Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 1 June 2015

Breaking News (Swann Abdication Part 2 - Ceremony)

Following last week's announcement from the Principality of Swann we post the latest update in the abdication saga. In what has been called the most bittersweet moment of the century the "Hero of Europa" as he was informally named by his cousin the Emperor, the Duke of Swann, signed his Instrument of Abdication at Duke's Court Palace today in order to serve God in a more "spiritual" way. 

The Palace and old city of Swann was abuzz with the news which most citizens consider to be inspiring. The Duke of Swann invited a news crew to film the day's proceedings.

To start, His Royal Highness unveiled a new painting he had painted over the last few months as he wrestled with the Mithrandir's offer to succeed His Holiness. The painting symbolizes the Duke's decision to accept the offer and the consequences upon his own life.
The painting is of a flaming swan rising into the air from the pond upon which it rested. The symbol of the swan is representative of the Duke taking flight into his new future as Mithrandir. The fire represents the spiritual nature of the call to the office of the Mithrandir and the pond represents His Royal Highness' life up until now. It is poignant that the swan remains a swan even though it takes on a new supernatural form. This alludes to the Duke's identity and familial roots that will always remain the predominat flavour of personality even though his office may change.

After the unveiling of the painting, the press were treated to a mid-morning tea while the Duke got dressed for the formal ceremony. The ceremony saw His Royal Highness in uniform and regalia giving a short speech detailing the events and his intent.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann making his abdication speech as broadcast to the world. 

The Instrument of Abdication was then signed.

The Hereditary Prince of Swann, Prince Dillon was also in attendance to acknowledge him as the preeminent successor to the throne of Swann at this pivotal point. If the Mithrandir dies, then the Duke of Swann will succeed His Holiness and Prince Dillon would become the new Duke of Swann.

A photo opportunity was given to the press.

After the short ceremony and photos, the Duke of Swann and Hereditary Prince appeared on the palace balcony to acknowledge the crowd awaiting the finale of the morning's proceedings. 

A happy and still very popular Duke of Swann has now embarked on his new path while still remaining in office. He is expected to officially visit the Mithrandir in the near future to receive His Holiness' Blessing of Induction into the Office of Grey Cardinal. 

Prince Dillon looked remarkably elated on the balcony as he waved. He is the fresh face of the future of Swann and bring a colourful anticipation with a broad smile.

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  1. This is such a bitter-sweet event. Prince Daniel is loved by his subjects and yet this higher calling for him signals new heights both for him and his country. It's a great honour for a ruler from a country to be elected by a serving Mithrandir to succeed. May he be blessed!