Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wonderful Weekends (Portraits of the Seeress of Muren)

It stands to reason, that the first post in many weeks will be of the Duke of Swann's favourite namely Wonderful Weekends portraits. To top it, today's post is of the Duke of Swann's dear friend the Seeress of Muren, who also graced us with her first ever official portrait taken especially for this blog.

Waltraud Richter, the Venerable Seeress of Muren agreed to a series of photo portraits to be taken at her beautiful residence in the Switzer town of Mure where she lives and fulfills her official duties as Seeress and Headmistress of the Muren School for Girls. Here we see her posoing in the gardens in front of her house. 

The Seeress agreed to the photo shoot on condition that the Duke of Swann oversaw it personally, which he did as he jumps t the opportunity to visit his friend. The humble Seeress chose to be portrayed in wearing simple yet bold black day wear feeling it was her personality and surroundings that need to be captured, not fancy clothes and jewellery more akin to somebody of rank. 

The Seeress opted for portraits in her garden as she is a very keen and experienced gardener and finds being around plants lends her peace and fulfillment. She is quoted as saying: "When requiring trust, give a plant. The trustworthy person will care for it. Do not trust the person that neglects your gift." We hope that this set of portraits is enjoyed by all Europa and indeed the world as it captures a true bastion of stability in our age.

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