Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 12 June 2015

Wonderful Weekends (2015 State Portraits of the Princess of Wallachia and Abdication Commemoration Portraits of the Duke of Swann)

Two Royal cousins have released State Portraits at the same time. We will feature these two sets of portraits here today. First up, the Princess of Wallachia has released her official 2015 State Portraits and have timed the publication as part of the popular build up toward the Imperial Coronation. 

Her Serene Highness, the Princess of Wallachia and Baroness Bagrazia is seen here in red, wearing the Swann Dowry Tiara, the Order of the Ublient and the Wallachian Chain of Princely Office.

The Princess' spectacular dress was made by a Wallachian Couturier especially for this shoot. The photos were taken in the Royal Chapel of the Hunedoara Castle.

Next up we have our own Duke of Swann, cousin of the Princess of Wallachia. His Royal Highness wanted to commemorate his decision to abdicate with a set of symbolic State Portraits. Here follows the result.

The 1909 Rolls Royce that was made for the Duke's great grandfather has long been a favourite of the Duke and has never featured in a State Portrait. It may be seen as a powerful symbol of continuity carrying through for over 100 years down the line of ruling Dukes. It also may be seen that as a vehicle of being symbolic of taking a journey and as is the case with the Duke of Swann being appointed the successor of the Mithrandir, a new and unexpected future lays ahead of our famous Royal somewhere outside the Palace gates.

These portraits do have a very nostalgic feel almost like a farewell and that seems to have been the intent.

2015, "The year of change and new beginnings."


  1. Excellent photography. Everything looks sublime.

  2. I love these pictures Daniel, the Duke of Swann Rolls Royce is mindblowing!
    And the Princess of Wallachia's dress is really beautiful, you can see it'a one of a kind dress! (I love "scarf couture"for dolls, check April's wonderful blog for tons of it!)