Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Princess Xenia of Wallachia Knights Future Fulco D'Este Couple)

It was decided by the Princess of Wallachia to honour two of her closest friends with the Wallachian Chivalric Order of the Ublient. The Order has been very diminished over the years it has been in contention with Serbieski on the validity of headship but since it has been settled it has seemingly become time for its growth. The recipients of the Knighthood were the Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D' Este and his fiance Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann.

The venue was Castle Hunedoar in the Wallachian countryside and official residence of Princess Xenia Draculesti, the ruling Princess of Wallachia and cousin to Princess Marie-Elizabeth.

The Princess of Wallachia and her husband Baron Bagrazia looked the spectacular host couple as they prepared to receive their honoured guests. 

With the sashes and badges of the Order of the Ublient waiting the Princess prepares to knight the recipients and then for them to be invested with the regalia. Princes Marie-Elizabeth looked chic in a sleek gunmetal grey velvet dress and gold jewellery.  

The throne room of Castle Hunedoar was the perfect venue for a knighting ceremony with its medieval interior. 

The new Knights of the Ublient, Princess Marie-Elizabeth and her fiance Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este pose with their hosts for this group photo. It is interesting to note that the couple also share a knighthood from the Princess' native country of Swann, so depending on the event, they may wear whatever Order of Knighthood is appropriate. 

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  1. I am agree, Princes Marie-Elizabeth lokks great in that dress