Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 30 September 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The Crown Jewels of the Noble Electorate of Syldavia)

The Kingdom of Syldavia is an elected monarchy where each King is elected, upon the death of the former monarch, from the 5 candidate heads of the Noble Houses of Syldavia. These former Royal Dynasties ruled their respective regions independently or semi-independently in the past but have now unified into the elected monarchy of Greater Syldavia. As such these regions sported their own Crown Jewels at times in history and some of these collections still exist today. They are however in principal technically redundant as the country only legally accepts the Crown of Syldavia as a national symbol. The archaic symbols may be applied in their respective regions as historic reference or familial symbols related to the Noble Houses but never in the context of a national symbol.

Please remember that these jewellery collections are wholly separate from the Crown Jewels of the Kingdom of Syldavia that serve as the Regalia and Symbols of the entire country as a whole. For more on that follow the link below.

Let's take a look at the 5 Collections of remaining regional historic regalia. 

The Counts Von Bismarck

As a standard rule, a Comital Coronet would be appropriate for the Count Von Bismarck as a crown related to the region. It is known that during the Syldav Empire the Counts did own such a coronet but it seems to have been entirely lost to history after the war. No depiction exists of the original coronet but it would have adhered to  the basic rules of a Counts Coronet which is a basic circlet band that surrounds the head with between 8 and 16 short pinnacles surmounted by small spheres. 

There is however one piece of the "regalia" that has survived the Great War and still resides in the private ownership of the current Von Bismarck Family Head, Count Nikolas Von Bismarck who is also the current elected King Nikolas III of Syldavia. This parure of diamonds is known to date from the Imperial Germanic era based on its huge design. It is known as the Von Bismarck Nuptial Parure and may only be worn by the wife of the Count Von Bismarck. As such it serves as the signature diadem of the Countess Von Bismarck much like a Queen's Crown would serve a Queen. 

The Grand Dukes of Serbieski

The Crown Jewels of Serbieski was already a very ancient establishment by the time of its establishment as an independent monarchy. The Crown and Scepter was originally made for Krull Danielovich I in circa 1250. By the time of the Grand Duchy these ancient relics, considered to be a mere princely coronet and jewelled mace in configuration, were highly revered and no gaudy "new" crown was going to ever surpass them in importance. They were duly used at the investiture of the Grand Duke of the independent Serbieski. However by the time Serbieski became a Kingdom after the Great War, the Crown was lost and the King was only invested not crowned. 

The Tiara and Necklace in this photo forms part of the Crown Jewels of Serbieski. They were both made for the first " Queen" of Serbieski when the Grand Duchy was briefly elevated to the level of a Kingdom after the Great War. They remain today as part of the Grand Duke's private collection and is often worn by his wife to State Events. 

The Princes Von Thurn und Taxis

The Noble Princes of Thurn und Taxis have officially never ruled their own realm but have held sway over a region within the traditional Greater Syldavia for centuries. The family were created Princes Von Thurn und Taxis during the High Renaissance and as such has since owned the appropriate Princely Coronet which remains with the Family to this day.

The Von Thurn und Taxis Princely Coronet is made of Gold and Silver and set with Diamonds. 

The Grand Dukes of Reichenthal and Kings of the Reichenthalians

The House of Joshuwha, traditional "Kings" of the people of Reichenthal and current Grand Dukes were spared many of the losses of the Great War and 1996 Revolution. Thus they retain the most complete set of tradition Crown Regalia, inclusive of the arched Crown of the Kings of Reichenthal.

The Crown Jewels of Reichenthal is the most complete, most historic and most impressive when compared to the other in Syldavia and even compared to the Crown Jewels itself. The arched Crown of the King of Reichenthal rival any other in Europa and is a testament of the world famous Reichenthalian craftsmanship. 

The Consort Queen's Diadem compliments the Crown in design and craftsmanship. Both are of late 17th Century design and manufacture and include spectacular gemstones. 

