Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 26 June 2015

Wonderful Weekends (State Portraits of the Emperor and Empress of the United Empire)

In Honour of Their Imperial Majesties the Emperor and Empress of the United Empire, King and Queen of the Scots and Britanians.

With exactly one week to the Imperial Coronation next Saturday, the Imperial Court has released a set of spectacular State Portraits of the Emperor and Empress, to remember history, commemorate the upcoming event and to acknowledge the King of the Scots and Britanians as Emperor of the United Empire.

The Emperor visited the partially destroyed ruin of Roswind Castle and posed for a portrait. The last time an Emperor set foot on the exact spot where the photo was taken was on the day the 1996 Revolution was sparked by a missile strike on Roswind Castle. It killed Emperor Christian and set events in motion that have now come full circle. The very personal moment is a poignant reminder of Scot-Britania's tragic past but also of lessons learnt, forgiveness and hope in a better future.

As King of the Scots and Britanians, Emperor Christian-Victor posed for a series of portraits wearing the uniform of Admiral with the Order of the Diamond Star. and the Royal Chain of Kingship.

We can also see the badges of the Order of the Hanoverian Polar Star and of the Purple Swan.

His Majesty also posed with the Sword of Knighthood.

As Queen of the Scots and Britanians, Empress Odeliah joined her husband in this truly spectacular set of portraits. She chose to wear rarely seen parts of the Crown Jewels, like the Imperial Sapphire Tiara.

Empress Odeliah also wore Two brooches in the fashion of an Imperial Stomacher to great effect.

As a couple the Emperor and Empress struck a majestic pose giving us a hint of the glory of the coronation to come.

Here, as King and Queen of the Scots and Britanians we see the Crown of St Christian and the Queen's Crown in the photo.

His Imperial Majesty also posed for an official portrait in his capacity as Elected Head of the Europan Union, which in effect is his position of power as Emperor.

This formal shot of the Emperor portrays him in the corporate vein of his now very powerful role as Moderator of all Europa.

These photos are decidedly modern yet also links to the continuity of history in the symbol of the crown,

As Emperor and Imperial Couple, a series of photos where also taken in ceremonial dress.

His Imperial Majesty in Hussar Uniform and Chain of Imperial Office.

Empress Odeliah opted for the Crown Rubies and again revived the fashion for stomacher brooches.

This photo included the Empress' Crown.

Finally we can appreciate the Emperor and Empress in tantalizingly glorious style. All we can do is now wait on the edges of our seats for what promises to be the most amazing event in history.

From today all the invited dignitaries should start arriving in order to prepare for next week's historical event. It has been announced from the Aldarian palace that a Banquet will be hosted by the Emperor for his immediate family on Thursday night in advance of the Friday bank holiday just before Coronation Weekend. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Mithrandir Vision of the Future)

With just over a week to go to the Imperial Coronation, the Mithrandir requested the presence of the Duke of Swann for his first official duty in his new capacity as Grey Cardinal and Heir to the Stone Throne. The Mithrandir is the highest ranking cleric in all Europa and the spiritual overseer of all the Royal Families. His Holiness has the mystical role of sensing the heart of Europa and God's will and plan for it's people. Historically the Mithrandir has always had the responsibility for officiating over coronation ceremonies. As such he will also be crowning the new Emperor on the 4th of July. As reported before His Holiness has appointed the Duke of Swann as his heir.

His Holiness the Mithrandir has as his Ceremonial Seat of Office, the Stone Throne. It has been the mystical place of meeting for the Mithrandir for centuries. The throne is in an undisclosed spot somewhere in the dense forests on the border of Swann and Andor.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann or rather His Eminent Highness the Grey Cardinal when in the presence of the Mithrandir, arrived for his audience requested by the Mithrandir as the Duke's first obligation in his new role as heir.

Protocol demands that those of lower rank, bow to the higher and only the Emperor is technically equal to the Mithrandir.

But this is also a meeting of friends and indeed a meeting for the discussion of deep spiritual intimacy. The Mithrandir asked the Duke to meet His Holiness in order to meditate on the future of Europa and to search his own heart in prayer for a Vision of the Future. As the future Mithrandir, the Duke of Swann has to receive a spiritual imprint of God's will for himself and his role as the "conscience" of Europa.

After praying together the Duke of Swann felt a strong unction to look East from the throne...

A vision was then revealed to His Royal Highness and the Mithrandir. In the Eastern skies a massive crystalline gem appeared reflecting all the colours of the rainbow. It seemed as large as a city and slowly rotated in all directions. The Duke of Swann stated that he heard the words; "...there is a treasure in the atmosphere..." Whatever this means is open to interpretation. However some obvious conclusions may easily be assumed, "a treasure" strongly implies a blessing, beauty and prosperity. His Royal Highness feels that due to it rising in the East that it implies "a new day dawning" for Europa and indeed the world. The Mithrandir concurred that a bright colourful time lays ahead but also exhorted that there may be much more to the vision. The absurdity of a hovering gemstone would naturally involve the miraculous and there is always far more to such mysteries of God than what we initially understand. Apart from these first impressions we will all have to see how this mystical vision unfolds in its entirety over time.

