Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What's Up Wednesday (The Grand Scotney Gold Cup Horse Race)

The Scotney race season opened with a bang this year in October. Due to the rising wave of Royal popularity in that country, this year saw many A-list Royals attend the various races and of course also entered their competitors for the Grand Scotney Gold Cup.

The Gold Cup at Ascot Racetrack is the premiere horse racing event in Europa and the world's preeminent  breeders were there to compete.

In this photo we see the main A-listers in attendance; the Duke and Duchess of Argyle,the  Earl and Countess Basquith, the Princess of Wallachia and the Princess Marie-Elizabeth, Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este.

The Earl Basquith and Duke of Argyle shake hands in recognition of a generational rivalry. The public was on edge to see if one of them would win the Gold Cup.

Making fashion statements, be they subtle or overt is as much a competition at the racetrack as on it. Here we see the earl and Countess Basquith in matching gold, probably to lay their claim to the Cup of the same name.

The more toned down colours cheme and design of the Duke and Duchess of Argyle belie their status as the world's top race horse breeders.

Princess Marie-Elizabeth, an ardent horse fan did not compete but enjoys attending races. Her angel wing facinator caught many an eye.

The fashion stakes were completely annihilated by the Princess of Wallachia's absolutely stunning silver and grey ensemble. Although her horse came second, as far as dress-up went she won by a mile.

Historic sapphire jewels were the perfect compliment to the Princess' colour scheme and explosive hat.

Barbie International super stylish glitz heels finished off Here Serene Highness' look.

As far as the winner of the race, the Grand Scotney Gold Cup went to the Argyle's and we will have to wait till next year to see if the Basquith's return to the winner's circle.

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