The Princely Counts of Bo'hemia

Similarly to the Von Bismarcks, as a standard rule, a Comital Coronet would be appropriate for the House of Bo'hemia but this family has never been one for convention. The former independant Royal County of Bo’hemia held very loose borders due to the Royal Family who were by tradition of Gypsy origin. Culturally they held a semi-gypsy lifestyle and traditions. Theirs was the only “moving” court in Europa with the Count of Bohemia travelling his nation in a sort of Circus/tent style procession. The family never owned a Palace in the 210 years of their dynastic existence, preferring what came to be affectionately known as "The Counts Caravan". Thus " Crown Jewels" per se never formed part of this rustic culture. In typical Gypsy style members of the Royal Family would be signified with the red rose at social events and wreaths of roses were used as crowns. 

A wreath of red roses remains the symbol and indeed the "crown" for the Noble House of Bohemia to this day as can be seen in their official Family Crest dating from the Middle Ages. 

Madame Frumsetta or rather, Her Illustrious Highness Countess Nicole Doamna Frumsette, Princess of Bo’hemia is seen here in her first official photo as an Elector in the new Syldavia wearing the traditional Wreath of Roses. 

That concludes our report on the Crown Regalia of the Electorate of Syldavia. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wonderful Weekends (Commemorative Painted Portrait of Empress Crystobel)

The Crown Prince Imperial has commissioned a commemorative portrait of his mother, to be hung in Sorgenfrei Castle. The portrait is to honour the Crown Prince Imperial's mother in her prime and to serve in remembering her as she was, an Empress. This personal homage is to remain in perpetuity within the walls of His Imperial Highness' adoptive home of Muren. The portrait will be on permanent display as of this weekend along with all the other public exhibits at Sorgenfrei Castle. 

The poignant portrait was rendered by the famed Reichenthalian artist Ricardo Schpieler. 

A heartfelt honour to Empress Crystobel. She will be missed. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

"To be or not to be" Thursday (List of Living Royal Personalities 1)

We endeavored with today's post, to list for your convenience and understanding, as many of the "main" characters featured on this blog in a loose order of "importance". These are the highest ranking Royals and in our next installment we will feature the next tier of characters.

