Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What's Up Wednesday (New Treaty Signed)

Today history was made with the signing of the new Treaty of Avalon. The treaty has voided all former restrictions on trade and emigration between the the countries of Arcwhite and Swann. This promises progress and development for both countries and for the greater Northern Europa. Other countries that have expressed their support for the treaty include, Scotney, Normandia and Canadium. 

Today's edition of the Proclaimer reported on the groundbreaking event. 

Press conference footage show the heads of state shaking hands and smiling happily. The event is not entirely without controversy as right wing parties, especially in the Principality of Swann, protest against the agreement. They claim that history has proven that the Realm of Arcwhite cannot be trusted. 

Lady Archwite stated officially that she is: "delighted that communication channels and trade are finally going to be running smoothly." She also hinted at the fact that this year's Chrismas Ball will be held in Arcwhite where: "a white Christmas can be guaranteed."

The Duke of Swann was far more reserved and in his usual way declined making political statements outside of the obvious non-partial kind. He did however say that visiting the Islands of Arcwhite would be: "genuinely interesting. " 


  1. That is good news!
    What were the issues/disputes of the 'ancient relic obstructing progress'..?

    Did I miss something in the past blogs about it...?
    If I did, please remind me briefly...?

    1. Hi Donatella. Please read the post just preceding this one by clicking "older posts" at the bottom of this page.

  2. Nice to see it went off almost without a hitch. I love that suit she is wearing.