidad y pasión. Esté atento a la baronesa que lleva sus esmeraldas y también para todas las otras colecciones de joyas espectaculares en mi blog.