His Imperial Highness, the Crown Prince Imperial, Prince Christian-Victor of the United Empire of Scot-Britania, Head of the Dynastic House of Aldarian, Pretender to the throne of the United Empire of Scot-Britania and the separate thrones of the Kingdom of Scotney and the Kingdom of Britania. Prince Christian-Victor is the only child of the late Empress Crystobel and Emperor Christian.
Her Imperial Highness, the Crown Princess Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. Known colloquially as Princess Odeliah, she is the wife and Consort of  Prince Christian-Victor.
His Royal Highness, the Duke of Swann. Prince Daniel is the ruler of the Principality of Swann, Head of the Dynastic House of Swann and 1st cousin of the Crown Prince Imperial. He is unmarried. 
His Royal Highness, the Grand Duke of Hanoveria. Prince George is the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Hanoveria, Head of the Dynastic House of  of Luneburg-Hanover and 1st cousin of the Crown Prince Imperial. 
Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess of Hanoveria. Princess Alice is the wife and Consort of Prince George and the younger sister of the Baron D'Rothchild.
Her Majesty Queen Maria of Hispania. She is the ruler of Hispania, Head of the Dynastic House of  Catelano y Alba and 2nd cousin of the Crown Prince Imperial, the Duke of Swann and the Grand Duke of Hanoveria. She is also the 1st cousin of King Nikolas III of Syldavia. She is married to Don Guiseppe De Rextondo who chooses to stay entirely out of the public eye and has no Royal duties.
The mysterious Lady Arcwhite is the ruler of the Islands of Arcwhite and not related to any of the other Royals. She is also unmarried. 
Her Majesty, Queen Gloria of Normandia. She is the ruler of Normandia and the private owner of the vast Van Der Bilt business holdings. She is the head of the now newly established Dynastic House of Van Der Bilt-Szanguscko and the 3rd cousin to the Crown Prince Imperial the Duke of Swann and the Grand Duke of Hanoveria. 
His Royal Highness, the Prince of Northwold. Prince Reggius Szanguscko is the husband and Consort of Queen Gloria. He forfeited the Headship of Noble House of Szanguskco to his brother in order to marry the Queen. 
Her Serene Highness Princess Xenia Draculesti, Grand Princess of Wallachia is the ruler of the Principality of Wallachia and cousin to the Duke of Swann. She is also the Head of the Princely House of Draculesti.
His Excellency Baron Karl Stefanus the 18th Baron Bagrazia is the husband of the Grand Princess of Wallachia. He is Head of the Noble House of Bagrazia.
His Majesty King Nikolas III, King Elect of Syldavia and Count Von Bismarck. King Nikolas is the Elected King-for-life and ruler of Syldavia and Head of the Noble Electorate House of Von Bismarck. He is the 1st cousin of Queen Maria of Hispania.
Her Majesty, Queen Maxima of Syldavia, is the wife and Consort of King Nikolas III of Syldavia. She is also the sister of the Grand Duke of Hanoveria and 1st cousin of the Crown Prince Imperial and Duke of Swann. 
Her Imperial Highness, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of the Empire of Ruskiana. She is the Pretender to the Imperial Throne of Ruskiana and Head of the Dynastic House of Romanoff.
Her Imperial Highness Shahzada Farah of Perlistan, the d'jour Shahbanou of Perlistan. She is the Prentender to the Peacock Throne of Perlistan and head of the House of Suleiman. She is the sister of the Grand Duchess of Reichenthal.
His Highness Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac is the Prentender to the Royal Throne of Franconia and Head of the Cadet Royal House of D'Pont Du Lac. He is also the 1st cousin of the Pretender to the throne of Monagask, the Marquis D'Bacquemme.
Her Royal Highness, Princess Donatella of Romagna, Duchess Di Giorgio, is the Pretender to the Royal; Throne of Romagna and Head of the Cadet Royal House of Di Giorgio. She is a 1st cousin of the Duchess of Aragon and a 2nd cousin of Queen Maria of Hispania.
Her Majesty Queen Ukulungile XXXVIII of the Kingdom of Ophiri. She is the ceremonial monarch, not Head of State, for the entire nation of Ophiri on the Africanian Continent. 
His Royal Highness Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este is the Pretender to the Royal Throne of Fulco D'Este and Head of the Dynastic House of Fulco D'Este. He is a 1st cousin of Queen Gloria of Normandia.  
Her Royal Highness Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann is the fiance of Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este. They are to be married early in 2014. She is also the sister of the Duke of Swann. 
Seen in the center back is the only photographic record of the current Marquis D'Bacquemme. His Lordship is the claimant to the Franconian Marquisate of D'Bacquemme but preeminently is the Pretender to the Princely Throne of Monagask. He is also the 1st cousin of Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac. 
Her Honour the Seeress of Muren is the preeminent internationally renowned prophetess but also the judicial head for the town and municipal region of Muren. She is also the Head of the Muren Finishing School and as such plays the role of mentor and surrogate mother for many of Europa's elite women. She is also the adopted mother of the Crown Prince Imperial and a close friend of the Duke of Swann. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wonderful Weekends (State Portrait of Queen Ukulungile of Ophiri)

Queen Ukulungile of Ophiri is the ceremonial head of the indigenous people of what is the province of Ophiri. After a recent national referendum however, the traditional monarchy has been declared a symbol, not just for the province of Ophiri but for the entire country known as Greater Ophiri. Due to the ancient traditions of the original Ophiri Kindom, the sacredness of her office is such that she can't cross the borders of Ophiri and also doesn't allow many photo opportunities. As such most of her public appearances are left to her brother, Prince Shaka. However after the recent elections, the Queen who has grown her hair since her last photo sitting in 2011, has allowed this one State Portrait style photo to be released to the public. 

Her Majesty Queen Ukulungile XXXVIII of the Kingdom of Ophiri.

