Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wonderful Weekends (Arcwhite State Portrait)

Three days before the official ending of the Internationally recognized mourning period for Empress Crystobel, Lady Arcwhite broke with her country's centuries old tradition and released State Portraits. She is the first Lady Arcwhite to come out from within the strict confines of secrecy surrounding the office of the ruler of Arcwhite. Traditions kept the person of the Lady Achwhite to be displayed or revealed publicly. However the current ruler has embraced the information age and has been conquering the world stage since her controversial arrival at the Imperial Christmas Ball in 2010. Mixed feelings abound around the  bittersweet release of these otherwise spectacular photos. The break with Arcwhite precedent has become a hallmark of Lady Arcwhite and this bold move so soon after the Empress Crystobel's death can almost be seen as an affront to the Imperial legacy. However Lady Arcwhite has seen the gap and without being overtly offensive has thrusts herself boldly onto the world stage again taking the spotlight. 

Lady Arcwhite poses beside the infamous yet never before seen Mirror Throne. This throne has for centuries been the seat from which all governing in Arcwhite was issued, from behind closed doors of course.

The almost unworldly quality of these awesome photos just add to the mystery of the Arcwhite ambiance. It has almost enhanced rather than detracted from the historic power the Ladies Arcwhite have held in secrecy for ages. 

Lady Arcwhite wears the Ice Crystal Tiara, the official Tiara of her office as ruler of Arcwhite Islands. 

The Arcwhite flag is included in the top right of the photo instead of a Royal Crest as this does not exists or indeed is appropriate for a Lady Arcwhite who has no familial claim to her throne or office. Lady Arcwhite exudes spectacular charisma and authority as she sits on the Mirror Throne. 

The Mirror throne is said to be made from the shattered glass taken from the mirrors broken by Ladies of the Veil in their induction ceremony. The are required to askew all personal vanity in favour of total devotion to the Lady Arcwhite and as such show their loyalty in swearing allegiance by breaking a hand mirror at her feet in these ceremonies. The shattered glass is then added to the throne. 

These photos have given us even greater insight into the culture and person of the Lady Arcwhite and her people. We appreciate her boldness in revealing more to the general public than any of her forbears and we tip our hats to her boldness in dealing with the modern art of media boosted politics. 

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