Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Christmas Ball 2014)

This year has come to a very relaxed end after some serious tensions that flared at some very controversial moments. Political fevers ran high during the Arcwhite Crisis and some eyebrows were raised during the execution of Empress Crystobel's assassin. We are truly happy that we can all kick back now and celebrate family and friends over this holiday season. As always the year-end brings a celebration but it was decided that this year should be toned down to family gatherings only. All the various Royal Families gathered for their own private events. Only the annual birthday ball will from 2015 be the single great royal gathering on the annual calender. 

Thus Royal Christmas Ball has come to an end but those private family gatherings that allow press coverage, will obviously be shared in depth on this blog. The Crown Prince Imperial and the Duke of Swann has allowed the cameras to document their 2014 family holiday dinner that took place yesterday evening. After lunch today the Royals will leave to spend Christmas Eve and Day in their respective homes. 

The Duke of Swann's private residence in Hanoveria, Schloss Scwhanstein, played host to the entire Imperial House of Aldarian which includes the Crown Prince Imperial, Duke of Swann, King of Syldavia, the Grand Duke of Hanoveria and their close family.

The Ball Room in the palace was sumptuously decorated for the event. The guests assembled here for cocktails and the press photo opportunity before entering the Banquet Hall for their private dinner that was not allowed press access. 

The Imperial Christmas Tree. 

The Duke of Swann and his cousin and heir, Prince Dillon awaited the arrival of their guests.

First to arrive was the Arch Duke and Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este. The Arch Duchess, Princess Marie-Elizabeth, is the Duke of Swann's sister.

A rare moment as the Duke of Swann's brother, Prince Dennis, makes an appearance due to it not being a strictly official event.

The cousin of the Duke of Swann and the Crown Prince Imperial, Princess Kirsten and her husband the Prince Youssopoff arrived next.

Princess Augusta as usual, looked the part, for the event and her personality.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hanoveria struck a decidedly festive yet regal tone. 

The King and Queen of Syldavia.

The Duke of Swann also specifically invited the close friend of the family, the Seeress of Muren who debuted her daughter onto the public stage. The statuesque Alice Richter is tall and beautiful enough to shatter any modeling contract.

Finally as protocol demands, the Crown Prince Imperial and his wife, Princess Odeliah, arrive last looking toned down but totally in character.

Dressed in black, the Crown Princess Imperial looked great.

The three cousins pose for a unique photo opp.

The family pose for a group photo. 

Chats and mingling before dinner saw Prince Dillon take a keen interest in speaking to the Seeress and her daughter. 

Alice Richter, a shining new star, stole the show at this decidedly private affair. We wish our Royals a restful holiday season and a very prosperous 2015. 


  1. Merry Christmas Daniel! <3
    The Royal Christmas Ball was a great also this year :-)

    ps: congrats on getting the Fallen Angel StarDoll Barbie, I also have her, is so cute

    1. Thank you Sergio. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.