Queen Ukulungile is quite the progressive monarch for this very traditional monarchy. She has already, successfully abolished the sexist female-only line of succession to the throne and is said to be challenging the outdated customs of keeping her stranded within the borders of Ophiri. The new constitution is requiring her to move outside the borders of the original kingdom and as such may set precedent for her leaving the country as well. We will be very excited to have her mount the world stage with full exposure. It will truly shine forth the glory of the Africanian continent.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Breaking News (Crown Prince Imperial Press Release on the Assassination of Empress Crystobel)

His Imperial Highness Prince Christian Victor the Crown Prince Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britanian Head of the Imperial House of Aldarian, Grand Master of the Order of the Diamond Star and Pretender to the Imperial Throne of Scot- Britania has released his first official statement since the tragic death of his mother, the last Empress of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. Empress Crystobel was shot dead during her first visit to the Democratic Republic of Britania in July 2013 by a sniper with political intent. The perpetrator has been caught leading to the Prince releasing his first public statement.

The Crown Prince Imperial released his statement and this photo directly from his residence at Sorgenfrei Castle, Muren, in the Switzer Confederacy.

His Imperial Highness expressed his deep hurt and sadness at the loss of his mother and the loss to the world at large of such a benevolent public figure. He stated that her visit to Britania was for the purpose of healing old bitter wounds and for forging new communications and even for the establishment of new bridges. He also admitted to his relief in the capture of the accused and expressed his desire to meet with him in order to forgive him face-to-face. The Prince has declared his resolve in this matter and has officially petitioned the Britanian Government for the opportunity.

The Chancellor of Britania, Mr. Johnson, has responded to the events of the last week by firstly expressing his relief in the capture of the accused. He proceeded to promise his government's full effort in not just proving the guilt of the accused but to root out any accomplices, to reveal any organisation backing up the terrorism and to eradicate terrorism as a whole throughout Europa at large. He proceeded to express his sympathy to the Crown Prince Imperial and his family especially in the light of of the Empress's visit to the country intended to be one of goodwill. In that vein he has granted permission for the Crown Prince Imperial to visit the accused in maximum prison once his case has been tried and proven guilty.

Mr. Johnson spoke from a specially arranged press conference at Harrington Hall, his holiday home. The Chancellor was on a two week long vacation when the news of the arrest broke.

In light of Empress Crystobel's visit that ended in tragedy, Chancellor Johnson has officially and completely lifted all exile regulations from the fomer Imperial Family. He has invited the Crown Prince Imperial to receive several former Palaces and to occupy a government sanctioned curatorship of all former Imperial, historic and artistic, holdings. The Prince will be able to take up residence in Britania if he wishes and will receive an honourary government representative position acknowledging his courtesy titles but with no political power or official title as Emperor or King. The offer has come in light of the public outcry of remorse shown towards the Imperial Family after the tragic shooting. The Chancellor stated categorically that: "...this is not a Royal Restoration of monarchy but rather a national act of remorse..." The Crown Prince Imperial has declined to respond to the offer publicly as yet but will evidently do so as situations develop.

The Chancellor took the opportumity to make public a cache of jewellery that was annexed by marshal troops during the revolution of 1996. These pieces were thought lost or destroyed by the public but have in fact been preserved in secret until political moods allowed for their public reveal. The jewellery will be added to the histroric artifacts made available to the Crown Prince Imperial in his capacity as national custodian of history. They will not be allowed to leave Britanian soil however. The list of historic jewellery include an Imperial Scepter, an Aquamarine Parure, a famous historic Sapphire Cross Pendant, a Pearl Necklace, a Gold and Diamond Bandeau and the First Princess Necklace. The jewellery will be discussed in detail in a post of its own on an upcoming "Tiaras and Trinkets Tuesday".

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Princess Xenia of Wallachia Knights Future Fulco D'Este Couple)

It was decided by the Princess of Wallachia to honour two of her closest friends with the Wallachian Chivalric Order of the Ublient. The Order has been very diminished over the years it has been in contention with Serbieski on the validity of headship but since it has been settled it has seemingly become time for its growth. The recipients of the Knighthood were the Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D' Este and his fiance Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann.