The Duke of Swann specifically wanted to share this personal encounter exclusively here on what has always been His Royal Highness' blog as the new day is dawning with the coronation of the Emperor next week. We hope and pray that this very spiritual encounter  serves to bless our readers and the people of Europa for the future.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Wonderful Weekends (1983 State Portraits of Queen Elizabeth of Britania)

With two weeks till the 4th of July Imperial Coronation, this blog and indeed the whole of Europa have been busy and extremely preoccupied. We haven't posted much except the bare essentials and expect it to remain so until the wave of coronation posts hit. We have decided due to the scale of the coronation to post three posts on coronation day. Back to today's Wonderful Weekends.

We have had many old photos reappear since the restoration of the Scotney and Britanian monarchies. Most of these have been of the iconic Empress Crystobel as the last and most influential ruler of the former Empire and Kingdom of Scotney. However, this week, restoration work at the Aldarian Palace's interior have revealed extremely rare photos of the last Queen Consort of Britania. All photographic records of the new Emperor's grandmother was thought to have been lost to history due to the 1996 Revolution's destruction. However some old boxes revealed these negatives of photos taken of the Queen. We present with great joy the old State Portrait photos of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Queen Consort of Britania. 

The set of photos show Her Late Majesty wearing the Nizam Ruby Demi Parure with a tiara that looks exactly like one found last year in the Reichenthal Vault. The Reichenthal Vault tiara had no records and was thought to be a historical anomaly until now. Further investigation is now underway with the possibility of the tiara then returning to the Imperial Crown Collection.

These beautiful photos are a truly historical find that has just added impetus to the build up to the coronation in July.

One other photo was also discovered, that of Empress Crystobel's husband, Emperor Christian of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. It is one of only a few photos in existence of the first Emperor. The new Emperor Christian-Victor was very happy to receive the news of the discovery of his father's photo.

His Majesty Emperor Christian of the United Empire of Scot Britania.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fashion Friday (Empress Odeliah's Hats)

We have seen a lot of the former Crown Princess Imperial, now Empress Odeliah, Queen of the Scots and Britanians, in the news of late. This is obviously due to the media interest as the build up towards the Imperial Coronation gains ever more momentum. 

The Empress' fashion and style choices are also gaining far more interest than ever before and market researchers tell of how what the Empress wears affects their client demands. Today's feature will take a look at the Empress's choice in hats as she developed from shy farm girl, to Princess, to Empress.

For formal events during the day and evening events that are outdoors, hats are worn. Hats are often seen less than tiaras in the media and may seem a bit archaic to the man in the street due to their extreme formality. However they remain a powerful fashion and style statement when worn by ladies of rank at events where the dress code demand. 

A matching Sahara toned hat complimented the Empress outfit earlier this year at one of the many events surrounding the ascension of her husband to the Royal thrones of Scotney and Britania. 

All black with matching hat for the official visit to the Imperial Mausoleum as part of the formal ascension ceremonies surrounding the build up toward the Imperial Coronation. The Empress style has evidently matured since her marriage to Prince Christian-Victor in 2010.

Bright summer colours accented by a purple hat set the tone for the celebration of the Imperial Memorial. The Empress is equally comfortable in celebratory colours as she is in somber black. She does show some interest in variety in her choice of hats but does not go all-out daring. 

The start of 2015 was celebrated with a balcony appearance at the Aldarian Palace. The then still Princess Odeliah chose a bright red and black outfit with matching hat. 

When the Empress is in an obvious happy mood she has been known to go for slightly broader brimmed hats like at the exuberant arrival of the Imperial Couple to permanently reside in the Scot-Britanian Isles after their exile was lifted. 

The broad brimmed hat has become a favourite of the Empress who has worn it more than once also displaying her thriftiness in reusing hats.

Initially as Crown Princess Imperial, the Empress was not a fan of hats preferring to go without them for functions during the day. This was a testament to her humble beginnings as a farm girl from Muren. However the funeral of Empress Crystobel was her first major appearance in a head covering during the day. The formality of the event and her close relationship to her mother in law saw Odeliah wear a veil in accordance with protocol. 

A veil may count as a hat especially for events of a religious overtone where attention grabbing hats may be seen as offensive or ostentatious. Her Majesty looked perfect in her obligatory white and veil for the Imperial funeral. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Wonderful Weekends (2015 State Portraits of the Princess of Wallachia and Abdication Commemoration Portraits of the Duke of Swann)

Two Royal cousins have released State Portraits at the same time. We will feature these two sets of portraits here today. First up, the Princess of Wallachia has released her official 2015 State Portraits and have timed the publication as part of the popular build up toward the Imperial Coronation. 

