Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 8 October 2012

Memory Monday (Serbieski Update)

Greetings to the readers and fans of our Royal blog.

We are glad to be posting again. It has been more than a month but things are beginning to normalize after the mural painting and data theft. We have also been experiencing internet connectivity problems which now seem to have been fixed, we hope. As stated in our previous post, the blog will be updated randomly from now on but within our previously set themes. The Duke of Swann has expressed his desire that the blog continues but due to the rise in governmental, business and charity commitments cannot devote as much time to it as before. We, his media team will be handling it a midst our standard obligations to the Swann News Network and the Proclaimer Newspaper.

We commence posting with the belated report on the appointment of Grand Duke Paul Karageorgevich to the Governorship of Serbieski. As it took place in late August we thought it a "tongue-in-cheek" to post it on a Memory Monday slot. It's historic nature definitely qualifies it for a Monday as well. This event has set new precedents for the function of Royalty in actual government positions. The Grand Duke is now not only the traditional head of the province of Serbieski but holds the actual reigns of power. This anomaly will produce some interesting results and we hope that they will be for the best. Serbieski, as we know, is currently embroiled in the controversial natural gas trade agreement with Arcwhite which, if handled correctly, will set the new Governor's place in history in stone.

Ploch Palace played host to the Royal appointment Ceremony and a discreet celebration in honour of the new Governor of Serbieski. Grand Duke Paul Karageorgevich was invited to the Palace after his election to the local government office on the 21st of August 2012. 

King Nikolas III of Syldavia welcomes the Grand Duke for his official acceptance and appointment to the governorship. The King meets all high ranking government officials and ceremonially appoints them. 

The small ceremony took place in the late afternoon just before the guests got ready for the evening's dinner banquet. Here we see from left, Grand Duchess Davina, Grand Duke Paul, King Nikolas and Queen Maxima. The ladies took their queue to immortalize this historic occasion with sleek, business-like fashions.

The evening's discreet banquet was a formal but non-tiara wearing event in keeping with the more relaxed level of protocol afforded to the rank of a governor. Here the King and Queen of Syldavia welcome the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski back to the Palace for the evening celebration. 

One of the main guests, with a stake in the governorship of Serbieski, is the controversial Lady Arcwhite. The natural gas trade agreement between Arcwhite and Serbieski is all but finalized. Her presence at the banquet was a subtle lobbying for increased popularity in order to hasten the deal's finalization. Her distinctive style, as usual, focused a lot of media attention on her attendance.

The Grand Duchess of Serbieski took the time to spend some time with family, who were there to share in their daughter and her husband's joy. At left is Grand Duchess Davina's  brother, the Earl Cartwright and at right is her mother, the Dowager Countess Cartwright. 

Grand Duke Paul also invited his sister, the Baroness D'Rothchild and her husband the Baron. Here the Baroness is seen talking to her brother. 

A neigbour of the Kingdom of Syldavia and its province of Serbieski is the Principality of Wallachia. The Princess of Wallachia opposes the natural gas extraction due to its affect on the coastline environments. The Princess, as a neigbouring Head of State attended the celebration but was involved in some heavy debating with interested parties. Here King Nikolas, Lady Arcwhite and the Princess can be seen involved in the discourse. 

All the guests assembled from left; The Earl Cartwright, The Dowager Countess Cartwright, Princess Miranda of Syldavia, The Grand Duke and Governor of Serbieski, The Grand Duchess of Serbieski, King Nikolas of Syldavia, Queen Maxima, The Baron D'Rothchild, The Baroness D'Rothchild, Lady Arcwhite and The Princess of Wallachia. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: welcome back to the blog. Glad to see this new entry with the appointment. The furniture and decor is very nice. The clothes are very elegant. Great job. Keep in touch