Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 1 September 2014

Memory Monday (Duke of Swann State Tour of the Island of Banbury and Annual Knight's Meeting)

This year has seen many "unprecedented" and surpprising events take place. For the Annual Knight's Meeting it was decided to use the small island of Banbury as the venue. Banbury is a remote island that falls under the sovereignty of Swann but that is also semi-autonomous in some respects. By tradition the island is ruled by the closets male relation to the Duke of Swann that is not the heir to the Swanobian throne. The Duke of Banbury and Grand Master of the Order of Malta then rules this distant outcrop of the Swanobian State in trust of the Duke of Swann under a marshal law type of system. 
The current Duke of Banbury and Grand Master of the Order of Malta (pictured at left above)  is the Duke of Swann's younger brother, Prince Dennis of Swann. In his capacity as ruler of the related state he is referred to as His Illustrious Highness, the Duke of Banbury. The Duke of Swann made his first visit to the island in more than ten years last week along with his sister Princess Marie-Elizabeth, the Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este (pictured at right above). This was since it was agreed that this year's Annual Knight's Meeting was to be hosted by the Island in the name of the Principality of Swann. Apart from the logistic and formal reason it was also a bit of a family reunion between the sibling who haven't gathered under one roof since before the Duke of Swann's ascension to the throne.

This map shows the location of the small island in relation to Swann and the rest of Europa.

The estranged brothers were formal but couldn't hide controlled smiles, obvious expressions of being glad to see each other. The customary handshake was not just for show but also welcomed the Duke of Swann as representative of the Annual Knight's Meeting to the island. 

The Duke of Banbury has been known to be a bit of a joker as can be seen in his "naughty" expression in this, what was meant to be a formal photo opp. 

Princess Marie-Elizabeth struck a far more regal pose for this, her photo opp. The Duke of Swann was to host an evening gala as per tradition for all the heads of the Orders of Chivalry the day after his arrival. The event did not include his sister or the Duke of Banbury even though the Duke of Banbury yielded his palace to his brother for the evening. 

The full gathering for the Annual Knight's Meeting included from left; Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac, Queen Gloria of Normandia, The Grand Duke of Hanoveria, Queen Maria of Hispania, The Crown Prince Imperial, King Nikolas of Syldavia, The Duke of Swann, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana and the Princess of Wallachia. 

At this year's event many crucial matter were discussed, among which the Crown Prince Imperial's return to Scotney and Britania was of highest priority. Its affects on the various Orders of Chivalry will indeed have far reaching consequences with both positive and negative potential. For the last and almost cosmetic topic, it was decided to allocated a coloured ribband to the reactivated Franconian Order of the Holy Spirit. The Crown Prince Imperial as preeminent Grand Master bestowed the silver ribband upon Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac.

Here we see Prince Louis wearing the new ribband as Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Spirit.

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