Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 26 June 2015

Wonderful Weekends (State Portraits of the Emperor and Empress of the United Empire)

In Honour of Their Imperial Majesties the Emperor and Empress of the United Empire, King and Queen of the Scots and Britanians.

With exactly one week to the Imperial Coronation next Saturday, the Imperial Court has released a set of spectacular State Portraits of the Emperor and Empress, to remember history, commemorate the upcoming event and to acknowledge the King of the Scots and Britanians as Emperor of the United Empire.

The Emperor visited the partially destroyed ruin of Roswind Castle and posed for a portrait. The last time an Emperor set foot on the exact spot where the photo was taken was on the day the 1996 Revolution was sparked by a missile strike on Roswind Castle. It killed Emperor Christian and set events in motion that have now come full circle. The very personal moment is a poignant reminder of Scot-Britania's tragic past but also of lessons learnt, forgiveness and hope in a better future.

As King of the Scots and Britanians, Emperor Christian-Victor posed for a series of portraits wearing the uniform of Admiral with the Order of the Diamond Star. and the Royal Chain of Kingship.

We can also see the badges of the Order of the Hanoverian Polar Star and of the Purple Swan.

His Majesty also posed with the Sword of Knighthood.

As Queen of the Scots and Britanians, Empress Odeliah joined her husband in this truly spectacular set of portraits. She chose to wear rarely seen parts of the Crown Jewels, like the Imperial Sapphire Tiara.

Empress Odeliah also wore Two brooches in the fashion of an Imperial Stomacher to great effect.

As a couple the Emperor and Empress struck a majestic pose giving us a hint of the glory of the coronation to come.

Here, as King and Queen of the Scots and Britanians we see the Crown of St Christian and the Queen's Crown in the photo.

His Imperial Majesty also posed for an official portrait in his capacity as Elected Head of the Europan Union, which in effect is his position of power as Emperor.

This formal shot of the Emperor portrays him in the corporate vein of his now very powerful role as Moderator of all Europa.

These photos are decidedly modern yet also links to the continuity of history in the symbol of the crown,

As Emperor and Imperial Couple, a series of photos where also taken in ceremonial dress.

His Imperial Majesty in Hussar Uniform and Chain of Imperial Office.

Empress Odeliah opted for the Crown Rubies and again revived the fashion for stomacher brooches.

This photo included the Empress' Crown.

Finally we can appreciate the Emperor and Empress in tantalizingly glorious style. All we can do is now wait on the edges of our seats for what promises to be the most amazing event in history.

From today all the invited dignitaries should start arriving in order to prepare for next week's historical event. It has been announced from the Aldarian palace that a Banquet will be hosted by the Emperor for his immediate family on Thursday night in advance of the Friday bank holiday just before Coronation Weekend. 


  1. Beautiful pictures and great outfits! They look gorgeous!

  2. Amazing as always! I love the Sapphire Crown and gorgeous gown!

  3. Thank you for all the kind compliments.

  4. They both look phenomenal!

  5. The King and Queen of Scots look so good together. Great post!

    1. Thank you Brini. Don't miss the coronation ceremony.

  6. They look great in both outfits, but his Admiral blue uniform and her blue gown were breathtaking.