Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Mithrandir Vision of the Future)

With just over a week to go to the Imperial Coronation, the Mithrandir requested the presence of the Duke of Swann for his first official duty in his new capacity as Grey Cardinal and Heir to the Stone Throne. The Mithrandir is the highest ranking cleric in all Europa and the spiritual overseer of all the Royal Families. His Holiness has the mystical role of sensing the heart of Europa and God's will and plan for it's people. Historically the Mithrandir has always had the responsibility for officiating over coronation ceremonies. As such he will also be crowning the new Emperor on the 4th of July. As reported before His Holiness has appointed the Duke of Swann as his heir.

His Holiness the Mithrandir has as his Ceremonial Seat of Office, the Stone Throne. It has been the mystical place of meeting for the Mithrandir for centuries. The throne is in an undisclosed spot somewhere in the dense forests on the border of Swann and Andor.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann or rather His Eminent Highness the Grey Cardinal when in the presence of the Mithrandir, arrived for his audience requested by the Mithrandir as the Duke's first obligation in his new role as heir.

Protocol demands that those of lower rank, bow to the higher and only the Emperor is technically equal to the Mithrandir.

But this is also a meeting of friends and indeed a meeting for the discussion of deep spiritual intimacy. The Mithrandir asked the Duke to meet His Holiness in order to meditate on the future of Europa and to search his own heart in prayer for a Vision of the Future. As the future Mithrandir, the Duke of Swann has to receive a spiritual imprint of God's will for himself and his role as the "conscience" of Europa.

After praying together the Duke of Swann felt a strong unction to look East from the throne...

A vision was then revealed to His Royal Highness and the Mithrandir. In the Eastern skies a massive crystalline gem appeared reflecting all the colours of the rainbow. It seemed as large as a city and slowly rotated in all directions. The Duke of Swann stated that he heard the words; "...there is a treasure in the atmosphere..." Whatever this means is open to interpretation. However some obvious conclusions may easily be assumed, "a treasure" strongly implies a blessing, beauty and prosperity. His Royal Highness feels that due to it rising in the East that it implies "a new day dawning" for Europa and indeed the world. The Mithrandir concurred that a bright colourful time lays ahead but also exhorted that there may be much more to the vision. The absurdity of a hovering gemstone would naturally involve the miraculous and there is always far more to such mysteries of God than what we initially understand. Apart from these first impressions we will all have to see how this mystical vision unfolds in its entirety over time.

The Duke of Swann specifically wanted to share this personal encounter exclusively here on what has always been His Royal Highness' blog as the new day is dawning with the coronation of the Emperor next week. We hope and pray that this very spiritual encounter  serves to bless our readers and the people of Europa for the future.


  1. This is such a cool post. I also tag you for World Doll Day too.

  2. Wonderful. Spiritual Mystique. Indeed an indication of a brilliant future ... or perhaps a brilliant eternity ...

    Fabulous pictures.

  3. Beautiful post Daniel! i was looking for some insight about the Mithrandir figure altre the Duke's announcement
    Not only YouTube developed a whole parallel world but even ita cosmogonie!!!!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Billa. Sorry for my late reply.