Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Breaking News (Pre-Coronation Imperial Family Banquet)

Today we feature our second post since our previous one unofficially announced what was essentially the first post of Coronation Week. This week has seen the influx to the city of Londinium of many diplomatic VIP's, Heads of State and Royalty from the world over to attend the Imperial Coronation.

The Duke of Swann, cousin of the Emperor, flew in on Tuesday with a small plane and minimal security.

The King of Syldavia's official car was also spotted by photographers yesterday making it's way from the airport. All these arrivals do count as State Visits but are not individually given a full State Reception due to the protocol surrounding the Imperial Coronation

Another sign of a foreign Royal presence in Londinium has been spotted by a paparazzi photographer. The raised Royal Standard of the Grand Duke of Hanoveria at the Hanoverian Embassy signifies that His Royal Highness Grand Duke George is in residence.

Among the official dignitaries descending on Londinium the new Emperor has many close family ties. As such the public event of the upcoming coronation is also an intimate family celebration. For this purpose the Emperor hosted a private function for his direct family at the Aldarian Palace last night. The Imperial Family Banquet was allowed media coverage although the invited guests only included the Emperor's immediate family. An entirely separate Coronation Banquet in honour of all the diplomatic VIP's is to be held after the coronation ceremony on Saturday evening but will be allowed no media access. 

The Aldarian Palace has not seen glamour on par with the Imperial Family Banquet since before the 96 Revolution. A happy mood has now begun to entirely wipe away the bitter memories of the past for the entire Scot-Britanian people. This private banquet set the tone for what is to be a most remarkable weekend of festivities. In the photo above we see the members of the Emperor's Family arriving at last night's event. 

Her Imperial Highness Princess Augusta arrived with the Duke of Swann. Her Alison Couture dress was perfectly complimented by her ruby parure.

Princess Kirsten Youssopoff  arrived with her cousin the Duke of Banbury as her very busy husband was only to join the family on Sunday after the coronation.

Prince Dillon, the Heriditary Prince of Swann arrived with his aunt and uncle.

The Arch Duke and Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este. The Arch Duchess poignantly chose to wear a necklace that belonged to Empress Crystobel in honour of her aunt's memory.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria at right followed by the King and Queen of Syldavia ascend the staircase of the entrance hall to the Aldarian Palace to meet their cousin the new Emperor.

Queen Maxima looked radiant in a copper dress by Hilegonda Couture and Yellow diamonds.

Grand Duchess Alice chose white and the Hanoverian Aquamarines.

Their Imperial Majesties were decidedly happy to welcome their family as guests on this significant and intimate dinner. 

Empress Odeliah looked positively majestic in the Crown Amethyst Parure and Stephanie Couture dress.

Protocol dictated the men bow and the ladies curtsy before the Imperial Couple. Aside from these small formalities the evening was a very relaxed affair.

The banquet table was set with the Imperial dinner service last used at the coronation of the previous Emperor and Empress.

A family portrait photo opportunity availed itself for posterity.

After the formalities and dinner the guests danced the night away.

The Empress sported an up-do for the first time in public and it truly did the Crown Aquamarines justice.

The Grand Duchess of hanoveria was also wearing Stephanie Couture in true Imperial style.

The jovial relaxed mood was genuinely celebratory for this intrinsically familial event and historic victory over the tragedies of the revolution.

Even the unmarried Duke of Swann got to take on the dance floor with his aunt-in-law, Princess Augusta.

 Today, as we report, was declared a bank holiday in advance of Saturday's Coronation Celebration. Our next three posts will be our Saturday feature on the coronation ceremony itself. The Coronation Banquet will receive no media coverage to allow for the VIP guests a respite after this weeks stringent media coverage. We can now but wait excitedly for the happy day.


  1. Mere hours and minutes to go! Such a treat to be privy to the joyous celebrations leading up to the Coronation. I'm sure it is going to be magnificent in its splendour. Can't wait!

    1. Thank you James Chapman. Your support has been a huge contributor to these events and are greatly appreciated.

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