Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Breaking News (Empress Crystobel's Assassin Caught)

In a shocking revelation it is officially reported from the government office of the Chancellor of Britania that the assassin of Empress Crystobel has been caught. The Serbieski immigrant entered Britania under a false identity. He has as yet refused to admit to any of the accusations and under his true name is wanted in several states for crimes related to sabotage, terrorism, smuggling and murder. The trial has taken highest priority and is set to commence early next week. 

The Proclaimer newspaper is as usual, first to report on world events. 

This original photo of what was believed to be the sniper was released mere minutes after the shooting took place in the Britanian Capital. The photo, the only real clue, proved to be genuine. It was taken by an anonymous member in the crowd who cheered the Empress on her first visit to Britania since the revolution of 1996. This photo and cellphone videos were streamed to the internet before any real news coverage or investigation could intervene.

Due to the international impact of the arrest, the police mugshot is legally allowed to be published on this blog and is reported on the news. Frantisek Voorheest is arrested for the murder of Empress Crystobel and high treason under the International Union of Nations laws.

The Crown Prince Imperial's press office has indicated that His Imperial Highness will respond to the press as soon as the trial is officially under way. The Prince has not made any public statements since his mother's death and even declined to speak publicly on the funeral that took place several weeks ago.


  1. Thank god he was caught. I hope that he is punished for such a terrible crime.

    1. The big question remains; who is behind all of this. One man cannot be to blame and there are subtle things behind the scenes, always involving Serbieski and Syldavia.

  2. A meeting with Madame Guillotine is on the cards I hope.

  3. Now this is great news! Love the pictures.