Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesdays (The Argyle/Dysart Jewellery Collection)

The Duchess of Argyle has the privilege of having access to two historic jewellery collections. Since her marriage to the Duke of Argyle, the now Duchess of Argyle has had many opportunities to dip into her own Noble family's jewellery collection and that of her husband. 

We became very familiar with the Dysart jewellery over the years as both sisters often had to play tag team between the only two tiaras available to them. Pictured above we see at left the more modern Dysart Amethyst Tiara in its original form as it was worn in 2011 by Lady Ferrox. At right we see the traditional Dysart Diamond Parure that has been in the family for more than 150 years. 

The Coronet of an Earl, as worn within the former Kingdom of Scotney and Empire of Scot-Britania is another traditional part of this Noble Family and has been used by the head of the family for over 200 years. 

In 2012 the Duke of Swann thanked the then still Countess Dysart for allowing the Imperial Birthday Ball to be held in Glencoe Castle with this awe inspiring necklace. The Swann Choker, as it has been dubbed is said to have become a firm favourite. 

The tiara pictured above seen alongside the entire Dysart Diamond Jewellery Collection has since this photo been lost to history after its disastrous sale and dismantlement. Lady Ferrox, the Countess' sister suffered a mental breakdown and sold the tiara to con-man syndicate who by the time the authorities caught up with them entirely destroyed the antique tiara. 

Since the Countess' marriage and elevation to the courtesy title of Duchess some impressive changes has been noticed in her jewellery. Not withstanding her access to the Argyle Ducal Jewellery, the Duchess also had her amethyst tiara altered to enlarge its overall presence in keeping with her rank. The almost Imperial size new amethyst tiara can be seen pictured above. 

This close up helps us appreciate the detail of this now very imposing tiara. 

The Argyle Aquamarine Demi Parure does not include a matching tiara. The Countess Dysart seems to have received it a an engagement present from her fiance, the Duke of Argyle. The demi parure was made for the Duke's mother to celebrate her 40th birthday and includes aquamarines the former Duke won in a wager against Prince Nikolai Youssopoff. It was the first piece of Argyle jewellery the new Duchess ever wore in public and she chose to do so at her engagement party. 

For her wedding day the Duchess combined parts of her Dysart diamonds with the Argyle Diamond Tiara symbolizing the amalgamation of these two historic families in marriage. 

The Argyle Diamond Parure is said not to be of a particularly pleasing design to the new Duchess. She has however worn it several times showing respect and solidarity to her husband and his family. 

In this photo, taken in 2013 at the Christmas Ball, the Duchess pairs the Argyle Diamond Tiara with what seems to be a new sapphire necklace and earrings. The Duke is known to own a large collection of unset stones of which we may presume this new set of jewellery was made from for his new wife. 

The new Argyle Sapphire Necklace in close-up view. 

The Duchess of Argyle is reputed to love amethysts and was very lucky that apart from the light coloured Dysart Amethysts, the Argyle collection also boasted a magnificent amethyst parure consisting of deep coloured stones. This set has also been in the family for generations and recently graced the head of the new duchess in a set of official portraits. 

The last piece of Ducal jewellery is the coronet of rank afforded to the Dukes of Argyle. If we ever have the good fortune of seeing an actual coronation we may see these ancient coronal relics in use as they were intended. 

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  1. I love when the Duke shows allows us a glimpse of his jewelry. I can just imagine how lucky he is to own so many precious stones.