Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Breaking News (Lady Arcwhite's Defection and Confessions)

In a truly shocking turn of events an unidentified 747 airliner made an emergency landing at Cygnus Airforce Base just outside the Swann capital on Tuesday afternoon. Initially, the aircraft was considered a military threat but its "mayday" led to its emergency landing. The true shock came once the airplane was identified as the State Airplane for the Lady Arcwhite and even more astounding was that she, an International Head of State was its pilot and only passenger.

Lady Arcwhite disembarked under armed guard and requested asylum under international law. The political ramifications of this "defection" is still largely considered as classified. In effect Lady Arcwhite stole her own distinctive white airliner in what she is said to have referred to as an "escape from the tyranny of the Order of the White Veil". Lady Arcwhite and the Swann Governement have yet to release official statements and one can also be expected from the Government of Arcwhite. What we do know is the story to follow, that Lady Arcwhite herself asked to be published on this blog.

Immediately after her emergency landing Lady Arcwhite, dressed in an evening ball gown and barefoot, asked to clear her conscience by having a prayer of confession with the Mithrandir. Under international armistice law and the Mithrandir's official status as "Confessor of Sovereigns" it was agreed to by the Duke of Swann who flew her to the Mithrandir in his helicopter. The Mithrandir cannot be met by appointment but does respond to "acts of faith". On the border of the Principality of Swann and Bishop Principality of Andor, under an ancient Cyprus tree, stands the centuries old Stone Throne of Truth. The Duke of Swann was hoping that if he and Lady Arcwhite just went there that the Mithrandir would hear of their endeavour and meet them.This confession of Lady Arcwhite will be the second one affecting world politics heard by the Mithrandir in the last few months. The previous one, made by Frantisek Voorheest, condemned assassin of the Empress Crystobel is rumoured to have revealed many secrets affecting world security.

The Stone Throne of Truth may only be reached on foot or by helicopter for the lucky few. 

The Throne of  Truth is carved and assembled from rocks hailing from all over Europa. Legends say that each tribe responded to the call of God in the year 70AD and convened in this spot. Each chieftain brough a rock from his particular region and so the built the throne. At the same time a man hailing from the Middle East arrived and was revealed to have been healed by Christ Himself and commissioned to take the Gospel to the North. So the first Mithrandir found his place in the history of Europa.

The faith of the Duke of Swann and Lady Arcwhite paid off as they arrived at the sacred tree finding His Holiness peacefully awaiting their arrival. He agreed to have himself and the meeting photographed in accordance with Lady Arcwhite's wishes to record this world changing event.

Lady Arcwhite was overcome with emotion and curtsied before the Mithrandir who immediately asked if he could pray for her. She received it and afterward spoke her heart, revealing information both private and classified.

With the Duke of Swann as witness the Lady Arcwhite confessed to the deeds commited by her office as Lady Arcwhite and the Order of the Veil. The fact that the Duke of Swann was witness was actually a legal requirement due to the nature of the persons involved. This photo was taken by the helicopter pilot to prove His Royal Highness' presence at the confession.

The technical details and political complications are as said before classified but the events considered in public sphere will be revealed at an appropriate press conference.

With her heart unburdened, Lady Arcwhite was invited to stay indefinitely at Duke's Court Palace as an international refugee until all political complications have been finalized. She now, like us, waits with abated breath for the story to develop but does expect some troubling revelations. The calm before the storm seems to have come.


  1. Wow! This was susrpising, unexpected and also exciting! GREAT GREAT post!


  2. She looks beautiful. I'm glad she was able to find peace and that she will be safe. The outdoor pictures are wonderful.