Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 6 October 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The Duke of Swann's Top Ten Favourite Tiaras in the World)

As a Royal and a jewellery connoisseur I thought it may be interesting to list my personal favourite tiaras posted on this blog. Tiaras as a jewellery piece is my all time favourite type. My favourites will not be in order of preference as that is irrelevant but will be described for the reasons why I like them. So for frivolity's sake here are the top 10 favourites as dictated by my taste.

The Arcwhite Icicle Tiara has to be on this list for the fact that it may be seen as the ultimate tiara in the world for many reasons. Its design is fairly simple yet supremely imposing. Monochromatic yet with an iridescent sheen. Its size make it almost appropriate for a goddess rather than human but it remains extremely wearable. I personally love these dynamics along with its almost legendary provenance. Finally the way it "emanates" from the wearers head makes this the most halo-like tiara I have ever seen.

Sapphires are my favourite gemstones. This Ruskiana tiara from the Imperial Collection and indeed the whole parure is a special favourite of mine for the quality of the gems and the sleekness of design. It exudes simplicity matched by a grandiosity on a truly Imperial scale. This tiara may only be worn by an Empress and so also compliments its wearer to the hilt. This tiara never fails to leave me breathless.

As far a "classic" goes in the realm of tiaras this would be it. If a Royal could have one tiara in the world for practicality, crown-likeness and general appeal this would be it. If you had this one and non other, it would be enough. The new diamond tiara was made especially for Princess Odeliah as a gift from her husband the Crown Prince Imperial.

Light blue is one of my favourite colours, subtle yet intriguing. Therefore I was compelled to list an Aquamarine Tiara and decided on the Crown Tiara of Normandia as my favourite. The design is large yet elegant and the yellow off sets the light blue colour perfectly. The cross and arches strongly alludes to a crown lending the tiara a very regal appearance.

This tiara also belonging to Lady Arcwhite has a large sapphire and a very unique and impressive design. It will always draw attention when worn but not in as much a gaudy manner as a majestic one befitting to its high ranked wearer. Those elements make it a winner in my eyes.
Fringe tiaras as a specific design have a classic simple appeal. In this category, the Syldavian Fringe tiara  is my favourite and deserves to be on my list as whenever I see it I find myself staring at it for its clean lines and pleasing pitch.

The Londonderry Amethyst Tiara has the best quality and largest amethysts in all Europa. I do enjoy the deep purple colour of the gems but this tiara makes my list for its design but more so for its pitch. The pitch is the angle at which it sits on the head and for some reason this one has a perfect pitch, if not the best, in my eyes.

Another tiara that has me speechless for pitch but has the addition of my favourite sapphires and an overall very pleasing design, size and historic provenance is the D'Pont Du Lac Sapphire Tiara. It compliments its necklace and earrings perfectly and is just the right size to be very impressive without overdoing it. I love it.

For innovation and spunk, this tiara promises to always be remembered regardless of any other tiara at any event. It is also very cheeky yet bears history as well as caratage. Aigrettes can be difficult to pull off but this one has never seen the light of failure. Princess Kirsten is a lucky girl.

Rubies are a staple among high ranking Royals but I often find the tiara designs either try too hard or lack in originality. However, Ruskian Imperial Jewels never cease to impress and as far as design, size of stones and pitch goes, this is my favourite ruby tiara in the world. It hails from the collection of Princess Xenia Alexandrovna and whenever it is worn it makes one yearn for a restoration of the Imperial Ruskian Court.

Here follows 3 honourable mentions for very specific reasons stated in each description.

As the Duke of Swann, it is a shame that none of the historic jewels in my own collection made my list of favourites. So I thought sharing my favourite in my collection would be appropriate. The Swann Diamond Tiara boasts one of the largest diamonds in the world and the design is distinctly Ruskian and specifically leasing to my taste.

All lists of tiaras should at least include one set of emeralds and my list of favourites has none. So therefor I added what would be my favourite emerald tiara if I was forced to choose. The Imperial Emerald Tiara from the Crown Jewels of Perlistan has a very pleasing design, use of colour and pitch.

For shear impressive bling my eye has never been able to not stare at this parure and it makes my "mentions" list as being my favourite bling parure in the world.

Hope you all enjoy to see what I as the blogger prefer above all other tiaras featured on my blog. I estimate a total of roughly 400 tiaras are featured individually here, so feel free to choose your own list of favourites. Happy tiara viewing to all.

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