The venue was Castle Hunedoar in the Wallachian countryside and official residence of Princess Xenia Draculesti, the ruling Princess of Wallachia and cousin to Princess Marie-Elizabeth.

The Princess of Wallachia and her husband Baron Bagrazia looked the spectacular host couple as they prepared to receive their honoured guests. 

With the sashes and badges of the Order of the Ublient waiting the Princess prepares to knight the recipients and then for them to be invested with the regalia. Princes Marie-Elizabeth looked chic in a sleek gunmetal grey velvet dress and gold jewellery.  

The throne room of Castle Hunedoar was the perfect venue for a knighting ceremony with its medieval interior. 

The new Knights of the Ublient, Princess Marie-Elizabeth and her fiance Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este pose with their hosts for this group photo. It is interesting to note that the couple also share a knighthood from the Princess' native country of Swann, so depending on the event, they may wear whatever Order of Knighthood is appropriate. 

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesdays (Alterable Versatile Jewelry)

There are some pieces of jewellery that may be easily altered by the owner, affording great versatility. Some have stone settings that may be swapped for other coloured stones. This is done easily with the use of a snap catch or a small screwing mechanism. Other pieces of jewellery may be attached to a frame to wear as a tiara or be worn off the stiff frame as a dangling necklace. Whatever the options, these pieces of jewellery make it seem as if the owner has many different ones when in reality it is just a single piece. It allows for greater variety in any Princess' collection and thus curbs boring monotony at a thriftier cost.

The Duchess of Lancaster has a tiara and necklace where the central stone elements may be swapped for varying coloured gemstones. Note the tiara above....

..and in this picture a red stone has been added to the centre. The necklace in this photo has a similarly removable central element...

...as this detailed picture from the jeweller shows. Here the ruby element has been removed. 

Lady Arcwhite recently unveiled her brand new tiara that also has removable coloured elements. There are 5 such gem stone centers to this tiara. 

This tiara details shows the Arcwhite tiara without its 5 ruby centers. The tiara was discussed in detail in its own post last week. 

See it here: 

Another new tiara was recently bought by the Duke of Swann that also has removable stone elements. 

This jeweler archive photo shows the new Swann Tiara with its removable aquamarine centers. We have yet to see some lucky "Duchess of Swann" wear the spectacular pieces in the vast Swann Collection. 

Lady Arcwhite has a necklace that can convert into a small tiara. Here we see the necklace version...

...and here set on its frame, the necklace becomes a tiara. 

The Famous Sconey Fringe from the collection of the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria has also had its own feature. It can also be worn as either a necklace or tiara. 

For the full feature on this tiara follow the link below.

There are more pieces of alterable jewellery in the Royal collections of the world but the ones discussed here will have to suffice for today's post. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Breaking News (Empress Crystobel's Assassin Caught)

In a shocking revelation it is officially reported from the government office of the Chancellor of Britania that the assassin of Empress Crystobel has been caught. The Serbieski immigrant entered Britania under a false identity. He has as yet refused to admit to any of the accusations and under his true name is wanted in several states for crimes related to sabotage, terrorism, smuggling and murder. The trial has taken highest priority and is set to commence early next week. 

The Proclaimer newspaper is as usual, first to report on world events. 

This original photo of what was believed to be the sniper was released mere minutes after the shooting took place in the Britanian Capital. The photo, the only real clue, proved to be genuine. It was taken by an anonymous member in the crowd who cheered the Empress on her first visit to Britania since the revolution of 1996. This photo and cellphone videos were streamed to the internet before any real news coverage or investigation could intervene.

Due to the international impact of the arrest, the police mugshot is legally allowed to be published on this blog and is reported on the news. Frantisek Voorheest is arrested for the murder of Empress Crystobel and high treason under the International Union of Nations laws.

The Crown Prince Imperial's press office has indicated that His Imperial Highness will respond to the press as soon as the trial is officially under way. The Prince has not made any public statements since his mother's death and even declined to speak publicly on the funeral that took place several weeks ago.