Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wonderful Weekend (Official Portraits of the Baron and Baroness D'Rothchild)

The famous and very wealthy Baron  and Baroness D'Rothchild bear their title of Baron in the Nobility of more than one country. As Barons in the former and now very popular Empire of Scot-Britania they too have decided to also release fashionable official portraits along with all the other Nobility.

Here we see the very stylish Baroness D'Rothchild wearing the Lesser D'Pont Du Lac Emerald Parure that passed hands back into the D'Rothchild coffers after being the property of Empress Crystobel for almost two decades. 

The Baron D'Rothchild definitely looks the part with Coronet of Rank in the background and Chain of Office upon his shoulders. He also proudly wears his Badge and Sash of the Ruskian Order of the Polar Star.

The dignified couple couple strike an impressive pose in the foyer of the D'Rothchild hotel in Pariseum.

A close up of the D'Pont Du Lac Emeralds for the history books.

The Baron and Baroness spared no expense in dressing up and creating this series of photographs.  The photos have been made them available on the internet to the joy of monarchists, jewellery fanatics and history buffs alike.

We hope our fans also appreciate these now very fashionable official photos of Nobility and expect the fashion to spread beyond the Nobility of the former Empire of Scot-Britania. 

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