Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What's Up Wednesday (News Flash Duke of Swann and Viscount Faraway)

In our "What's Up Wednesday" slots we update on current events and often we take the time here to focus on smaller events not quite on the grand and official level. 

His Lordship Admiral Viscount Farraway of the Swanobian Naval High Command has committed to a 6 month stint for charity. He has been taken aboard the state-of-the-art Europan Sea Rescue Vessel; Hopeful as its Captain in service of the Europan Council for International Sea Rescue. The Viscount wishes to serve the Sea Rescue Initiative and to focus much needed media attention to the efforts of this vital organization. The Hopeful was wholly financed by the Swanobian Government as an experimental vessel to be produced "en masse" for service around the world.

In this photo His Lordship stands ready to embark on his first sea rescue patrol. The Hopeful is the world's most technologically advanced and best equipped sea rescue vessel in service. She even boasts her own helicopter as can be seen in this photo. 

The Hopeful is also considered to be the fastest rescue vessel ever to have patrolled the Europan coast. She also serves to spearhead the initiative to launch a fleet of 10 of the same in countries ranging from Wallachia in the South East to Arcwhite in the North West. We wish the Admiral Godspeed and praise the Principality of Swann for funding this experimental vessel and its trial run maiden voyage. 

In other current news His Royal Highness, the Duke of Swann was in Ruskiana over the last few days since this last weekend. He sparked a tremendous gossip furor after a photo (pictured above) was snapped by paparazzi of him on Monday evening leaving a Brazilian Restaurant with Countess Tolstoievski in what seemed to have been a very personal moment. The Duke has often been romantically linked with famous unmarried ladies but these have all proven to be false speculation. 

Duke's Court Palace confirmed in an official press release that the Duke's "appointment" with the Countess was purely professional. It stated that the Duke of Swann's intentions with his trip and obviously expensive "night out" was to negotiate funding opportunities with some of the Countess's Charity work in both Ruskiana and South Americania. The Countess is very active in education for orphans in the fields of farming and the arts.  

The Duke's trip to Ruskiana, the Countess Tolstoievski's native country to which she has very recently been invited back after years of exile, was cut short yesterday. He had to fly back urgently as an impending state of emergency threatened due to an unexpected and unauthorized invasion of Swanobian airspace occurred. An unidentified airoplane entered Swanobian airspace under military threat of being shot down declared a "mayday" where after it made an emergency landing at Cygnus Airforce base. The press is still investigating the story. 

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