Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Breaking News (Crown Prince Imperial Press Release on the Assassination of Empress Crystobel)

His Imperial Highness Prince Christian Victor the Crown Prince Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britanian Head of the Imperial House of Aldarian, Grand Master of the Order of the Diamond Star and Pretender to the Imperial Throne of Scot- Britania has released his first official statement since the tragic death of his mother, the last Empress of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. Empress Crystobel was shot dead during her first visit to the Democratic Republic of Britania in July 2013 by a sniper with political intent. The perpetrator has been caught leading to the Prince releasing his first public statement.

The Crown Prince Imperial released his statement and this photo directly from his residence at Sorgenfrei Castle, Muren, in the Switzer Confederacy.

His Imperial Highness expressed his deep hurt and sadness at the loss of his mother and the loss to the world at large of such a benevolent public figure. He stated that her visit to Britania was for the purpose of healing old bitter wounds and for forging new communications and even for the establishment of new bridges. He also admitted to his relief in the capture of the accused and expressed his desire to meet with him in order to forgive him face-to-face. The Prince has declared his resolve in this matter and has officially petitioned the Britanian Government for the opportunity.

The Chancellor of Britania, Mr. Johnson, has responded to the events of the last week by firstly expressing his relief in the capture of the accused. He proceeded to promise his government's full effort in not just proving the guilt of the accused but to root out any accomplices, to reveal any organisation backing up the terrorism and to eradicate terrorism as a whole throughout Europa at large. He proceeded to express his sympathy to the Crown Prince Imperial and his family especially in the light of of the Empress's visit to the country intended to be one of goodwill. In that vein he has granted permission for the Crown Prince Imperial to visit the accused in maximum prison once his case has been tried and proven guilty.

Mr. Johnson spoke from a specially arranged press conference at Harrington Hall, his holiday home. The Chancellor was on a two week long vacation when the news of the arrest broke.

In light of Empress Crystobel's visit that ended in tragedy, Chancellor Johnson has officially and completely lifted all exile regulations from the fomer Imperial Family. He has invited the Crown Prince Imperial to receive several former Palaces and to occupy a government sanctioned curatorship of all former Imperial, historic and artistic, holdings. The Prince will be able to take up residence in Britania if he wishes and will receive an honourary government representative position acknowledging his courtesy titles but with no political power or official title as Emperor or King. The offer has come in light of the public outcry of remorse shown towards the Imperial Family after the tragic shooting. The Chancellor stated categorically that: "...this is not a Royal Restoration of monarchy but rather a national act of remorse..." The Crown Prince Imperial has declined to respond to the offer publicly as yet but will evidently do so as situations develop.

The Chancellor took the opportumity to make public a cache of jewellery that was annexed by marshal troops during the revolution of 1996. These pieces were thought lost or destroyed by the public but have in fact been preserved in secret until political moods allowed for their public reveal. The jewellery will be added to the histroric artifacts made available to the Crown Prince Imperial in his capacity as national custodian of history. They will not be allowed to leave Britanian soil however. The list of historic jewellery include an Imperial Scepter, an Aquamarine Parure, a famous historic Sapphire Cross Pendant, a Pearl Necklace, a Gold and Diamond Bandeau and the First Princess Necklace. The jewellery will be discussed in detail in a post of its own on an upcoming "Tiaras and Trinkets Tuesday".