Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Wonderful Weekends (Duke of Swann Photo Set 2014)

Periodically His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann let's his artistic flair loose. In 2012 to the day, he did a magnificent range of intimate photos touching on the true identity of some of his close family relations who also just happen to be high profile Royalty. This gave the public a very rare and unique peak into the real people behind the crowns and also what a fellow member thinks about them. 

To see the previous shoot follow this link:

The Duke of Swann is back this weekend with a next installment of spectacular, yet candid and personal close-ups of those he feels close to and sharing his view on those.

Where in his first series, His Royal Highness used simple photography combined with filters and creative lighting, in this installment he tried his hand as some digital art experimentation as well. Here follows the series, also of previously not photograph-featured before, members of the Duke of Swann's "family".

From a different era than ours and dare I say a far more colourful one, comes a strength and versatile creativity that has set like cement as the foundation for the future. The iconic "Pop" Princess Augusta. 

To maintain and indeed increase in one's humour is truly a gift but to do so in the face of adversity is a choice and a hard one at that. Arch Duke Otto has taken his bull by the horns with a smile and so brings a smile to others. 

External embellishment nor assumption of any kind is required. My aunt has always just been what and who she is and has always been just that; A very nice Lady. 

Often "friends" may come and go with the weather and servants are just around for the money. Yet there are those rare individuals who stick it out through your dark times, who serve more than a mother and love deeper than a brother. My right hand, Sir Charles Jennings without whom the Principality of Swann will fail.

For all intents and purpose, the world does revolve around him, but not so in his own mind, there it all revolves around others. An icon of forgiveness, humble service and assuming responsibility for our collective past, His Imperial Highness, will to some never be anything other than His Supreme Majesty.


  1. Hola, siempre me impresiona lo que posteas, me encanta, eres un gran srtista, espero siempre sigas haciendo este magnifico trabajo, eres fascinante.
    Hasta pronto.

  2. I like this blog. It's funny yet interesting at the same time. (Funny meaning both strange and LOL)

    1. Glad you like it Leanne. Your comments are appreciated. :)