Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Memory Monday (First Syldavian Electorate Meeting)

The fact that this blog and the democratic nations of Britannia and Scotney observed a month long mourning period in respect for the death of Empress Crystobel does not mean the world came to an standstill. Internationally the mourning period was recognised but obviously not observed. Many important events took place that need to be blogged now and some have been relegated to Memory Monday due to the fact that they happened, what seems to be now, a long time ago. The very important Electorate who gathered for their first meeting in Syldavia was just such a world changing event. By referendum it was decided that the monarchic system in Syldavia's 1-year old restored monarchy should be set in stone as an electorate rather than a hereditary monarchy. This now being the case the 5 aristocratic dynasties that make up the electorate had to ceremoniously take up their place and also gather for their actual first practical meeting.

This took place late in June 2013 a few weeks after the announcement was made that the monarchic system would officially change. 

The Syldavian Flag.

Ploch Palace played host to the first annual Syldavian Royal Electorate Meeting. 

King Nikolas III and Queen Maxima, wearing a dress that has us fooled as to her 6 months pregnancy, received their guests in Ploch Palace's historic throne room. The Royal Crown of Syldavia was displayed to emphasize the official importance of the gathering. Dress code however was formal but with short skirts and black tie to reduce the formality to slightly less suffocating. The King represents his Von Bismarck Dynasty who currently hold the Kingship. Once he dies the new King will be elected from the Heads of the Five Dynasties represented within the Electorate. 

The meeting forced the elusive Grand Duke of Reichental out of his former independent "Kingdom" into the limelight that he prefers to avoid. He arrived with his wife, the beautiful Grand Duchess Azanta who is seen here as she curtsies to King Nikolas. 

Their Grand Ducal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Reichental represented their Dynasty, the House of Joshuwah. 

Representing the Von Thurn und Taxis Princely Family was its head, Her Serene Highness Princess Viktoria Von Thurn und Taxis, an old friend of Princess Augusta of Scot-Britania.

The now well known, Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski, heads of the House of Karageorgevich.

Finally, Madame Frumsetta was also "forced" to accept her Royal obligation as the head of the House of Frumsetta who used to rule the Bo'hemia Gypsy regions. Officially she bears the title Her Illustrious Highness Countess Nicole Doamna Frumsette, Princess of Bo’hemia but she has chosen to pursue her carreer in fashion which now might suffer due to the added responsibility. 

The composite representation of the five Dynastic Electorate Families within Syldavia. 

The Royal Electorate of Syldavia.

The meeting served the ceremonial role of inaugurating the Electorate system publicly and Internationally and also to give the members there first assembly in order to discuss the relevant topics regarding this new development  We hope it will serve the country and diverse peoples of Syldavia better than any preceding system ever has. 


  1. Que bonita ropa de las princesas y me gusto mucho el traje varonil de la primera foto, muy ingeniosos los emblemas patriotas. Hasta pronto, gracias por pasar por mis blogs.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I will certainly visit your blog often as well.