Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 29 September 2014

Breaking News (Empress Crystobel's Assassin to be Excecuted)

Breaking news reports that the assassin of Empress Crystobel is to be executed on the 1st of October. Frantisek Voorheests was arrested shortly after his murder of the former Empress of Scot-Britania in August last year.  He reportedly wanted to be captured as he originally said that his actions were his indelible contribution to society. 

Members of the public have expressed surprise and even shock at the prospects of the supposedly inhumane method of execution. An ancient law states that a King's assassin has to be beheaded with a golden blade as a irony to the murderer's presumption as now his life is forfeit to the King of metals. The law is still active as it was never amended due to the 1996 Revolution which expelled all Royalty from Britania. Nobody expected regicide to ever take place on Britanian soil ever again and this twist of fate made that very unlikely event possible. The Crown Prince Imperial himself  petitioned the judge for the possibility of lethal injection but was rejected based on the law being in place and to set government procedures in place to change it may take more than a year which then overturns the ruling of the convicted's date of execution causing another legal impossibility. 

Now the international public will undoubtedly be on edge until the eventual beheading on Wednesday raising all kinds of controversy surrounding the death penalty and human rights. Protesters have already begun to gather outside the prison and the court house during the course of today. the Crown Prince Imperial is expected to make a press statement before or on the day of the execution. 


  1. It's great how you manage a serious topic like the execution trough fiction

    1. Thank you Sergio. The death sentence is a worthy controversy to at least touch on. We all struggle with these issues.

  2. Wow. Didn't know you could perform an execution like that. Pretty weird stuff.