Her Serene Highness, the Princess of Wallachia and Baroness Bagrazia is seen here in red, wearing the Swann Dowry Tiara, the Order of the Ublient and the Wallachian Chain of Princely Office.

The Princess' spectacular dress was made by a Wallachian Couturier especially for this shoot. The photos were taken in the Royal Chapel of the Hunedoara Castle.

Next up we have our own Duke of Swann, cousin of the Princess of Wallachia. His Royal Highness wanted to commemorate his decision to abdicate with a set of symbolic State Portraits. Here follows the result.

The 1909 Rolls Royce that was made for the Duke's great grandfather has long been a favourite of the Duke and has never featured in a State Portrait. It may be seen as a powerful symbol of continuity carrying through for over 100 years down the line of ruling Dukes. It also may be seen that as a vehicle of being symbolic of taking a journey and as is the case with the Duke of Swann being appointed the successor of the Mithrandir, a new and unexpected future lays ahead of our famous Royal somewhere outside the Palace gates.

These portraits do have a very nostalgic feel almost like a farewell and that seems to have been the intent.

2015, "The year of change and new beginnings."

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fascinating Fridays (List of Royal Statues)

The unveiling of the Empress Crystobel Memorial last week has inspired us to do a list featuring some of the major Royal and Imperial Statues that have been featured on this blog.

In 2013 the Duke of Swann visited Reichenthal and met up with his friend the Grand Duke at the Statue of the Imperial Eagle of Unification. The massive solid brass statue was originally intended as a gift from the people of Reichenthal to Emperor Christian and Empress Crystobel of the United Empire in 1995 but ended up never being delivered due to the Revolution. It now stands as a testament of Reichentalian craftsmanship but also as a haunting reminder of a bygone era and a very personal one for the Duke of Swann of his deceased aunt. 

The Empress Crystobel Memorial is erected on the site where the late Empress was assassinated in 2013. A previous Imperial Memorial was already on the spot and has since been removed for the new statue. Above is a photo of the old memorial which was a marble column surmounted by a stylized sculpted scene of the Empress and Emperor. 

The new Crystobel Memorial centers around a black dolomite column surmounted by a solid brass statue of an angelic Nike or Victory meant to symbolize the victory of Empress Crystobel's legacy against all odds.

The recently restored statue of Queen Crystobel I of Scotney is in the gardens of the Aldarian Palace.

This small statue of King Edward VII of Britania has its place of honour in the Cathedral of the Lion Heart in the Britanian capital.

This Statue of the IV Duke of Swann, the father of the present Duke is situated in the gardens of Duke's Court Palace. It was unveiled as part of the Duke's 15th Anniversary Celebrations.

This unusual dodecahedron statue belongs to the Duke of Swann and was ordered from Reichenthal by the Duke's grandfather. It was intended for the palace gardens but for unknown reasons stayed in Reichenthal and was hidden with many other treasures in a secret vault only to be discovered last year. It has since been delivered to Swann and has featured in a State Portrait of the Duke.

The 2012 Ladies Arcwhite Statue symbolizes the Office of the Ladies Arcwhite and not any one particular incumbent. 

On a recent visit to the Kingdom of Ophiri, the Duke of Swann was shown a traditional style sculpted head of Queen Ukulunghile's deceased. The sculpture was done by ethnic villagers according to the typical rural style of her country but still bore a remarkable likeness. 

The imposing Statue of the Angel of Prayer at the entrance to the Cathedral of the Lion Heart is world famous and has extreme religious and historical significance. It was those traits that saved the 600 year old work of art and the entire cathedral from destruction during the 1996 Revolution. The solid brass statue stands almost 5 meters tall from the base of its pedestal to the tips of its outstretched wings. In its hands, the angel holds two hanging incense bowls which symbolize the prayers of the faithful. People arriving at the doors of cathedral instinctively stop at the imposing statue and are reminded to direct the attention of their hearts and their prayers to God. Like incense the angel is believed to rise up into God's presence whereupon God then may receive our prayers like a sweet smelling aroma. During a coronation ceremony, the incumbent monarch traditional deliberately stops at the statue for a few seconds for this very purpose. 

Four gilded statues also have place of honour in the Cathedral of the Lion Heart's main hall. These four effigies are of what many consider to be the preeminent Biblical characters outside of Christ. The photo above depicts Moses. He carries a shepherd's crook as symbol of leadership and in his left hands the law of God stands for justice.

This war-like statue is of  King David like the life of David in the Bible, stands for courage and humility. 

The statue of John the Baptist symbolizes new beginnings and hope. 

Finally we see the Apostle Paul who based on the story of his life stands for God's love being open to all peoples and laying down one's life for that very principle. 

We hope this lesson in historic art and tradition was if nothing else beautiful to look at as all these statues are aside from their symbolic value also exceptional works of art.