Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What's Up Wednesday (New Year's Eve 2015)

The Crown Prince Imperial and Crown Princess Imperial spent their first ever New Year's Eve back on the Prince's native soil. It was officially decided by the Britanian Government to invite the Imperial couple to receive the celebrating masses by appearing on the floodlit Palace balcony at 12 o clock followed by the traditional firework display. 

The Imperial couple looked smart but relaxed as the walked out onto the balcony to a cheering crowd gathering in the streets for the annual fireworks. 

After waving to the crowds, the Palace floodlights were turned off and the fireworks display let loose. It certainly sets the festive tone for what we all hope will be an awesome 2015. The Crown Prince Imperial was quoted to say; "Pain when harnessed leads to joy, left unchecked creates after its own kind. 2014 offered many opportunities for both proving yet again the privilege of our free will. I for one hope to reap a harvest of joy in the new year and pray the same for everybody else." 

A prosperous 2015 to all. 

Monday, 29 December 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Swords)

 It seems strangely appropriate as we consider the volatile times we have recently come through facing the Arcwhite Crisis to discuss the quintessential weapon of history, the sword. Swords may in some respect fall in the "trinkets" category as far as modern practical application is concerned but for Royalty, they serve as with most other Royal trinkets as a symbol and in this case a very direct one, that of power.The symbolic value of a sword comes from its obvious practical design intent, as a weapon. As such, as part of Crown Jewel Collections in Europa, swords serve as the symbol of the monarch's or monarchy's power. Also the aspect of it being used in in times gone by serves as a link to history and often to foundational battles and wars that may have served in the founding of countries. Therefor a sword may often be the very one used by a revered figure from history on a real battlefield.

The surprising discovery of the Reichenthal Vault earlier this year restored many secretly hidden artifacts once thought lost from history to the public. Let us begin our topic discussion with one famous sword in particular that came to light in that most extraordinary find.

The Kingdom of  Hispania has long bemoaned the supposed loss of the Sword of the Lion Heart which disappeared somewhere in the 18th century during the Franconian revolution and its tumultuous effect on the Hispanian history. Some say it was stolen by revolutionary troops who were attempting to have the Franconian revolution spill over into Hispania but now it seems that it was hidden away and forgotten.

Whatever the facts are, the sword has returned to Hispania and now forms part of its Crown Jewel Collection again.

Knighthood is a very formal and history laden ceremony that always requires a sword. It stems from the middle ages where an existing knight would dub his faithful squire on the shoulder with his sword to raise that servant to the ranks of knighthood.

The tradition of "dubbing" a knight during the investment ceremony requires an actual sword. The sword does not have to be a specific one but some Knighthood Orders have over the centuries acquired one attached to the specific order. In the former Empire of Scot-Britania, now the two separate countries of Scotney and Britania, the particular sword was destroyed during the 1996 Revolution. Today, the ceremonial Head of the Order of the Diamond Star, the Crown Prince Imperial, uses this new replica sword for bestowing knighthoods as in the preceding picture.

In this 2014 State Portrait of Duke of Swann, we see His Royal Highness with a rapier sword in hand.

This 18th century Taza Rapier is the Duke of Swann's favourite as it is the very style of sword that evolved into the modern sport of fencing that the Duke is an ardent fan of and participator in. This specific sword has been in the Swann collection since it was first won in a duel by an an ancestor of Prince Daniel.

The most famous and revered sword in all of Europa is the Sword of St. Victor. It has seen actual war and survived the 1996 Revolution. It form part of the spectacularly valuable and historic Imperial Crown Jewel Collection and has returned to its native soil along with its owner and custodian, the Crown Prince Imperial. Without receiving any media mention this powerful symbol was displayed at the Crown Prince Imperial's first official public appearance in 2009. Many thought it was lost along with the Crown Jewels but prudence and saw EmpressCrystobel save it along with many other art treasures and her own son from the destruction of the 1996 Revolution. It was kept safely hidden for almost two decades and now history is better off for it. 

The sword was a gift from the Mithrandir to the young King Victor of Britania, second cousin and only heir of the evil King Dagobert of Britania who's ill treatment of Arcwhite led to their insurrection and eventual independenceIt was said to have been made by the legendary blacksmith monks of Obsidian Island and imbued with prayers for peace. It is also said that this sword, although seeing many battles, has never killed a single person but won its fights through skill bringing an enemy into submission rather than death. 

