Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What's Up Wednesday (New Year's Eve 2015)

The Crown Prince Imperial and Crown Princess Imperial spent their first ever New Year's Eve back on the Prince's native soil. It was officially decided by the Britanian Government to invite the Imperial couple to receive the celebrating masses by appearing on the floodlit Palace balcony at 12 o clock followed by the traditional firework display. 

The Imperial couple looked smart but relaxed as the walked out onto the balcony to a cheering crowd gathering in the streets for the annual fireworks. 

After waving to the crowds, the Palace floodlights were turned off and the fireworks display let loose. It certainly sets the festive tone for what we all hope will be an awesome 2015. The Crown Prince Imperial was quoted to say; "Pain when harnessed leads to joy, left unchecked creates after its own kind. 2014 offered many opportunities for both proving yet again the privilege of our free will. I for one hope to reap a harvest of joy in the new year and pray the same for everybody else." 

A prosperous 2015 to all. 

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