Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wonderful Weekend (Prince Louis D' Pont Du Lac Official Portrait)

This past week, following on the even greater wave of Royal popularity, the first official portrait of a Franconian Dynastic Head has been released. Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac, pretender to the Franconian throne has posed for a set of State Portrait-like photos at Castle Sorgenfrei. These have been done at his own expense to display on his website and to use as portraits in order to promote the family and history of the D' Pont Du Lacs. His Highness' cousin, the Baron D'Rothchild, wholeheartedly endorses the Prince's media campaign and says its high time that the Franconian Royals take responsibility for their role in Europa. The Baron believes that they have role to play in modern times as a link to the past and may still serve as Royals always have, to inspire. The fairytale-like photos do make you feel like you have been transported back to medieval Europa. 

His Highness Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac wears what remains of the destroyed Franconian Crown Jewels. The Fleur D' Lys Chain of Office of the Kings of Franconia and a thin coronal bandeau believed to be a section that survived from the original crown is paired with the Badge of the Order of the Holy Spirit of which he is head. 

This close-up shows the detail of the Prince's Regalia and has the Royal Crest added in at the top of the photo. This blog is a great fan of State Portraits and as far as these go they are very effective in their function, evoking a poignant sentiment as far as the Franconian Monarchy is concerned. 


  1. Wow, another great set! I love the way you did the columns. Very authentic looking.

    1. Thank you Vanessa. I have a friend building me some backgrounds to my design specifications. Works like a bomb.

  2. Hola, que bonito diorama, este muchacho tiene cara muy amigable, seguro se esmerara en ser un buen personaje de la nobleza.