Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What's Up Wednesday (Dysart Thank You Dinner)

The Duke of Swann shared his birthday celebrations with his cousin the Crown Prince Imperial in September. This year's ball was kindly hosted by the Countess Dysart at her ancestral Castle of Glencoe in Scotney. To thank her for her gesture the Duke of Swann hosted a dinner at his Palace of Duke's Court and along with the Crown Prince Imperial's mother, the Empress Crystobel, gave her a lavish gift.

As the Duke and Empress welcomes Miss Balckwood curtsies in accordance with proper protocol. 

The full compliment of guests included some friends of the Duke of Swann who couldn't attend the ball. From right; Miss Sable Blackwood the famous business woman and nightclub owner, Princess Marie-Elizabeth, Empress Crystobel, the Duke of Swann, the Countess Dysart and the Duke of Argyle. 

The banquet table was bedecked to overflowing with the most incredible cuisine. 

Then just before desert a box was placed before the Countess by a footman and the Duke of Swann stood up and made a short speech of gratitude for the Countess' hosting of the birthday ball. She then proceeded to open her gift which turned out to be a nineteenth century pearl a diamond choker which used to belong to an ancestress of the Countess, Princess Adelaide of Scotney. 

The Countess Dysart did not hesitate to try out her new gift and is seen here talking with the Duke of Argyle. It was noted by the other guests that she was visibly taken with the handsome Duke whom she hadn't seen since they attended the same pre-school more than 20 years ago. 

An official press photo for the newspapers show the host and his special guest wearing her spectacular gift of appreciation. 


  1. Banquet table and chairs are quite regal. That necklace is gorgeous! Great job.

  2. Hello from Spain: dinner at the palace is gorgeous. The guests are very elegant. I like the photos and the central carpet. Looks like a real reception .. Keep in touch