Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Empress Crystobel's Assassin Full Confession and Execution)

(Parental Guidance Advised PG13)
Due to the controversial and explicit nature of this post parental guidance is advised. Not for sensitive viewers. 

Today the execution of Frantisek Voorheest was administered via guillotine at dawn (6;45am). The beheading of the convicted assassin of Empress Crystobel was an unavoidable process due to Britanian law enacted in 1679 requiring a regicide to be decapitated. That same law is now, due to the unexpected events, in the process of being submitted to parliament for augmentation. The Crown Prince Imperial himself was petitioning its change in hope of seeing his mother's murderer receiving a more humane execution. Our press photographer was allowed to record the events of the execution for documentation on this blog.

The Crown Prince Imperial insisted on attending as a means of attaining final closure. Shortly after his mother's death he had a face to face meeting with the arrested assassin and forgave him for the murder. The Prince also asked to be forgiven for his own family's part in being a symbol that inspired a man to such action. Today it all was to come to its inevitable end. Prince Christian-Victor was greeted at Tartarus Prison Complex by Warden Grant Michaelis. 

Mr. Voorheest, a Serbieski ex-patriot was led calmly to the execution chamber that was especially prepared for this very unique and somber event. 

The guillotine was especially brought from the Britania Museum of History, refurbished and installed in a hall set aside for the unique execution. Death by guillotine was the prescribed method by the court as it is the most humane form of decapitation known and also available. 

The unknown executioner posed with the instrument of death to commemorate its last use in history. It does seem otherworldly that in 2014 a man will be beheaded and more so officially. 

Only law enforcement, the warden and Crown Prince Imperial was allowed to attend the execution along with our photographer. The condemned asked for a cleric with whom he may unburden his heart and got far more than he could ever have expected. 

The Mithrandir, head of the church temporal and prophet of God, felt it necessary to be that cleric and met Mr. Voorheest minutes before the final moment. His Holiness received the condemned's confession and prayed with him. Mr. Voorheest's expression changed visibly from worried to a peaceful demeanor. 

With a deep sigh, Mr. Voorheest was assisted as he took his place on the guillotine bench. 

With his hand cuffs moved to behind his back, silence engulfed the room as the condemned was placed in his final position under the blade. Extreme care was taken to allow Mr. Voorheest maximum dignity in this moment. 

The head clamp was then moved down to secure the position of the neck. This element of the guillotine makes it impossible for anything to go wrong with the final death strike as the condemned is rendered completely immobile. Even violent struggling makes it impossible to escape. However Mr. Voorheest was at this stage truly like a lamb to the slaughter. 

The executioner does his final check to ensure everything is in place. 

The Mithrandir is allowed to speak a final word of prayer and blessing in accord with the condemned's final request. 

The sound of the straining blade as it was prepared for release seemed unnaturally loud in the last few seconds. 

In a flash and with a nauseating thud it came to an end. 

The witnesses then silently and respectfully retired to the warden's office where The Crown Prince Imperial collapsed in tears before the Mithrandir. 

This blog will cease posting till the end of the week in respect for the solemnity of the event. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Breaking News (Empress Crystobel's Assassin to be Excecuted)

Breaking news reports that the assassin of Empress Crystobel is to be executed on the 1st of October. Frantisek Voorheests was arrested shortly after his murder of the former Empress of Scot-Britania in August last year.  He reportedly wanted to be captured as he originally said that his actions were his indelible contribution to society. 

Members of the public have expressed surprise and even shock at the prospects of the supposedly inhumane method of execution. An ancient law states that a King's assassin has to be beheaded with a golden blade as a irony to the murderer's presumption as now his life is forfeit to the King of metals. The law is still active as it was never amended due to the 1996 Revolution which expelled all Royalty from Britania. Nobody expected regicide to ever take place on Britanian soil ever again and this twist of fate made that very unlikely event possible. The Crown Prince Imperial himself  petitioned the judge for the possibility of lethal injection but was rejected based on the law being in place and to set government procedures in place to change it may take more than a year which then overturns the ruling of the convicted's date of execution causing another legal impossibility. 

Now the international public will undoubtedly be on edge until the eventual beheading on Wednesday raising all kinds of controversy surrounding the death penalty and human rights. Protesters have already begun to gather outside the prison and the court house during the course of today. the Crown Prince Imperial is expected to make a press statement before or on the day of the execution. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Annual Birthday Celebration for the Duke of Swann and the Crown Prince Imperial)

Finally, the social event of 2014, the Birthday Ball of the Crown Prince Imperial and the Duke of Swann, hosted in Britania, took place last night and is blogged here today. 

The Palace of Parliament was the venue to host this half diplomatic and half family affair. The Britanian Government has been very friendly toward the Crown Prince Imperial since his return from exile leading to immense popular support from the public.

The Throne Room has not been used to host a Royal event in almost twenty years and was entirely refurbished for the Birthday Ball. 

The Duke and Duchess of Marlboro were the first to arrive with the Duchess wearing the Pink Topaz Parure from the Marlboro collection.

The Baroness D'Rothchild looked radiant in diamonds.

The camera shy Earl and Countess Basquith attended their first public event as a couple in over a decade.

The Earl and Countess Cartwright looked chiq in monochrome matching outfits.

The handsome bachelor Viscount Farraway arrived with the Marchioness of Londonderry. Could this be a budding romance? The Marchioness chose here famous Amethyst Parure for this important event.

The Duke and Duchess of Argyle, as usual, did not fail to impress with the Duchess (Countess Dysart) wearing a dress made entirely of iridescent beads.

Close-ups of some of the amazing historic jewels worn to this trend setting Royal event.

