Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Grand Duke of Reichenthal Knighted by Crown Prince Imperial)

The 2014 Induction of the 770th Knight of the Order of the Diamond Star. 

The Most Noble Order of the Diamond Star is the oldest, most prestigious and by extension most coveted Order of Chivalry in the world. It is headed up by the Crown Prince Imperial and its bestowal was the only power held by the Imperial Family of Aldarian that was never affected by the 1996 Revolution. As such the Crown Prince Imperial may still honour individuals with the Order of the Diamond Star with the full sanction of the governments of Scotney and Britania. Currently the very exclusive Knighthood numbers a very small amount of members who include, The Crown Prince Imperial, obviously as its Head and Grand Master, The Duke of Swann, The Grand Duke of Hanoveria, Queen Maria of Hispania and the Princess Augusta of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. The Crown Princess Imperial has been the most recent inductee upon her marriage to the Crown Prince Imperial in 2010 as it is tradition for the wife of the head of the order to include his wife. The Order has historically been reserved for those who have rendered exceptional service to Scotney or Britania and or to their monarchs.

The Crown Prince Imperial has decided to induct a new member this week. It has come as a surprise as knigthoods normally coincide with the Annual Knights Meeting normally held over June/July. Due to this particular knigthood falling "outside of season", a special private ceremony was arranged that included only the Crown Prince Imperial and the new member of the order. The inclusion of members of the Order of the Diamond Star is a precarious matter a the prestige that the order affords cannot be ill placed but at the same time is expected to be bestowed on those who have rendered service on par with the tradition and history of the order. It was thus discussed with the governments of Scotney and Britania and both gave their consent as to the choice. In the above photo we see His Imperial Highness, the Crown Prince Imperial posing in front of the table bearing the badge and sash of the Order of the Diamond Star in anticipation of the arrival of the new member.

Prince Christian-Victor posed for a photo at the Imperial Throne in the Cathedral of the Lionheart where the short ceremony took place in the very regal surroundings. It was from the throne where he would receive His Grand Ducal Highness the Grand Duke of Reichenthal. 

The Grand Duke arrived and bowed in adherence to Imperial protocol. He was dressed in full uniform of a Marshall of the Reichenthal Infantry. After being greeted by the Crown Prince Imperial he was asked if he accepts the invitation to become a member of the Order of the Diamond Star and if he would take the oath? Upon answering "yes" he was bad to kneel.

In accordance with the ancient rite of knighthood, the Crown Prince Imperial touched first the left then the right shoulder of the recipient of the honour with a sword. Any sword may be used but only the "font of honour", namely the head of the Order of Chivalry in question, may bear it with the intent of bestowing the knighthood.

The Crown Prince Imperial then asks: "Do you kneel in heart as well as upon knee? Do you submit to the requirements of this fellowship and choose to bear them in precedence over your own desires? Do you answer yes and in doing so commit to answer yes each day for as long as you shall live? " Upon hearing the affirmation the inductee is commanded to rise. It is interesting to note that according to the ancient tradition, if the inductee refused, the sword at his neck would be used to slay him but in our more civilized times the recipient may wave the honour once offered in writing weeks before the ceremony and so spare embarrassment. No person in all its history has ever declined the honour of the Knighthood of the Diamond Star.

The Grand Duke of Reichenthal was offered the Order of the Diamond Star for his enthusiastic and relentless efforts in restoring countless artifacts, furniture, coaches and other parts of the historic legacy of the Imperial and Royal history of Scotney and Britania. The addition of finding and restoring the Imperial Throne being the pinnacle of his and his countrymen's efforts. The Grand Duke was quoted as saying that he only accepted the honour on behalf of his people and their historic ties to the House of Aldarian over many centuries. Currently the Grand Duke and his workshops are working hard at restoring the Imperial Coach of Scot-Britania that has been entrusted to him since the restoration of the Imperial Palaces to the Crown Prince Imperial. This all follows on the wave of current Aldarian popularity in the former Empire and we may expect the Grand Duke to continue for years on many historic restoration projects.

Here we see His Grand Ducal Highness Grand Duke Lothair KDS after his 15minute induction ceremony posing for the official commemorative portrait of this very special event. The "KDS" is the official designation of the Order of the Diamond Star and may be placed behind the Grand Duke's name and titles when referred to in writing. With all the progressive popularity shown Royals over the last few years and all the positive developments in reviving the Knighood Orders of Chivalry we may expect others to now follow the precedent set by this event.


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