Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Three Sisters)

It has been just over a year since my aunt, Empress Crystobel's assassination. I find myself recently missing the "good old days", missing her. By extension I miss my own mother, her sister. Family really is such a foundational part of life.

Our story of Royalty essentially revolves around 3 foundational characters. These three cousins; the Crown Prince Imperial, The Duke of Swann and the Grand Duke of Hanoveria, are the first born sons of three Princesses. These three sisters, who all ended up seated on thrones were very close and due to their efforts and sacrifices, Royalty survived past the 96 Revolution and into the new millennium. Today's post aims to remember these three sisters and their place in our history.

Here we see from left; Princess Beatrice, Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria, the late Empress Crystobel and the late Duchess of Swann. They are portrayed here in a photo taken in the very year the 96 Revolution took place. Serene smiles seek to banish the growing tensions of the period and glamorous historic jewellery combine with glorious gowns in an attempt to persevere through hardship. Empress Crystobel was much liked even up until the outbreak of the Revolution. many mysteries still surround the actual causes of it. Princess Beatrice was happily married in her very peaceful new country of Hanoveria but was to lose her husband to the assassin's bullet of a blackmailing crime cartel. The Duchess of Swann was the only one of the three sisters to have actually passed away in the missile strike on Roswind Castle that sparked the 96 Revolution. The appalling death of many visiting foreign dignitaries that night almost cast the whole of Europa into war. 

The only surviving sister seen above is Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria, Princess of Scot-Britania and Princess of Scotney. She, the youngest of the three siblings, battled cancer successfully a few years ago and now lives in secluded retirement after her years of devoted service to her family and adopted country of Hanoveria. 

The three sisters were born Princesses of the Kingdom of Scotney and with their eldest sister Crystobel becoming Queen of Scotney and eventually Empress of a United Empire of Scot-Briitania were all elevated to the rank of Imperial Princess. Princess Elizabeth of Scotney was the middle daughter who went on to marry the Duke of Swann amidst a media extravaganza. The popular couple were lauded in the Principality of Swann that boosted the small country into the media bull's eye where it has stayed since then. The new Duchess of Swann was the most popular Royal in the most popular monarchy in Europa and she excelled in her position doing more for charity, art and fashion than any other Princess before her. Unfortunately she was killed in her prime and the empty space left by her on the consort's throne of Swann has never again been filled. 

Probably no other Royal has received more coverage on this blog than Empress Crystobel. Her life and character has become a veritable archetype and icon of womanhood. The combination of strength and sensitivity, invincible endurance and her indelible grace even in the face of tragic loss and death will live on forever in and thoughts and hearts. She was born a Princess, inherited the title of Queen and became a wife and Empress. Her role as mother and business woman to boot is the icing on the cake. Unwavering style and humility is testified of by all who met her and the dedication shown through her life and work and perhaps even just her portrait has inspired in many. 

A previously unpublished photo sees the three sisters in 1995 celebrating the birthday of Princess Beatrice. The two younger siblings wear matching necklaces given them by Empress Crystobel of which Beatrice received hers that very day.

It truly is amazing the consequences and extenuating results a mere sibling relationship can have on the very world. For good or for bad, how we treat those around us does ripple on into eternity. let us follow good examples and learn to love our neighbour that we may affect the world like true Royalty. 


  1. I enjoyed reading this post about the three sisters, and I did not realise that the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria is still alive. It must be hard for her not having her sisters around any more.

    1. Yes, remember she read a poem at her sister's funeral in 2013.

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