The starkly elegant yet clearly sharp and dangerous Sword of St. Victor is an impressive sight but is also imbued with history and symbolizes the unity between Scotney and Britania. At a later stage it was gifted from the King of Britania to that of Scotney. It was then subsequently used in wars against Britania but reverted back to Britania after defeats and then eventually bestowed again as a sign of piece and eventually became the Imperial Coronation Sword.

It is often said that words cut deeper than a blade and that the tongue is mightier than the sword. It seems that as far as Royal symbols go, the sword will always be used to declare a countries intent to honour or dishonour, save or ravage, be gracious or worthy of a clash of blades.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Wonderful Weekends (State Portraits of the Queen of Ophiri)

The Queen of Ophiri has posed for a set of new State Portraits to celebrate the year-end holiday season. For this she has also wowed her fans by sporting a short hair cut again after wearing it long for over two years. Queen Ukulungile looked truly majestic in her bronze dress and fake leopard fur.

Her Majesty pairs rough gold nuggets with uncut black diamonds and traditional white diamonds to make quite the fashion statement yet in accordance with her country's Royal jewellery traditions. 

A very striking image of a very influential persona on the world stage. Queen Ukulungile has always been a force to be reckoned with and these State Portraits do her and her country proud. 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Fascinating Fridays (The Art of Ricardo Schpieler)

I couldn't decide whether to post this on a Friday or on a Wonderful Weekends slot, so I thought seeing as blogging has been scarce for a while to do it sooner rather than later.

We often see official portraits shared on this blog but only rarely are they actual painted portraits and not mere photographs. The ancient art of painted portraiture is a rarity in today's fast paced culture but Royalty try to keep this tradition and accompanying skill alive by patronizing talented painters. Today we will feature some of the Royal portraits rendered by one of Europa's finest. The art of Ricardo Schpieler, Reichenthalian oil painter extraordinaire has captured some of our most famous Royals. 

The Grand Princess of Wallachia has had Ricardo do this work based on a photo shoot for a State Portrait released recently. 

The Crown Prince Imperial had is mother, Empress Crystobel, immortalized by Mr. Schpieler soon after her death. 

The Wallachian Royal Family are ardent supporters as a painting of the Grand Princess' mother has captured her image for posterity upon the advent of her retirement. 

The Duke of Swann, an enthusiastic supporter of the arts joins the ranks of Schpieler fans by having his portrait finished just before the end of 2014.

We hope that our fans also appreciated the human touch as exemplified in portraiture that is not just a photograph adding even more luxury to our blog.

"To be or not to be" Thursday (The Mithrandir)

On this international holiday, we thought it might be appropriate to post on the most "spiritual" character featured in the history of Europa.

The very elusive yet ever present presence of the Mithrandir has prevailed through the history of Europa since the advent of Christ. Nobody has documented the origins of the "office"of the Mithrandir or profiled the histories of the individuals who served in the role. However this blog will attempt to bring us closer to His Holiness in today's post.

Akin to the Prophet Elijah, famous itinerant seer in the Bible, or some might say like the legendary roaming wizard Merlin who made and established kingdoms, the Mithrandir stupefies and encourages all who encounter him. He is the recognized Head of the Church Universal even though he requires no recognition, base of power or monetary compensation of any kind. His official style of address, His Holiness, is an honour he did not ask for but is thrust upon him by those whom he serves. 

The actual role of the Mithrandir is difficult, if not impossible, to define as he operates when the need arises or rather as faith guides. In ages gone by, like a hooded wise man, he would just happen to appear at pivotal points in history, to advise, warn or entirely anathematize. Legends abound more than any other, of miraculous deeds, prayers of healing and acts of incredible wisdom. Yet none of these are relegated to any scientific requirements as people just testify of themselves having encountered God's love and power. The Mithrandir himself claims no fame or compensation and will disappear as unannounced as he arrived.

His Holiness' role in Europa has received far more media attention than he desires or requires of late due to some startling developments. Perhaps it has just come to this because media is carried in the hands of the common man who also requires knowledge, now more than ever. The Mithrandir as the "servant of truth" seems to have finally come out from the mysterious safety of ascetic humility into the precarious realm of "the world stage".

Seated on an ancient stone throne, situated in the the dense forest on the Swanobian border with the Bishopric of Andor, His Holiness the Mithrandir, takes audience with those who have the "faith" to seek him there. A stark appearance belies a deeply loving character as all who have witnessed him in person testifies. Technically accessible by anybody, faith is required to ever cross paths with the Mithrandir in person. To question what this means, already clearly shows the doubt that separates the individual from truth.

