Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Duke of Swann Photo Set 2012)

The Duke of Swann was due to exhibit his Art for the opening of the new Swann Royal Art Gallery in August. However construction complications and His Royal Highness's schedule has caused a severe delay on the estimated date. Further information on the grand opening and exhibit will follow at a later stage but the Duke of Swann has given permission for a range of photos to be displayed here on the blog. The photo set, taken by the Duke will also be exhibited along with his sketches. 

The Duke of Swann was given special permission by some of his close Royal relations to take a series of portrait photos attempting to reveal and capture the "real person" rather than the personality embodied in status of the Royal title. Knowing his family well and having intimate access, the Duke has created a series of, what he hopes would be, character revealing portraits unlike any other. Each individual was asked to select one item of jewellery in order to limit embellishment but to choose something very personal to also imbue personality. The up-close portraits did not focus on the aspect of clothing but the individual were allowed to cover themselves with either black or white and again in something that carried something of personal expression. The combination of all these factors along with His Royal Highness's keen eye has resulted in a phenomenal photographic and artistic manifestation. 

A matriarch, loving mother, wise planner, resolute hopeful, refined and graceful. All these qualities shine through regardless of the title borne by Empress Crystobel, former co-regent of the now fallen United Empire of Scot-Britania. 

Gently wild, humbly beautiful, naturally crowned. More of who she is inside than what she wears on the outside. This farm girl made princess will always beam an innocent smile outshining any of the grandest jewels at her disposal. Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess Imperial will make a worthy Empress if the United Empire ever gets restored. Regardless she will never be anything other than an amazing woman. 

Glamour, plumage and extreme beauty can often distract from and blur the person on the inside. Yet presence and personality shine like a bright and colourful rainbow. That is Princess Kirsten Youssopoff. She will show radiant colour regardless of the size of the storm preceding it. 

Action speaks louder than words and dark outlines define a picture. No colour is needed on a contract. Princess Xenia Draculesti of Wallachia is a woman of her word and her reputation builds on the distant historic reaches of her predecessors. Rumours might arise to dim and tarnish but in the end, what remains is all that counts. 

The Duke of Swann's younger sister is a Princess by birth but prefers to use her position to contribute to the world around her. She burns red with passion to serve, help and smile. She takes the angle others do not always find comfortable but that brings what is often overlooked. Look again and see what is really to be seen. 

We look forward to the eventual Art exhibition and grand opening of the new gallery in the Principality of Swann.


  1. Impressive photoshoot.I believe the commissioned artist will come to the party. Apparently the delay was caused by a lack of resources. However this spurt of creativity is a turn for the better.

    1. We look forward to your portrait of the Crown Princess Imperial.