Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Empress Crystobel Memorial)

With the Imperial Coronation literally only a few weeks away yet another glorious tip of the hat to the past was gestured with the unveiling of the Imperial Victory Memorial in Londinium this week.

The memorial was built over the last few months in remembrance of the upcoming anniversary of Empress Crystobel's death that tragically took place on the  8th July 2012. This falls in conjunction with the popularity the entire concept of Royalty and the restoration of the Scotney and Britanian monarchies. The new site is erected in the square at the Palace of Parliament on the exact spot where the Empress was shot in front of the previous memorial in honour of the Imperial Couple. The old memorial was entirely torn down and plans to honour the Empress's life and death was immediately put in place. Work was finally completed last week Friday and the unveiling took place yesterday afternoon.

The design of the memorial is of a columned half circle surrounding a central pedestal surmounted by a brass effigy of an angel holding a flaming torch. The angel is intended to be a symbol of victory through spiritual perseverance while following the inner call of true conviction. 

The truly imposing memorial does much to evoke hope from forgiveness into a far more positive future as these are the very traits Empress Crystobel is now remembered for. 

For the unveiling the new Emperor Christian-Victor and Empress Odeliah was joined by their closest family who at the same time represented some of Europa's most famous Royal Dynasties. The Duke of Swann flew in especially, immediately after his now famous abdication speech in order to support his cousin the Emperor. All the VIP's can be seen in the photo above starting from left: Princess Augusta, the Duke of Swann, Empress Odeliah, Emperor Christian-Victor, the Chancellor of Britania, the Grand Duke of Hanoveria and Grand Duchess Alice.

The Chancellor took this auspicious occasion as the perfect time to officially announce his personal joy at the tide of Royal popularity and the positive effect it has had on the Britanian economy. 

Emperor Christian-Victor shared some of his personal memories of his mother, Empress Crystobel's life and expressed his joy at finally giving her the honour she may have lacked in her life of exile and her tragic death. 

It was truly an emotional moment when the crowd responded with a standing ovation to the Emperor's speech.

The brass statue is a spectacular work of art and was sculpted by the Most Worshipful Society of Britanian Metalworkers.

Empress Odeliah looked colourful in her spring inspired dress and hat.

A very stylish Duke of Swann looked far less serious than normal in his yellow tie.

After the day's proceedings a surprise dinner was held for the V.I.P's at the Aldarian Palace as a cherry on the cake. In memory of the lifelong efforts of Empress Crystobel, four special Royals were earmarked to receive a once-off recognition award for their efforts in promoting the cause of Royalty on the International Stage. They were invited to this intimate gala dinner to receive their "Crystobel Award".

After the main course and with the dinner guests watching, the Emperor and Empress took to the stage and invited the honoured four to receive their awards.

Their Majesties, the Emperor and Empress of the United Empire, King and Queen of the Scots and Britanians.

The four selected members of the Europan Royal community were, from left: Queen Gloria of Normandia, the Duke of Swann, Lady Arcwhite and Queen Maria of Hispania.

The awards for Efforts to Promote the Cause of Royalty from left are: Best Royal Image, Most Noteworthy Male Royal, Most Noteworthy Female Royal and Friendliest Royal.

Best Royal Image might seem frivolous but Royal style does much for pushing the "brand" and showing the face of Royalty. Empress Crystobel was faultless in her appearance and always conveyed the perfect balance between regality and approachability. Lady Arcwhite was awarded this honour.

Friendliest Royal is awarded for being most in touch with the public and thus bridging the gap between the common man and the reigning dynasties. It also reflects popular opinion polls of the particular Royal in their home countries and quantifies the amount of charity work done in favour of the common man. Empress Crystobel was relentless in the field of charity and in the end reached levels of popularity that has solidified her iconic status. Queen Gloria received this honour.

Most Noteworthy Female Royal is awarded to the Royal who in light of and in spite of their position of privilege, power and responsibility has made the most quantifiable success of forwarding all the positive aspects of the concept of Royalty in their home country and on the international stage. Empress Crystobel is the quintessential " when life gives you lemons..." Royal and has done more through the worst era Royalty has ever faced, to end up " on top" even in death. Queen Maria reluctantly received this humbling award.

Most Noteworthy Male Royal like its female counterpart singles out the male equivalent. The Emperor, visibly moved, awarded this honour to: " my cousin and friend, hero of Europa" , the Duke of Swann. It is believed that this ceremony will be a once-off event, especially organised by the Emperor in his private capacity to personally honour those who have supported His Majesty and the cause of Royalty over the last decade. The event focuses even more media attention on the build up to the Imperial Coronation to take place on the 4th of July 2015.

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  1. The memorial in honour of Empress Crystobel is beautiful and very fitting.
    I love the hats the ladies were wearing to the unveiling.

    It must have been a very draining day for all involved as it was a truly emotional gathering. Would have loved to be there.