Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Cartwright D'Bacquemme Wedding and Swann Engagement)

Since the wedding of Queen Gloria of Normandia last year we have had what seems to be a tsunami of weddings. Here is yet another wedding, this one of the Earl Cartwright and Madame Mairi D'Bacquemme and more to come in the next two weeks as well.

Many of the Nobility with close ties to the Imperial Family observed the official time of mourning for Empress Crystobel. Some took it so seriously that they even moved important events in their private calendars in order to observe it. The Earl Cartwright being a distant cousin of the The Crown Prince Imperial went so far as to postpone his wedding by two weeks. It thus took place on 17th August 2013.

Royal weddings can be very elaborate affairs but this was sleek and very private held at the Ritz Pariseum Hotel in Franconia. Only close family were invited, partly due to the subdued atmosphere and also since strictly speaking these were the nuptials of  "former" nobility only. However the Pariseum media were granted this photo shoot.

The new Earl and Countess Cartwright. The very simple and modern wedding dress was designed by renowned designer Madame Frumsetta. The Countess Cartwright opted for her  mother-in-law's Family Aquamarine Tiara as her "something blue". The groom looked the part of a handsome new husband perfectly. 

The full compliment of family, from left we see the soon to be wed Duke of Marlboro and his fiance Madame Francine D'Bacquemme, then the mother of the bride the Dowager Marquise D'Bacquemme, the bridal couple, the mother of the groom the Dowager Countess Cartwright and the groom's sister and her husband the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski.  

The bride and groom flanked by their respective mothers.

We wish the couple all the best for the future.

Elsewhere at Sorgenfrei Castle, another private function took place this past weekend and was announced to the press. Princess Marie-Elizabeth, sister to the Duke of Swann is engaged to the Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este. The happy event took place on a private weekend away in the Switzer Confederacy. Even though Princess Marie-Elizabeth is of high rank and the Arch Duke is the pretender to the historic dynasty that ruled Fulco D'Este, we will for the time being have to be content with very small events in the wake of Empress Crystobel's death. Most Royals will continue to observe a level of subdued decorum. We are fortunate that since the Princess is the highest ranking female of a reigning dynasty that official photos have at least been released.

The event carries the official sanction of the Duke of Swann who released his statement of consent and well-wishes in the Swanobian press today along with this press photo set.

Princess Marie-Elizabeth wears a red gown from the South African Designer Stephanie Swart coupled with the Fulco DÉste Ruby Parure. It is protocol for a Royal bride to show her acceptance of an engagement by wearing jewels from her husband-to-be's family.

The wedding date is expected to fall in early 2014 considering the current mood. This is in concert with even this year's traditional Imperial and Swanobian joint Birthday Ball being cancelled in favour of small and private events.

We can however look forward to what will be a wedding celebration to remember. 


  1. Se ve que la elegancia debe reinar en una boda de tal magnitud, que bien ataviadas van los invitados!!! :-)

    1. If you enjoy these photos, then wait for the wedding of Princess Marie-Elizabeth in 2014. It will be amazing. Also follow the wedding label here on my blog for many other amazing photos. Thank you for your kind compliments.

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