Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 25 December 2014

"To be or not to be" Thursday (The Mithrandir)

On this international holiday, we thought it might be appropriate to post on the most "spiritual" character featured in the history of Europa.

The very elusive yet ever present presence of the Mithrandir has prevailed through the history of Europa since the advent of Christ. Nobody has documented the origins of the "office"of the Mithrandir or profiled the histories of the individuals who served in the role. However this blog will attempt to bring us closer to His Holiness in today's post.

Akin to the Prophet Elijah, famous itinerant seer in the Bible, or some might say like the legendary roaming wizard Merlin who made and established kingdoms, the Mithrandir stupefies and encourages all who encounter him. He is the recognized Head of the Church Universal even though he requires no recognition, base of power or monetary compensation of any kind. His official style of address, His Holiness, is an honour he did not ask for but is thrust upon him by those whom he serves. 

The actual role of the Mithrandir is difficult, if not impossible, to define as he operates when the need arises or rather as faith guides. In ages gone by, like a hooded wise man, he would just happen to appear at pivotal points in history, to advise, warn or entirely anathematize. Legends abound more than any other, of miraculous deeds, prayers of healing and acts of incredible wisdom. Yet none of these are relegated to any scientific requirements as people just testify of themselves having encountered God's love and power. The Mithrandir himself claims no fame or compensation and will disappear as unannounced as he arrived.

His Holiness' role in Europa has received far more media attention than he desires or requires of late due to some startling developments. Perhaps it has just come to this because media is carried in the hands of the common man who also requires knowledge, now more than ever. The Mithrandir as the "servant of truth" seems to have finally come out from the mysterious safety of ascetic humility into the precarious realm of "the world stage".

Seated on an ancient stone throne, situated in the the dense forest on the Swanobian border with the Bishopric of Andor, His Holiness the Mithrandir, takes audience with those who have the "faith" to seek him there. A stark appearance belies a deeply loving character as all who have witnessed him in person testifies. Technically accessible by anybody, faith is required to ever cross paths with the Mithrandir in person. To question what this means, already clearly shows the doubt that separates the individual from truth.

To some he may be a father in a time when it is most needed, a prophet to others when confusion overwhelms and a miracle worker when there is no other option. As the servant of God, like God, he will seem to never be around but when earnestly and honestly assessed was always there when it counted and may even be preempted for an audience.

The Mithrandir has no personal history, having forsaken even his own name, and by extension, family, friends and career. None of these matter when you serve.

The Mithrandir was requested to pray for the condemned murderer of Empress Crystobel on the day of his execution. His Holiness spent the preceding hours with the condemned and remained until the end. He then prayed and blessed him as a repentant child of God. Service, to the Mithrandir, simply means loving others, especially those who might not even know what it means. 

The role of an impartial judge, especially on extremely pivotal matters of International well being is where the Mithrandir has often through history found his role most effectual. History has reported on many successes where the Mithrandir has brought wise and conclusive closure to long and harsh rivalries and controversies. The most recent was captured by world media where His Holiness served in the restoration of Arcwhite and its people after the crisis caused by the apostate Order of the Veil. 

The order of succession to the Office of the Mithrandir is shrouded in legend mystery and outright undocumented secrecy. This is not "on purpose" but purely because history has never witnessed it. Seeing as our current Mithrandir is of extreme age and due to extreme media empowerment, we might be the first generation to witness the succession of  to this most enigmatic office. It certainly is true, that if nothing else, the light itself is clear even to those who deliberately close their eyes.