To some he may be a father in a time when it is most needed, a prophet to others when confusion overwhelms and a miracle worker when there is no other option. As the servant of God, like God, he will seem to never be around but when earnestly and honestly assessed was always there when it counted and may even be preempted for an audience.

The Mithrandir has no personal history, having forsaken even his own name, and by extension, family, friends and career. None of these matter when you serve.

The Mithrandir was requested to pray for the condemned murderer of Empress Crystobel on the day of his execution. His Holiness spent the preceding hours with the condemned and remained until the end. He then prayed and blessed him as a repentant child of God. Service, to the Mithrandir, simply means loving others, especially those who might not even know what it means. 

The role of an impartial judge, especially on extremely pivotal matters of International well being is where the Mithrandir has often through history found his role most effectual. History has reported on many successes where the Mithrandir has brought wise and conclusive closure to long and harsh rivalries and controversies. The most recent was captured by world media where His Holiness served in the restoration of Arcwhite and its people after the crisis caused by the apostate Order of the Veil. 

The order of succession to the Office of the Mithrandir is shrouded in legend mystery and outright undocumented secrecy. This is not "on purpose" but purely because history has never witnessed it. Seeing as our current Mithrandir is of extreme age and due to extreme media empowerment, we might be the first generation to witness the succession of  to this most enigmatic office. It certainly is true, that if nothing else, the light itself is clear even to those who deliberately close their eyes.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Christmas Ball 2014)

This year has come to a very relaxed end after some serious tensions that flared at some very controversial moments. Political fevers ran high during the Arcwhite Crisis and some eyebrows were raised during the execution of Empress Crystobel's assassin. We are truly happy that we can all kick back now and celebrate family and friends over this holiday season. As always the year-end brings a celebration but it was decided that this year should be toned down to family gatherings only. All the various Royal Families gathered for their own private events. Only the annual birthday ball will from 2015 be the single great royal gathering on the annual calender. 

Thus Royal Christmas Ball has come to an end but those private family gatherings that allow press coverage, will obviously be shared in depth on this blog. The Crown Prince Imperial and the Duke of Swann has allowed the cameras to document their 2014 family holiday dinner that took place yesterday evening. After lunch today the Royals will leave to spend Christmas Eve and Day in their respective homes. 

The Duke of Swann's private residence in Hanoveria, Schloss Scwhanstein, played host to the entire Imperial House of Aldarian which includes the Crown Prince Imperial, Duke of Swann, King of Syldavia, the Grand Duke of Hanoveria and their close family.

The Ball Room in the palace was sumptuously decorated for the event. The guests assembled here for cocktails and the press photo opportunity before entering the Banquet Hall for their private dinner that was not allowed press access. 

The Imperial Christmas Tree. 

The Duke of Swann and his cousin and heir, Prince Dillon awaited the arrival of their guests.

First to arrive was the Arch Duke and Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este. The Arch Duchess, Princess Marie-Elizabeth, is the Duke of Swann's sister.

A rare moment as the Duke of Swann's brother, Prince Dennis, makes an appearance due to it not being a strictly official event.

The cousin of the Duke of Swann and the Crown Prince Imperial, Princess Kirsten and her husband the Prince Youssopoff arrived next.

Princess Augusta as usual, looked the part, for the event and her personality.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria struck a decidedly festive yet regal tone. 

The King and Queen of Syldavia.

The Duke of Swann also specifically invited the close friend of the family, the Seeress of Muren who debuted her daughter onto the public stage. The statuesque Alice Richter is tall and beautiful enough to shatter any modeling contract.

Finally as protocol demands, the Crown Prince Imperial and his wife, Princess Odeliah, arrive last looking toned down but totally in character.

Dressed in black, the Crown Princess Imperial looked great.

The three cousins pose for a unique photo opp.

The family pose for a group photo. 

Chats and mingling before dinner saw Prince Dillon take a keen interest in speaking to the Seeress and her daughter. 

Alice Richter, a shining new star, stole the show at this decidedly private affair. We wish our Royals a restful holiday season and a very prosperous 2015. 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Chains of Office)

Peace has seemingly now finally returned to our blog after Lady Arcwhite's victorious welcome back into her native country a month ago. As our regular Tuesday resumes, we deviate from the "tiara" aspect of our Tuesdays and focus on the "trinkets". Men of Rank at events of a the highest formality will often wear large chains upon their shoulders. These are known as "chains of office". However in some contexts they are also worn by women, normally those who hold specific titles in their own right. These chains as such are attached symbolically to the wearer's highest title, like King of Syldavia or Duke of Roswind. Let us take a look at some of these and what titles they represent. 

