Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Fascinating Fridays (The Art of Ricardo Schpieler)

I couldn't decide whether to post this on a Friday or on a Wonderful Weekends slot, so I thought seeing as blogging has been scarce for a while to do it sooner rather than later.

We often see official portraits shared on this blog but only rarely are they actual painted portraits and not mere photographs. The ancient art of painted portraiture is a rarity in today's fast paced culture but Royalty try to keep this tradition and accompanying skill alive by patronizing talented painters. Today we will feature some of the Royal portraits rendered by one of Europa's finest. The art of Ricardo Schpieler, Reichenthalian oil painter extraordinaire has captured some of our most famous Royals. 

The Grand Princess of Wallachia has had Ricardo do this work based on a photo shoot for a State Portrait released recently. 

The Crown Prince Imperial had is mother, Empress Crystobel, immortalized by Mr. Schpieler soon after her death. 

The Wallachian Royal Family are ardent supporters as a painting of the Grand Princess' mother has captured her image for posterity upon the advent of her retirement. 

The Duke of Swann, an enthusiastic supporter of the arts joins the ranks of Schpieler fans by having his portrait finished just before the end of 2014.

We hope that our fans also appreciated the human touch as exemplified in portraiture that is not just a photograph adding even more luxury to our blog.

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