Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What's Up Wednesday (The Kingdom of Ophiri Update and State Visit)

Out of the blue, the mediatized traditional monarchy within the Africanian Democratic Union of Ophiri comes and make headlines. Three major media worthy events has taken place in this North Africanian Country. The first is that a general referendum has voted in favour of having the "Kingdom" of Ophiri as a united historic symbol and traditional monarchy, representing the whole of the greater Ophiri. The monarchy will wield no political power but will represent symbolically the people of Ophiri. Queen Ukhulunghile has happily received the news and has pledged herself wholeheartedly to the work that lays ahead of her. This brings us to the second happening. The Queen has announced officially that she will never marry and as such has appointed her younger brother, Prince Shaka, as her successor. He will henceforth be styled, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Shaka of Ophiri. To celebrate the appointment and to establish stronger trade relations with Arcwhite, the Queen has sent her brother and his wife Princess Mbingu, on a State Visit to the Island Nation of Arcwhite. The trip, a first for Ophiri, also lends and air of officiality to the Prince's new position. He will be representing his sister the Queen on all her foreign affairs as she is unable, due to strict tradition, from ever leaving Ophiri soil while reigning. 

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Shaka of Ophiri and Her Royal Highness Princess Mbingu arrive for the State Banquet hosted in honour of their State Trade Tour in Arcwhite. The Princess wears a Brown Diamond Tiara rumoured to have been bought especially for her by her husband upon the prospect of her becoming a Queen one day. 

Lady Arcwhite received her guests in Glaciale Lake Hall for the banquet. Lady Arcwhite, wearing electric purple and rubies, looked her super stylish self and commented on having "high hopes" for the future of Ophiri and their relationship with Arcwhite. 

The Africanian guests of honour pose with their hostess for this historic photo. 


  1. Prince Shaka is quite handsome. What kind of doll is he?

    1. he is an Action Man. A friend gave me all his childhood toys from the mid 90's and this doll was one of 3 I could salvage, along with a military vehicle, tent and a scuba suit, all still to be blogged. :)