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann is seen in this photo wearing the Sash of the Order of the Diamond Star, several badges of Knighthood and the Chain of Office of the Duke of Swann.

This old archive photo shows the Chain of Office of the Duke of Swann as well as the Badge of the Family Order of Swann. The design of both are purposely similar. The Chain form part of the Crown Jewels and is worn by the Duke of Swann in his capacity as ruler of the Principality at any formal event where he represents the country.

The King of Syldavia is an elected monarch hailing from the ranks of the five Electorate Noble Families. As such he will wear the chain of office of his personal title during his lifetime as king. Here we see the current King wearing the Chain of Office of the Count Von Bismarck. 

The Princess of Wallachia is seen here in her Investiture Robes wearing the "Chain of the Grand Prince". She chose to wear it, not around her neck but rather pinned it very stylishly onto the two edges of her bodice. The undulation of the chain gives it a very unique but also confident feel. Strictly speaking there are no rules as to "how"the chain should be worn so the Princess' boldness may be commended.

The Queen of Hispania chose to wear the "Hispanian Chain of the King" around her waste for this State Portrait. Although it also may be considered being a departure from the more tradtional consideration of wearing it on the shoulders around the neck, this manner of wearing a chain of office has actually been practiced by ladies quite often through the centuries,

The Baron D'Rothchild shows us an almost perfect rendition of the wearing of his chain of office in this official portrait from 2014. The chain hangs broadly on his shoulders and its pendant is clearly visible, complimented by the yellow sash of the Order of the Polar Star.

The Crown Prince Imperial, as pretender to no less than three historic thrones and bearer of several other titles, has the "burden"of sometimes being obliged to wear as many as three chains of office in tandem. In this photo we see him wearing two. The silver one with the chandelier style pendant acknowledges his title as Grand master of the Order of the Diamond Star in Britania and Scotney. The Golden Chain is for his titles as King of Scotney, King of Britania and Emperor of the United Empire.

The Chain of the Order of the Diamond Star is considered the private property of the Crown Prince Imperial but kept as part of the Imperial Crown Jewels.

The Golden Chain of  the United Empire of Scot Britania is set with diamonds and forms part of the Imperial Crown Jewels . 

We hope you enjoyed this departure from the standard Tiaras and Trinkets Tuesdays. Keep a lookout for these chains in future posts.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wonderful Weekends (Portraits of the Seeress of Muren)

It stands to reason, that the first post in many weeks will be of the Duke of Swann's favourite namely Wonderful Weekends portraits. To top it, today's post is of the Duke of Swann's dear friend the Seeress of Muren, who also graced us with her first ever official portrait taken especially for this blog.

Waltraud Richter, the Venerable Seeress of Muren agreed to a series of photo portraits to be taken at her beautiful residence in the Switzer town of Mure where she lives and fulfills her official duties as Seeress and Headmistress of the Muren School for Girls. Here we see her posoing in the gardens in front of her house. 

The Seeress agreed to the photo shoot on condition that the Duke of Swann oversaw it personally, which he did as he jumps t the opportunity to visit his friend. The humble Seeress chose to be portrayed in wearing simple yet bold black day wear feeling it was her personality and surroundings that need to be captured, not fancy clothes and jewellery more akin to somebody of rank. 

The Seeress opted for portraits in her garden as she is a very keen and experienced gardener and finds being around plants lends her peace and fulfillment. She is quoted as saying: "When requiring trust, give a plant. The trustworthy person will care for it. Do not trust the person that neglects your gift." We hope that this set of portraits is enjoyed by all Europa and indeed the world as it captures a true bastion of stability in our age.

Official Royal Statement (Systems/Logistics Restored)

Since the Arcwhite Crisis came to an end much has changed in Europa. The damage caused by the Order of the White Veil's insidious dealings behind the scenes of many of Europa's tragedies has been worse than initially thought affecting many people and situations throughout history but also current logistics negatively. Lady Arcwhite returned to her country in triumph as a hero but discovered that the Order of the White Veil left bitter damage in retaliation. It has taken several weeks to restore some pivotal government buildings, organizations and communications facilities to working order. This has caused delays on things like internet efficiency, trade and general order in the street. However things should now slowly return to normal. 

Other countries, like Swann were severely affected as this blog was testimony of, not having been able to be active at all for almost three weeks now. Internet was down in many regions and in some cases trade came to an entire halt. We are very glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel as we return to a more regular flow of blogging in earnest.

On behalf of the Duke of Swann
Sir Charles Jennings
Lord High Stewart of Swann