Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 15 August 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Noble Families of the United Empire of Scot-Britania)

The former United Empire of Scot-Britania boasted a myriad of historic Noble Families. They combined to form the aristocracy of the greatest realm the world has ever known. After the murderous 96 Revolution not many of these survived and of those that remained, many have lost interest in claiming what they consider now to be a bitter heritage. However some of these families own international wealth and businesses or are so famous that they cannot hide or be denied and others have just tenaciously remained in the public eye as one would suppose they knew no other life. Let's see who make up the remainder of this Imperial Aristocracy today.

Few know that Duke of Swann as an independent Head of State also holds the equivalent Noble title of the same name in the aristocracy of the former Kingdom of Scotney and in the United Empire of Scot-Britania. He is also considered the Premier Noble Duke in Scotney. If all other Nobles indeed ceased to exist, then the concept of Scot Nobility would live on through him and his descendants.

Duchess of Roswind holds the title of Premier Duke in Britania. her title is derived from the one especially created for her grandfather who abdicated his right to the throne. Since her marriage in 2013 she and her husband (the Franconian Prince Valmont D'Pont Du Lac) also hold the Noble Dukedom of  Vaganava in the Kingdom of Normandia granted by her cousin Queen Gloria. 

The Illustrious Dukes of Lancaster were strictly speaking the rulers of the small independent Duchy of Lancaster for hundreds of years. Since the creation and fall of the United Empire of Scot-Britania the title was mediatized to Noble Duke in the Empire. If their is a restoration of the monarchy however, the title might become a point of contention again. It is currently held for the first time by woman in her own right as after the revolution there were no males in the line of descent.  She is the only Ducal title that is addressed as Illustrious Highness in the former United Empire.

The Duke and Duchess of Argyle  are probably the wealthiest Nobles from Scotey. The fortunes and titles of the Countess Dysart and the Duke of Argyle merged upon their marriage in 2013. Even after the revolution, both the family's extensive business interests led to them remaining in business relationships with the new republic of Scotney. The Countess Dysart, or rather Duchess of Argyle, still holds all her own titles in her own right and the couple's firstborn will have the combined titles as his inheritance.

His Grace the Duke of Marlboro and his fiance Madame Francine D'Bacquemmea attend the 2012 Christmas Ball in the photo above. The Dukes of Marlboro have been high ranking nobility in the Kingdom of Britania for generations and continued into the United Empire. The direct line of descent survived the revolution due to the current Dukes mother residing with her husband outside of the Empire at the time her brother fell victim to the massacre. The current Duke's grand aunt also married the then King of Britania, making him the 2nd cousin of the Crown Prince Imperial.

Her Ladyship the 10th Marchioness of Londonderry, the Premiere Marquess of Britania is a somewhat enigmatic figure. She is one of only a few, like the Countess Dysart who hold their hereditary titles in their own right as females. One of her ancestresses had an affair with a Ruskian Grand Duke and amassed what makes up the bulk of the family jewels today through her devoted suitor's glittering presents.

The Marquess of St Michael and his family have vehemently stayed away from the public glare and have refused media exposure since the 96 Revolution. We have been asked to not post any photos of the family on this blog. They are however still by virtue of their international business holdings controversially involved in the arms industry in Britania and were even suspected of having a hand in the revolution.

The Earl Cartwright, seen above with his mother is another 2nd cousin to the Crown Prince Imperial by virtue of the current Earl's grandmother being a sister of King George VI of Britania. He is set to get married very soon to Madame Mairi D'Bacquemme. They are often seen at official functions due to their close relation to the pretended throne of the United Empire.

Earl and Countess Basquith, cousins of the Duke of Swann are another Noble Scot couple who shun the media glare. They currently live in South Africa where the Earl works in the automotive industry.

The Earl Melville is for all intents and purposes a young middle-class teenager who lives with his mother in a small town in Americania. His father died in the 96 Revolution and his pregnant mother just happened to be visiting family abroad at the time. He has had a normal upbringing and one would never guess his heritage when you find him working holiday jobs as a waiter in his hometown. As such he lives entirely outside the media's gaze and has never attended any official functions as yet.

The relatively famous and popular Viscount Hayz has made a name and accompanying fortune for himself that far exceeds his Britanian hereditary title in fame and importance. His Lordship the Viscount Sean, 9th Viscount Hayz struck it big in the I.T. industry by the age of 21 and soon was a high flying millionaire in his own right. His business acumen soon landed his company a massive contract with Arc International and he was given a directorship within the Arcwhite Financial Empire. This is where he currently still invests his time. 

The Viscount Ashburton lives as a recluse in Franconia after his Siamese born wife died in the 96 Revolution. His estranged son lives and works in Siam with his mother's side of the family.

The Baron D'Rothchild holds the title of Baron within the former monarchies of Britania, the United Empire of Scot Britania, Franconia, Syldavia and Fulco D'Este. This was granted due to the families banking services that they rendered in Rennaicance Europa to those monarchies in particular. Their primary Barional title however is Franconian as this was where their business and service to Kings began. The current Baron D'Rothchild owns and manages what has now become the world's largest and most influential banking firm.

Baronetess Rosenbloom was granted the title in 2011. This was the first and only title granted since the revolution and was done so by the Crown Prince Imperial for Nelia Roos his own nursemaid at the time of the revolution who risked her life helping him and his mother escape the revolution. She remained in Britania as a normal citizen until her story became public in 2010 at which time the Crown Prince decided to honour her. She still lives and works in Britania. 


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