Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fashion Friday (Empress Odeliah's Hats)

We have seen a lot of the former Crown Princess Imperial, now Empress Odeliah, Queen of the Scots and Britanians, in the news of late. This is obviously due to the media interest as the build up towards the Imperial Coronation gains ever more momentum. 

The Empress' fashion and style choices are also gaining far more interest than ever before and market researchers tell of how what the Empress wears affects their client demands. Today's feature will take a look at the Empress's choice in hats as she developed from shy farm girl, to Princess, to Empress.

For formal events during the day and evening events that are outdoors, hats are worn. Hats are often seen less than tiaras in the media and may seem a bit archaic to the man in the street due to their extreme formality. However they remain a powerful fashion and style statement when worn by ladies of rank at events where the dress code demand. 

A matching Sahara toned hat complimented the Empress outfit earlier this year at one of the many events surrounding the ascension of her husband to the Royal thrones of Scotney and Britania. 

All black with matching hat for the official visit to the Imperial Mausoleum as part of the formal ascension ceremonies surrounding the build up toward the Imperial Coronation. The Empress style has evidently matured since her marriage to Prince Christian-Victor in 2010.

Bright summer colours accented by a purple hat set the tone for the celebration of the Imperial Memorial. The Empress is equally comfortable in celebratory colours as she is in somber black. She does show some interest in variety in her choice of hats but does not go all-out daring. 

The start of 2015 was celebrated with a balcony appearance at the Aldarian Palace. The then still Princess Odeliah chose a bright red and black outfit with matching hat. 

When the Empress is in an obvious happy mood she has been known to go for slightly broader brimmed hats like at the exuberant arrival of the Imperial Couple to permanently reside in the Scot-Britanian Isles after their exile was lifted. 

The broad brimmed hat has become a favourite of the Empress who has worn it more than once also displaying her thriftiness in reusing hats.

Initially as Crown Princess Imperial, the Empress was not a fan of hats preferring to go without them for functions during the day. This was a testament to her humble beginnings as a farm girl from Muren. However the funeral of Empress Crystobel was her first major appearance in a head covering during the day. The formality of the event and her close relationship to her mother in law saw Odeliah wear a veil in accordance with protocol. 

A veil may count as a hat especially for events of a religious overtone where attention grabbing hats may be seen as offensive or ostentatious. Her Majesty looked perfect in her obligatory white and veil for the Imperial funeral. 


  1. Hi Daniel, this collection of hats is wonderful. As all the details of Empress Odeliah's outfits.
    I admit I am amazed by your work with this blog. I'm stunned with how you developed an original idea, the story line, relations, side stories, and all the dioramas and details. And of course the wonderful jewellery!
    Now I'm thrilled about the coronation!
    Kisses Billa

    1. I am so happy that you enjoy it Billa. Thank you for the compliment and your enthusiastic support.

  2. I have always loved hats on ladies. It is a custom still very much alive in Great Britain and parts of Europe. At one stage in South Africa hats were also part of formal attire for a lady - and it was a great time. My grandmother owned several hats - some very elaborate and some quite simple. Nevertheless - in the absence of tiaras as headgear for a lady I think a hat is a wonderful component to round off an outfit. All these hats of Empress Odeliah are very stylish and impressive and she KNOWS how to wear them. Wonderful.

  3. I love the that Great Britain keeps that custom alive and it heartbreaking to think the women in the states only wear one if they are going to the Kentucky Derby. This is a custom black women share as well, we love beautiful hats and to show them off in church is even better, lol!