Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 9 September 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The Lady Arcwhite Ruby Tiara)

Recently we saw Lady Arcwhite display, for our interest and pleasure, a brand new tiara. Seeing as our tiara experts had never seen it before, some research and inquiry was required in order to add it to our collection here on the blog. She wore what seemed to be a spectacular ruby and diamond tiara, along with never before seen earrings, to the State Banquet in honour of the Crown Prince of Ophiri. It was the rubies that got our attention as Lady Arcwhite has never worn rubies before. In the picture below we can see the new tiara worn in mind-blowing style as we'd expect from this iconic celebrity. 

If it wasn't for the rubies it would be easy to excuse the ignorant for confusing this new tiara with Lady Arcwhite's most frequently worn headpiece. 

Without the rubies the new tiara could be mistaken for this one above that Lady Arcwhite seems to wear more than any other. Perhaps that is why the new tiara has made its appearance, to afford more versatility to the Lady's tiara collection. 

Two interesting aspects is represented in this otherwise plain spectacular piece of jewellery. The fact that we saw it as a ruby tiara revealed itself upon research, to actually be a tiara with multiple gemstone options. The manufacturer revealed that the tiara is designed to be worn either as plain diamonds only with the added option of interchanging the central sections of the crosses with coloured stones. The jeweler allowed the use of some of his archive photos exclusively on this blog.

The photos below will show the tiara's great versatility as central elements may be swapped out for different coloured gemstones. 

The ruby setting that we have already seen worn in public can be seen in detail in this photo. 

The plain diamond setting is seen above and here it is clear how easy it may be confused with the other tiara Lady Arcwhite wears. The jeweler did not want to disclose anything beyond the obvious and refused to share whether Lady Arcwhite has bought any other coloured options. 

This brings us to the other interesting element of this tiara. The design incorporated five diamond crosses rising from the base of the tiara to give the effect of a Royal Crown. The design strongly and blatantly alludes to the coronets worn by Princes of the Boodd of the Empire of Scot-Britania. 

This photo of a Coronet of the First Blood Royal shows the design similarities with lady Arcwhite's tiara. 

Some may say it is pure aesthetics and that Lady Arcwhite just wants her tiara to look "Royal". However strict heraldic officers could see it as an affront and might accuse Lady Arcwhite of claiming Princely rights in the realm of the Empire. We might never know. The tiara is spectacular and serves to embellish Lady Arcwhite in what has become her signature style. However if she is dropping subtle hints then "strictly speaking" two strict facts deny these subtle insinuations. The first would be that the Empire is disbanded and holds no sovereignty. As such, its symbols are mere historic symbols and even though the Crown Prince Imperial holds the right to them, they are in effect without any legal power. Secondly, the Coronet of the First Blood has no coloured stones and if Lady Arcwhite appeared in public with rubies then the strict symbolism is clearly not violated. 

One thing is for sure, Lady Arcwhite knows how to get tongues wagging as just this blog post proves. We obviously just love to see the amazing tiaras and a new one is worth the discussion. 


  1. Hello from Spain: Lady Arcwhite is always very elegant. She has the best tiaras. Keep in touch

  2. She just loves all the attention and is a master at using and manipulating the media to her advantage ... very clever woman.

  3. Very stylish - although I prefer the actual Coronet of the First Blood Royal.