Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 2 September 2013

Memory Monday (Duke of Swann's Rolls Royce Tour Part 1 Franconia, Romagna and Reichenthal)

After the Duke of Swann found his great grandfather's lost and forgotten Rolls Royce in an abandoned warehouse belonging to his cousin in Hanoveria, he decided to have it repaired and to take it on a "road-trip" style tour of Europa with the intent on finishing in Muren. Here the car was to be entered into the Sorgenfrei Castle Museum, partly as a showpiece and also to be used for weddings held at the Castle that belongs to his other cousin, the Crown Prince Imperial. Prince Daniel was actually on the first league of the trip in Franconia  when the news came of the shocking death of his aunt Empress Crystobel. The assassination of the Empress Crystobel left the entire Europa in aghast and the Duke of Swann, as her nephew, went to be with the family in urgency. Thus the road trip was belated and only resumed on the weekend of the 10th of August. 

The tour began in Hanoveria, took a massive round trip through Franconia where Prince Daniel visited wine farms and historic castles. Then followed the first "official"stop in Romagna where the Duke of Swann visited the Duchess Di Giorgio. The good friends had some business to discuss but mainly the purpose of the visit was to give the Duchess' media image an "official" boost as her public profile increases in her native land.

From there the Duke zipped through a bit of Syldavia and visited his friend the Grand Duke of Reichernthal. Here the Duke also had personal reasons for visiting but as far as officiality goes was needed to arbitrate a political tension that arose between the Grand Duke and his aunt Princess Sonja. The contention was so serious that it threatened Reichenthal's inclusion in the Syldavian Electorate. It was amicably resolved and as we know the establishment of the Syldavian Electorate is now old news.

Finally the tour stopped in Muren, first for a belated birthday visit to the Seeress and then at Sorgenfrei Castle, the intended final destination.

Here we see His Royal Highness driving his Rolls Royce in entourage with his staff and security. Next to him sits Miss Kitty Spice, the world renowned journalist reporter who joined him for the first two days of the trip. She then left to cover the fateful story of the Empress assassination in Britania only to rejoin later for an official interview with Grand Duke Lothair of Reichenthal.

The Duke of Swann arrives at the Duchess Donatella who heartily welcomed her friend at her Alpine Castle, Castillo Corvi. 

The Duke of Swann took the liberty of delivering the water colour painting the Duchess purchased from the Duke's Art Exhibition which closed in July. Her Royal Highness was very excited to finally be able to hang it in her residence. 

A close up of the water colour painting. The "political" alliance between the Duchess and the Duke of Swann has helped to boost the popularity of the Di Giorgio's Family in Romagna. The former exiled family used to rule the old Kingdom but they have been asked back and serve in many capacities as custodians of Romagnian history and serving in charitable causes. 

From Romagna the Duke of Swann moved on to the small former Kingdom, now mediatized Grand Duchy of Reichenthal. Here he stopped for private reflection at the famous Statue of the Imperial Eagle of Unification. 

The massive solid brass statue was originally intended as a gift from the people of Reichenthal to Emperor Christian and Empress Crystobel of the United Empire in 1995 but ended up never being delivered due to the Revolution. It now stands as a testament of Reichentalian craftsmanship but also as a haunting reminder of a bygone era and a very personal one for the Duke of Swann of his deceased aunt. 

The Duke of Swann is greeted by his friend and very casual Head of the Reichenthal Electorate Dynasty, Grand Duke Lothair. 

A last glance is shared as the two Royals prepare to leave for Castle Reichenthal together in the old Rolls Royce. 

Time for some tea and sweet delicacies in the Grand Duke's study with his wife, as they also welcome Miss Kitty Spice. 

Miss Spice was set to do an interview about the Grand Duke. This feature will be blogged at a later stage as well. 

The Grand Duchess Azantha joined her husband for the interview. The Duke of Swann was scheduled for some business meeting leaving let them get on with the interview. 

Later that evening the Duke of Swann was honoured with a banquet by the Royal Family of Reichenthal. The event was very informal by Royal standards although tiaras were required. No State Regalia like Orders of knighthood or ballgowns were required. Princess Sonja of Reichenthal was also present. The Duke of Swann at this stage insisted on seeing her in order to initiate negotiation with the Princess who at that stage was inciting a political opposition to the Syldavian Electorate in Reichenthal.

Also at the banquet was Grand Duchess Azantha's elder sister, the Shahbanou of Perlistan. 

Reichenthal is world famous for all kinds of old-worldly crafts. The nation's carpenters for instance have through the ages been responsible for the creation of most of the Europan thrones. They also excel in the fine art of statuary. This early medieval statue is of the founding father of Reichenthal, the famous, Carl-Joshua the Great.

After yet another lengthy chat on all the Reichentalian arts and history the guests assembled in the "small throne room"  for the obligatory, group photo, especially for the media. 

So the very eventful stop in Reichenthal ended with a feast and the Duke of Swann left the next morning for Muren. That part of the trip we will post on in next week's Memory Monday slot. See you then. 


  1. Grand Duke Lothair felt quite honoured to have such a high ranking royal visiting him in his humble province of Reichental, but was also quite relieved when the Duke of Swann left so that Lothair could return to his informal way of living and ruling his duchy.

    1. Hahahahaha. the Duke of Swann was honoured that you received him so hospitably.