Next up some foreign Royals began appearing with the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski being the first.

The growing number of guests now had many others to begin mingling with as more arrived.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Reichenthal, personal friends of the Duke of Swann were very honoured to attend his and his cousin's Birthday Ball.

The Princess Youssopoff, as is now a precedent, illicited gasps from the guests as she entered the Ball Room with her spectacular dress.

Representing Ruskiana, was the Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna in purple.

First to arrive representing the former Imperial Family of Scot-Britania was Princess Augusta, the Crown Prince Imperial's aunt.

The King and Queen of Syldavia.

The Princess of Wallachia with her husband the Baron Bagrazia and followed by her mother Princess Suzanna.

Queen Gloria of Normandia attended the ball with her cousin the Duchess of Roswind. Both their husbands had other important engagements to take care of.

Next to arrive in sequence from left to right were the Queen of Hispania, the one birthday boy the Duke of Swann, his sister the Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este, Prince Dillon of Swann and the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria.

Queen Maria of Hispania wore a show stopper blue dress that had the whole room focussed on her entrance.

Finally, with the Crown Prince Imperial and Crown Princess Imperial's arrival the guests assembled for the group photo and speech.

The Crown Prince Imperial couple looked the part.

The Crown Princess Imperial wore the famous D'Pont Du Lac Emerald Parure to spectacular effect with a baroque style black ball gown.

First up a close-up photo for the press...

...and then a full group photo to commemorate this happy event.

After the speech the guests were released to mingle some more.

When the music started the dance floor was soon filled.

The guests danced the night away making for a ver successful party and a diplomatic tour d'force for both Britania and the Crown Prince Imperial.  The very conspicuous absence of Lady Arcwhite at this event where she would have undoubtedly been expected to attend has raised many questions in the minds of the public. Media coverage of late has reported Arcwhite to have grown diplomatically cold. The Lady's absence may be viewed as a political snub to the popularity shown the Crown Prince Imperial in the very country that has caused Arcwhite so much grief over the centuries. Political analysts however suspect something far more sinister and all we can do is watch how events pan out. The Duke of Swann was quoted to say that he is concerned for the people of Arcwhite as disturbing reports have been mentioned to him in confidence. 

All said and done, the Royal Birthday Ball was a huge success and a media sensation worth of the history books.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Wonderful Weekends (Portrait of the Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este)

The Royal Family of Fulco DÉste was one of the fortunate beneficiaries of the recent discovery of forgotten historic jewellery in Reichenthal. The Consort Arch Duchess' Diadem was found among the vast amounts of other historic treasures and returned to the Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este on behalf of his nation. To commemorate the return of the diadem and to celebrate the amicable relationship that has developed between the people of Fulco D'Este and its previously exiled claimant to the defunct throne, the Arch Duke has has a portrait taken of his wife wearing the diadem as is her right as Consort Arch Duchess.

Her Royal Highness the Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este nee Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann wears the unique diadem in this State Portrait. 

This close up of the official diadem gives us a detailed look at the historically valuable piece.

Wonderful Weekends (Official Portrait of the Earl and Countess Cartwright)

Yet another official portrait released by a prominent Noble Family from the former Empire of Scot-Britania is posted on our Wonderful Weekends slot. This one is a far more "casual" set of portraits omitting coronets and crests. There is no set rule for these portraits as they are strictly speaking not state portraits but an attempt by the relevant Noble Family to portray themselves officially. thus they also portray personal preference and the unique identity of those particular individuals. Today we share the portraits of His Lordship the Earl Cartwright and the Countess Cartwright. 

Here we see the Noble couple with the Earl wearing his chain of office and the Countess wearing jewellery from her own collection. 

The Countess also opted for a portrait with only herself in it. She is appropriately portrayed in the Mayorial Hall of the City of Cartwright in Britania. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Normandian Parliament Opening of 2014)

The Normandian State opening of Parliament is an official government event and as such a grand affair held once a year during the first week of September. This seeming contradiction of opening something when a year begins to draw to a close has been tradition in this cold northern part of Europa for centuries. September weather is considered the best time of the year and allows for the festive spectacle that involves a public holiday and a carriage procession through the capital. It is the one event where Normandia completely throws itself into a Royal spectacular.  

A brand new Crown has been made for Queen Gloria at her own expense especially for this year's event and to be used in future by her and her descendants. The small crown follows the protocol of using the national colours and mimics the design of the Royal Crown of Normandia. Queen Gloria paired her new Crown with some other pieces from the Crown Jewel Collection and some of her private jewels. 

This detailed comparison allows for close appreciation of the new addition to the Crown Regalia of Normandia

Her Majesty Queen Gloria of Normandia and His Royal Highness the Prince of Northwold, husband and wife pose in the Parliament Hall for their State Portrait. 

The event requires the leading Nobility of Normandia to be in attendance and as such is considered the main gathering, dressed in their finest, of the country's Nobility.

Queen Gloria's cousin, The Duchess of Roswind and her husband Prince Valmont D'Pont Du Lac attend in their capacity as the Duke and Duchess of Vaganava, a title held within the borders of Normandia. 

The Margravine of Montrose attended this, her first Opening of Parliament Ceremony. She chose to wear the official Montrose Diadem. 

The Count Szanguzcko is the highest ranking traditional Noble in Normandia. His elder brother passed the title to him upon his own marriage to queen Gloria. The Count attended the event with his fiance, Princess Antoinette D'Pont Du Lac. 

Baroness Klariowna  looked fresh and radiant representing her Baronial family, also for the first time since the restoration of the Normandian monarchy. This years event set new standards for the popularity of the monarchy as more and mor of the upper echelons show their undivided support.